Fox President Details Glee Tribute Episode, Confirms Return of Keith Urban to American Idol

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During his session in front of reporters at today's Television Critics Association summer press tour, Fox President Kevin Reilly touched on two key issues for his network's future:

  1. The Glee tribute episode that will bid farewell to Finn will deal directly with drugs.
  2. Keith Urban will return next season as an American Idol judge.
Blaine and Finn

“The third episode [of Glee Season 5] deals with writing Finn out of the show,” Reilly said, explaining that the installment will include by a series of drug-related PSAs featuring cast members and series creator Ryan Murphy.

It's unclear, however, whether Finn will actually be killed off via a drug overdose; and it's also possible the series will use outtakes/never-before-seen footage of Monteith in the role.

ELSEWHERE, Reilly surprised many by confirming Urban's return to Idol.

“He’s a really funny guy," the executive said. "I don’t think he got a chance to let his personality shine through.

And might the country singer be joined by Jennifer Lopez?

“Jennifer has been a close part of the show all along, so there have been discussions," Reilly said, adding: "There is no deal with her or anybody else."

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I just want to say that Glee will never be good now. Cory and Finn were my favorite people on Glee, the reason to watch. Season 4 just stunk with all the Lima and Blaine in it. Marley, Jake and Ryder with Blaine as the new Rachel will never be good enough to take over Lea and Cory's places. I will watch episode 3 but that's it. Glee is just awful. It needs to end now.


No matter how it will be written, hey will never do Finn justice. Nor Cory. Glee wasted a lot of time dropping Finn's story for McKinley stuff which I never cared about. Now this. Glee screwed around too long on junk stories. Finn will be lost if he is associated with drugs and dies. A waste of a great character. To bad, Glee sucks now.

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