Katie Cassidy Q&A: On Emotional Arrow Finale, Laurel "Finding Her Own Way"

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It was an emotional and sad season finale, one in which cast members and viewers said goodbye to Colin Donnell as Tommy.

But Katie Cassidy and company are moving on, as the actress teased to TV Fanatic last month at Comic-Con.

What might Arrow Season 2 have in store for Laurel? Will she be getting in on the action a bit more? Engaging in any more fight scenes? Watch our exclusive Q&A now:

Elsewhere at Comic-Con:


i am really looking forward to season 2. Katie Cassidy will be even better once Laurel becomes Black Canary


Many of us Arrow fans feel both Katie and Laurel make up the weakest part of the show. Whether or not it's Katie's acting or if it's the writers "not giving her character enough to do" - season two will give us the answer.

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