Haven Exclusive: Kate Kelton on "Bad Ass" Return of Jordan McKee

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On the Haven Season 3 finale, it looked as though we may never see Jordan McKee again... but SURPRISE and SPOILER ALERT: Jordan is very much alive and well, as viewers will learn on the September 13 return of this Syfy favorite.

And, as actress Kate Kelton told me, Jordan will have a little bit of revenge and anger on her mind when we see her again.

In an exclusive chat with the star, Kelton told me about when she found out she’d be returning to the series, what we can expect in the romance department for Jordan and how McKee really feels about Audrey. Scroll down for excerpts from our Q&A...

Kate Kelton on Haven

TV Fanatic: Let’s just step back a little bit, when did you find out you would be returning to Haven?
Kate Kelton: In the spring I believe the execs approached my manager and asked if it would be okay with us if they wrote us in a new little arc and I, of course, just started laughing as if to say, ‘They’re asking us for permission? No, no. This can’t be happening.’ It was a jumping for joy moment, I kind of couldn’t believe it because yeah, it could have gone either way right?

TVF: That’s the nice thing about being a part of a sci-fi show is even when we may see your body split in two, you can still come back. It’s always possible.
KK: That’s right. I’ve got to say, it’s kind of am ideal genre for that, isn’t it?

TVF: In your heart of hearts, did you kind of know that maybe your journey wasn’t over, even before they had that conversation with you?
KK: I was hoping. Let’s just say that I’m pretty tuned into what those fans are tweeting at me on Twitter and I’ve been favoriting them all. There was so much outcry to have more Jordan to just figure her out some more…I’m very glad that everyone else in charge of making the show agreed.

TVF: When we do meet Jordan again, in the season premiere, what state is she in? 
KK: She’s a bit of a bad ass now. Let’s just say the last six months have been a little rough. She’s probably showing those edges a bit. I’d say that from last season, she’s a bit darker and there are some surprises coming.

TVF: Would you say that Jordon is thinking clearly? Is maybe revenge or just anger driving her actions?
KK: It’s a very adept combo of all of the above I would say. That’s pretty much nailing it right there. She’s not thinking very clearly, she is driven by revenge and anger is absolutely eaten up her soul. She’s on a tear, let’s just say.

TVF: I would say some of it is justified, right?
KK: Certainly. Certainly. Certainly. She’s definitely, definitely got good reasons. She doesn’t watch Haven so, she doesn't know how beloved all these people are so she’s going to blame them. I'm reminded of the cliché that feminists are often disparaged as being 'angry' and then I remember Ani DiFranco's brilliant observation that the completely natural response to injustice IS anger. It is most certainly NOT apathy! So if Jordan is reacting to an unjust situation, anger seems like a perfectly justifiable reaction, no?

Kate Kelton as Jordan McKee

TVF: Would you say the Jordon that we see in these new episodes is a new Jordan from what we saw in season three?
KK: I think so. I think she has woken up a bit. I think that this illusionment has given way to a righteous anger that can sort of fuel her through the day, but she’s sick of being lied to, that’s for sure. Last season had this huge romantic arc…there might be some romance, I’ll tease that. There might be something happening, but, you know, maybe, maybe not.

TVF: Would you call this more of a rekindling or maybe a new person in her eyesight if you can say that?
KK: I don’t know if I can say that so, I’m not going to. All of the fans are rolling their eyes right now as they read this, but they know darn well that it’s in their own best interest that I don’t give away any of the good stuff.

TVF: Can we expect Jordon to stick around for a while?
KK: I get to do some stuff…I did an undisclosed number of things…[laughs]

TVF: What is Jordon’s opinion with everybody being so worried about Audrey in the season opener? It’s kinda like ‘Audrey! Audrey! Audrey!’
KK: I’m betting that Jordon thinks that they’re probably all drinking the Kool-Aid and that she doesn’t get what the big deal is…it almost feels as if Jordon is the one pointing at Audrey saying, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’ Everyone is looking at her like she’s crazy, even though Audrey is completely naked to her. Right? Which could open up an interesting arc for her in terms of our theory that we should have more gay and lesbian characters represented.

[And] Audrey is sporting some amazing hair this year and I’m betting that there is a part of Jordon that really just wanted  to scalp her I mean, let’s be frank, ‘that’s a bitchin’, bitchin’ ‘do.’

TVF: Have you noticed a difference in sci-fi fans than you have with other fans of your work?
KK: Yeah. You know what? They are definitely sticking around a lot longer. Bullet in the Face was a great show that I did with Eric Roberts and Eddie Izzard and it had a huge fan reaction over its opening weekend when it aired on IFC, but I’ve not heard form them since.

The sci-fi fans, I’ve got to say, pretty much everything I post, they’re making comments on. God love them. Yeah, I really have got to say, it feels like a family, they’re infighting…you’ve got the crazy aunt and the funny uncle and the silly cousins and they’re all represented in my fan base now it’s amazing.

Haven Season 4 kicks off season four at 10 p.m. on September 13.

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I absolutely agree with all the comments. Actress is good and there is no doubt about it, but the character is terrible. Wanting someone dead only so you can get better is not humane or human. I am still watching Season 5 and I hope she disappears soon enough. Her lurking around, following Nathan and waiting for him to die is annoying beyond words.


I can't stand her i hope she leaves Nathan and Audrey alone.


Yuck.Please make Jordan go away! This is not what I was hoping for at all.


OH NOT AGAIN! I Really hate her and didn't want her to came back, i'm really dissapointed with these news of the 4th season. GRR !!.


I don't want Jordon back i never liked the character .Can somone make her disappear please?.She better not mess with Nathan and Audrey .


Jordan? Again? Oh crap. She better leave Nathan alone. I can't stomach more of her. Ugh!! I'm sure the actress is great. But the CHARACTER..... not so much.


I hope she doesn't stick around. Didn't like her character in season 3. It's weird the actress thinks her character is righteous. Jordan is a torturer and a murderer. She is evil. She lied to get rid of her trouble and wanted to take advantage of Audrey and Nathan's love for each other. She needs to leave Nathan and Audrey alone and live her life somewhere else. What a psycho.


Sorry, but don't need her back, unless she leaves Nathan alone.


Hmm... Nathan used her and lied to her, Duke shot her, Audrey wants to end the Troubles... and she's pissed at Audrey? Good thing I trust this show not to go the stereotypical route. If all this bitterness and disillusionment leads to unexpected alliances between Jordan and Lexi, count me in.