Drop Dead Diva Review: The Last Hurrah

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There's nothing this TV critic loves more than when characters from one of my favorite show show up on another. So you can only imagine how excited I was to see one of the greatest mamas from One Tree Hill guest starring on this week's Drop Dead Diva!

The former Karen Roe (Moira Kelly) played an erotic romance novelist whose story was ripped off by a big publishing house in "50 Shades of Grayson."

Wedding Day Blues

As weird as it was to see Kelly in a role that had her talking about orgies and sex diaries, it was a really fun case and I enjoyed Kim's reaction to everything. She was so immersed in her client's world that it surprised Grayson, which gave me a chuckle. 

Best of all was that Kim insisted on finishing her case even after her water broke and she went into labor. I can't think of many people who would be committed enough to a case to gave their closing argument via Skype from the delivery room. Kim at the hospital post labor was really the crux of the whole episode. It's when Stacy finally got artificially inseminated via Owen's contribution, Kim and Owen found out that Parker was selling the firm, Grayson and Nicole had a serious relationship talk and Jane almost confessed her feelings to Grayson.

Wait, hold the phone.... Haven't we been told for five seasons now that if Jane tells Grayson she loves him that something will go horribly wrong? Where was her guardian angel? I just don't like that there's no consistency to this storyline. I would love to see Jane and Grayson explore things FINALLY, but what's the deal? Is it allowed to happen according to the universe? 

As Teri bluntly told Jane:

This is about Grayson, it's always been about Grayson, it's always gonna be about Grayson. | permalink

Also, I just want to say that if Jane didn't feel a spark with that lawyer from San Diego, it was because he was pushy and he had a shady agenda. No random lawyer is just hanging around the courthouse and offering their services and help on a sudden whim. I could sniff something out from the second we met him. Moreover, my recent foray into the world of friends getting married has taught me that NO ONE would have their bachelor and bachelorette parties two nights before the wedding. Too much can go wrong!

All in all, a pretty good season finale. I'm excited for Drop Dead Diva to return in October and not have to wait until next summer! What did you all think of the finale? Hit the comments! 


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Really dislike the Stacey Owen thing. It is creepy where is the guardian angel?


Haven't we been told for five seasons now that if Jane tells Grayson she loves him that something will go horribly wrong? The answer is NO. Fred consistently told Jane that she needed to allow Grayson to fall in love with her as Jane, NOT as Deb. If she told him that she was Deb before he had a chance to fall in love with her for who she is NOW, then there would be consequences, as evidenced by the season where he was run over by a car.


First of all thanks for the info, writer. I didn't know it was coming back in October. As for the Jane/Grayson drama, I'm tired of it. I prefer Owen and I'm sorry they broke up. Where was the angel. Seems no angel can match up to Fred. I hope they bring him back whenever the show ends. I didn't like Stacey with Fred though. And I can't stand Stacey now. She should never have asked for Owen's sperm, and he is also so wrong for giving it, because no matter what, it will be his baby, and he will always love Jane. What a mess.


God, Jane and Grayson really have awful timing! Does anybody know why they're taking a break in the middle of the season? Is it because they need to wrap up the storylines before cancellation? I'm worried since it's out of character for DDD to cut their season in half...


I was really disappointed with this finale. I love this show, absolutely love it and to see that it is getting crazy drives me crazy. The whole Owen and Stacy line is too much, Jane was just madly in love with this man, planning to marry him and wanted him back just two episodes ago. So no Stacy, the best friend should not be having his baby. How selfish is she. Also, the back and forward with Grayson, we all know that it is always about him and it will always be, but for each finale to end the same way is becoming a bit annoying. Last season, she kissed him, before that I think he tried to catch her before she left with Owen. I want Jane to be happy and to get what she wants at least once please. I know you have to keep it going, but it is getting a little corny for me. Please, don't let this show go by the wayside, it really is good and has awesome potential.


I'm a little creeped by the Stacy/Owen storyline, but perhaps April Bowlby is pregnant in real life and the writers need a way to include it in the storyline. I just can't see Owen donating sperm to someone he hardly knows, watching the baby grow up and not being its "father". On a side note, I wish Brooke Elliot's makeup artist would look at the banner over this review and see how much better Jane looks without all that eye makeup. She even wakes up with it on in the morning and it looks a little cartoonish. She is beautiful and doesn't need all that purple shadow.


can someone tell me the name of the song they played in the last scene of DropDeadDiva as Jane sees Grayson kissing by the Nursery? thanks


Enjoyed the episode with the exception of the Stacy & Grayson storyline. The author was very clever hiding her identity in the pages of her book. Glad she won. Interesting season finale.

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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Kim: We only date where we work when we're too busy to seek it out elsewhere.
Grayson: Says the woman who's having the senior partner's baby any minute.

I'm about to be artificially inseminated and this bachelorette party is like my last hurrah.