Castle Season 6 Sneak Peek: You're Proposing?!?

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It's the question on the minds of Castle fans everywhere:

What will Kate Beckett say?

And now we have our first look at the response.

ABC has released a new promo for Castle Season 6 that depicts the first footage from the September 23 premiere, during which creator Andrew Marlowe has promised: Kate WILL give an answer. Will it be a simple acceptance or rejection? A complicated, drawn out explanation of the professional obstacle in the couple's way?

This quick clip implies the latter. Watch now and let the countdown truly begin:

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Alright so here is the deal. Kate loved him from his books and always thought about him and when he entered her life she was like swooning over him so if she says no then it will totally mess up their relationship and they'll start working in different departments or something but then they will notice that they were right for each other and fall in love again, then that would be the end. Another way would be that she tells him that she said yes to the job and there is no way out so after she leaves Castle will be mad but still really in love with her so he will go over I her and live where she working. After that they will go bak to where they really belong, the end. There are other possibilities though, so yeah. Tell your ideas. :-)


nene, come on . ur rite on kudos to u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ur rite pat,but she had 4 yrs. of do in & tryin that crap hope the writers know women well enough to figure that easy 1 out


stay with him, she don,t need the money or change of scenery. they make a good team but as most women think that the grass is geener on the other side of the fence, if she really loves him & when a women says that they really do , the men do the straying . hey it,s in our genes. watch nat geo all species are that spread their genes, women hang in their w/ their man & will do anything w/ & for them....


She goes. Comes back. And the reason will be budget cuts by the Feds. I can't believe it will be that she misses him. She has to come back. That's the show.


Well Kate didn't except the job yet from my understanding. However, if she were to Castle would follow her to the end of the earth. I think for Castle he feel in love with Kate the very first time he saw her. It was simply love at first sight. I just assuming here but I don't think Kate is going to take the job for obvious reasons that she don't seem to see right at this moment. She going to relize that the job may be a better job, and more money but, Castle is not going to be by her side. Can we all be think about evertime when Castle wasn't there she was miss him. So yes I don't think that she will be taking the job and she will be reminded of that in some way.


I hope Beckett takes the Job in DC and falls flat on her face. She has to realize that she is a successful detective because of Castle, Espo and Ryan and without them she is just another detective. When she comes crawling back to Castle he should slam the door in her face. I know that won't happen but I have known too many women who are only in a relationship for what they can get out of it and Beckett seems to be using Castle for just that.


There is no doubt about what Castle should do if Beckett took the job without so much as a word. He should turn and run like the wind. Of course, with Marlowe writing and Katic in his hear, that won't happen.


actually if she had any sense she would, accepting it and then going to DC makes no sense at all unless you are an airhead!


oh, Kate, no hesitation please.

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