Janina Gavankar Cast on The Vampire Diaries Season 5

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Janina Gavankar is on her way to Mystic Falls.

The TV Fanatic favorite (see this interview) has landed a potentially recurring role on The Vampire Diaries as Tessa, described by TV Line as an exotic, confident woman who arrives in Mystic Falls and who debuts on Episode 3, which we already know will be a flashback installment.

It's a very safe assumption that she will be portraying an ex-girlfriend of Stefan's. A vengeful ex, we should say.

Janina Gavankar on True Blood

Gavankar is best known for her long-running role on True Blood and has also stopped by Arrow, The League and The Gates.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, meanwhile, premiere on Thursday, October 3.

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Ohhh poor stefan,why those have to go through all this,stefan n elena ws suppose to be an epic love..


The plot thickens...




I love her as long as she doesnot come in between Damon and Elena! :)
And I am serious!


Lee - unfortunately I don't think Julie Plec is ever going to let the triangle die. She's under the delusion assumption that viewers like the love triangle.


And ex of Stefan, huh? Yeah, because that bitch looks like Katherine.
Steferine for the win, hoes! :')


great news, stefan deserves to find someone new in his love life other than dumb elana...thank god the love triangle is over. at least now something to look forward to. i just hope the love triangle is finally dead and buried now, but it being mystic falls everything seems to come back from the dead...grrr...


She could be heading New Olreans also if lives through TB

Spindae 2o

Nice cast. She is gorgeus. Loved her on TB and Arrow. Lets see how she will fit into the maniac/ex role.

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