Graceland Review: Ghosts and Monsters

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Where there's smoke, there's definitely fire. And the "Smoke Alarm" went off on Graceland this week.

But while the house isn't burning to the ground just yet, it certainly won't ever be the same.

It all started with a pair of unwillingly amputated feet and only grew from there.

Witnessing the Effects

We all knew that Bello and the Cazo Cartel were going to go to war eventually. We also knew from Briggs' story that Jangles was a precursor to such an event, his bloodshed legendary. But wasn't it convenient that at the same time we get a really good look at Jangles, we're reminded, and told of, Roberto, Briggs' training officer?

If I may be so bold, but I believe Jangles is actually Briggs' training officer, who was forced to take on a persona because he was supposed to have died in the fire as well. Perhaps he knew that the fire was going to take place and actually saved Briggs' from also being a casualty, hence his being let go?

Roberto probably had to shoot him up and play up the idea of torturing him in order to throw off the cartel. Some secrets are meant to be kept, whether you are inside Graceland or outside of it, and maybe this was one of those times where this was of the utmost importance.

There's also the matter of Juan, the officer to which Mike reports (reported?). Seeing how he decided to go undercover as Jangles and tangle with a vulnerable but no less dangerous and intoxicated Briggs left us wondering whether or not he was actually dead. I think Briggs' excessive amount of secrets made him suspect numero uno when it came to the mysterious fire at "The Estate."

Juan also seemed to have other motivations for wanting to investigate and apparently take Briggs down, which I think will come forward more as the show progresses and it has squarely to do with this Lisa character that Briggs seemed to be remembering towards the end of the episode. Is it possible that both Briggs and Juan shared feelings for the same woman?

Seems to make sense from a storytelling standpoint. Nothing motivates like love and revenge, and it appears Juan has a classic case of both.

One can only wonder what consequences his potential death will have for Briggs' and the others. I suppose that Briggs' can simply claim drunkenness and temporary insanity. After all, Juan did choose to go undercover as perhaps the single most dangerous man in the drug game. Did he really think Briggs' wouldn't do whatever he could to stay alive in the case of a run-in?

The Graceland house has a classic case of its own: The hypocrititis. I felt terrible for Mike after Paige left him in that hospital room. Why is it that some people can share their deepest secrets with the group and get supported (Charlie) but others can't? Mike was hurting and reached out to Paige, who had nothing but hard-hitting and true words for him about coming clean and being himself at Graceland, but then abandoned him when he tells her the truth. 

i have nothing but love for Paige, but that was pretty cold considering the circumstances.

What did you think of all of tonight's revelations? Will Graceland ever be the same?


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....Bureau is working for the cartel, so who is it. Thought it was the dead agent, strike one.


Wait for it. The big reveal is the federali is Jangles. Are you kidding. This is the best they can do. If our law enforcement agents are this bad then no wonder we're losing the war on drugs. What is Charlie doing working with a cop from across the border, she doesn't know him and the only person to call this out is the FBI agent who acts like a wanna be gangster even when he is not working. Does he have a case, haven't seen it yet. Oh, I get it he is staying in character while everyone else is off the stage. Please, grow up and maybe you'll get some respect. Saying he was a navy seal, when he didn't finish took the cake for me. Wrote him off. There are a lot of things wrong with the show but some characters save it like the customs agent and Briggs who seems to be always working and I mean always. I know why Briggs is Odin what I don't know is how did his prior house go up in flames figuratively speaking. I know the literal version. That is the true reveal. Someone inside the Bureau is working for the cartel, so who is it. Thought it was the dead agent, strike one.


I don't understand why this show gets such bad user ratings... Sure, it's not the best show in the world but it REALLY isn't that bad. It's entertaining! Isn't that what a TV show is supposed to be??


Great episode. What was Juan expecting when he went undercover as jangles cause I figured Briggs would shoot him why wouldn't he jangles is a dangerous man and he tortured Briggs and made him an addict. Paige kept wanting mike to talk to her and open up and when he finally did she just left him I hope they she'll let him explain and they'll go back to being friends because there friendship is one of my favorite things about the show.

Sarah silva

The Federale is Jangles! The blood on the back of his suit Jacket they showed at the end proves it and just the way he talked when he had Bello and his eyes! IT is him.

Sarah silva

This show is so freaking good!
I knew Paige would NOT be okay when Mike told her, she pushed and pushed and said he could tell her anything and when he did she bailed! I would love for him to have told Charlie as she knows something is going on with Briggs. I am surprised that Johnny told Briggs about Charlie's suspicions! Charlie will now be in danger as she is working with Jangles. I knew that guy was bad news but was not expecting him to be Jangles.
Briggs is going to get in trouble for shooting and possibly killing Juan as Juan recorded what he was doing before he confronted Briggs. However Mike will come to Brigg's defence and that is how he will decide to stay at Graceland. Week to week you do not know if Briggs is good or bad and this episode I am on his side as it seems obvious from the talk he had with "Jangles" Juan before he shot him, it sure sounds like Briggs is innocent BUT I am not happy with the things he has done as Odin.


I agree, the Federale is Jangles. The man who attacked Bello, Jangles, had the same belt buckle as the man Charlie met in that hotel room. I have no idea what Jaun was thinking when he approached Briggs disguised as Jangles. That was the dumbest move I've ever seen!


I think the federale is Jangles. When Jangles attacked Bello he was wearing the same suit as the guy Charlie met at the motel. He also had the same build as him. It was also mentioned somewhere else when the federale came to meet Charlie at the diner he had small drops of blood on his suit jacket. I'm not sure if an agent from Mexico would be working a case in USA without letting somebody from the US justice department know. As he wouldn't even have jurisdication if he did find something. I just find him very suspicious. Juan was so focused on getting Briggs he didn't think it through as to an actually plan on how to get Briggs. He went kind of rouge because it seems like he has his vendetta against Briggs.


The Federale is Jangles.


Watch it that Juan and Burke work together at that other place trun out they love the same woman and Juan set fire to the home I also think it should come out that Juan did not work for the FBI

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