Continuum: Renewed for Season 3

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Continuum will continue on Syfy for at least one more season.

TV Line has confirmed that the network has given this Canadian production a 13-episode Season 3 order. It will conclude its run in the U.S. on August 30 and then return some time in the summer of 2014.

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Continuum stars Rachel Nichols and its Season 2 ratings have gone up across the board when compared to those of Season 1.

The time-traveling drama centers on rebels from the year 2077 who go back to 2012 Vancouver and engage in a violent campaign to prevent businesses of the future from replacing governments with their own rules.

Nichols anchors the series as a police officer tasked with trying to stop these rebels from accomplishing their goal.

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Great show! Now if we could only time travel to August to see the premier of the next season. Keep it going.


That's a REALLY badly phrased headline as Syfy can't renew a show they don't produce. Please try to give credit where credit is due and get your facts straight.


@miranda: Young Alec is still out there, and will hopefully save Magda Apanociwz's character.


I'm not sure I understand how Carlos ended up joining Liber8. Seems kinda random to me. So I can't wait until next season. I feel like maybe Keira will join the rebels against a common enemy which should be a refreshing POV for her.


i'm not really sure where the show can go though because season 2 kinda ended the whole thing didn't it? i love this show though and am excited for another season if it does happen.


@karen it was a lot less time between seasons 1 and 2 on syfy because it aired in Canada first. By the time US networks figured out the show was rather successful here and perhaps they should try airing it, season 1 had ended a while before. Canadians waited a year between seasons 1 and 2, now for the far too large wait between 2 and 3. Really wish the seasons were longer than 13 episodes, but I'll be happy with a renewal :)


not until "summer of 2014"....a whole year!!! the time between seasons 1 & 2 on SYFY was less than that.... anyhow, Thank you SYFY for renewing this wonderful show!!


I don't really see how syfy can renew the show, all they can do is decide whether to air it or not, the canadian channel showcase is the one that decided to renew it since they are the ones that own the rights to the show. That's why it airs in Canada before the U.S.


Actually, it was picked up in Canada first.. SYFY is just smartly picking it up again... Not sure what its ratings are buried on Fridays but my DVR is set and have not missed an episode...