Burn Notice Review: Promises Must Be Kept

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The line between good and bad - lawful and “honorable - is so blurry I’m not sure where Michael and the gang are standing.

And James was no slouch when it came to smearing them in "Bitter Pill."

Finding the Antidote

Was I the only one with a tear in my eye as Michael and Fiona were looking at each other when she woke up after he rescued her? We’ve all been praying for weeks for these two to cut through the fighting and remember they truly love each other.

Well, nothing works better than a near death experience. I was so happy that Fiona survived, I actually didn't mind that James’ punishment on Ben for leaving her behind was a bit harsh... or a bit fatal, to be exact.

Then again, John Pyper-Ferguson is so ruggedly handsome and so charming as James, I was agreeing with him anyway. But Ben broke the first rule of Burned Spy Club: never leave a man behind

James even charmed Madeline into letting him protect her and Charlie. I loved it when he slowly walked over and picked up the cigarettes before he left. He wasn't kidding when he said he was going to protect her. 

I said it last week: if James could get Fiona on his side, Michael would well and truly be sold. I never considered what would happen if Madeline was convinced. Then again, how convinced could she be when she threatened him on the way out?

James: Please, let me protect you.
Madeline: Fine.
James: Thank you.
Madeline: Next time you show up like this, I will shoot you on sight. 

On the other hand, did you miss Sonya or Strong this week? I was aware they were missing, but I didn't really care. Well, I did miss the adorable Sonya, but I’m with Fiona on Strong, he needs to go soak his head. 

Overall it was a good episode, and with only four remaining, things are coming to a close much faster than I would like them to. I’m giving this episode 4.5 exploding fire extinguisher in honor of Michael’s coolest move to date.


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You write very well!


This is probably a dumb question, but is there ANY chance there are only 4 episodes left in the first HALF, then we'll have another half season after the break? Please?
I'm not ready.


@michael, why do you seem to hate characters? In NCIS you always hate Ziva's and now your hating Fi. Please, stop no one wants you to discriminate characters. I'm not trying to be rude, but now it is getting bad.


I find James slimy, he sounds like he's the leader of a cult and wish he was gone. The episode goes on, fire, explosion, blah blah blah - and then Michael saves his Fi! ok now that's what I tune in for! I love the gang, and if Sam & Jesse get a show I'd watch.
I will miss them all and I would like to see Maddie shoot somebody, to protect Charlie of course ; )
Oh I almost forgot, Strong needs to get it like that last guy that "handled" Mike, right between the eyes.


I can't get enough of seeing Mike & Fiona together. On the other hand, did not miss Strong. He is the most annoying handler Mike has ever had. And tell me why Ben didn't know that was going to be his last mistake - leaving Fiona behind. James is one slick dude - I can't even imagine how the writers plan to get rid of him - or are they?


Burn Notices seem to be losing stem would of been better if Fiona get killed but maybe their saving her for Sam I dont know just less Fiona plase


After Maddie's scene with Michael, it was pretty obvious that she's really shaken by James' ability to manipulate her life. And James wasn't the first guy she threatened with the gun in that episode. She's about to crack.


Agreed! Didn't miss Sonya a bit. More like the old days. I think Maddie is just trying to play the game, too. She knows she can't do anything to jeopardize Michael's mission. She appears upset and angry and James won't question her loyalties or motives too much. But her protective instincts toward Charlie are real!


Nope, I didn't miss Strong or Sonya at all this week. It felt like the old Burn Notice. I know James and Ben were there, but other than them it was pretty much just Fiona, Michael, Sam, and Jesse doing all the work. This was one of my favorite episodes of this season. I'm not a fan of Sonya. If she were killed off I wouldn't shed a tear. I don't think Madeline is on James' side either. She just told him what he wanted to hear. However, I know she wouldn't shoot him if he just showed up again. She's only shot one person before and she was extremely shaken up when she did that. She's definitely not going to shoot the guy that Michael is working for to keep them out of prison. I'm so sad that there's only four episodes left. They better get Michael and Fiona back together very soon.

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Michael: It's a face of life right now.
Madeline: You know, sometimes Michael, people get use to the wrong things. I can't afford to do that. Not anymore. I've got Charlie.
Michael: Just let it go.
Madeline: I can't do that anymore Michael. You do whatever it is you have to do. And I will do what I have to do.

Michael: You could have just told us where to meet you.
James: Well, man in my position doesn't last very long by announcing where he is going in advance.