Haven Season 4: Time Jump, Recurring Stars Confirmed

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Syfy has released new information about Haven Season 4.

The series will pick up six months after the dramatic meteor storm that hit the town on the Haven Season 3 finale, which resulted in Audry and Duke vanishing into thin air.

Emma Lahana and Christian Camargo

Moreover, Emma Lahana and Christian Camargo will recur on the program this fall.

The former will portray Jennifer Mason, an eccentric who gets involved in Haven when she begins hearing voices in her head. Expect this character to learn more about her family history and how it relates to other residents in town.

Camargo (forever remembered to most as the brother of Dexter Morgan) will come on board as Wade Crocker, the estranged half-brother of Eric Balfour's Duke Crocker. He's described as a a "charming and driven and slightly devious" businessman who may be undone by a dark family secret.

Haven Season 4 kicks off on September 13 and will feature Colin Ferguson in a regular role.

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I'm excited for the new characters .


GeneralRapunzel .Emma Lahana is playing Duke's girlfriend so as a Nathan and Audrey fan I'm not worried about them never really was .


I'm just glad that duke and nathan are returning. Wasn't she supposed to be gone like 30 years? now it is 6 months. Hooray for HAVEN . Stephen King scored big getting his stories into television shoes. Ii really love Haven but Under the Dome is growing on me.


Oddly I think Duke and Nathan could pass as brothers before this actor who will play Wade could, but make up does wondrous things. The new incarnation of Audrey looks like she's more into guys like Duke. Poor Nathan.

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