Mistresses Review: Love Bites

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Everyone was looking for "Full Disclosure" this week on Mistresses. But be careful what you wish for, people. It just might bite back.

All four of the lovely ladies debated how much truth to tell. Let's start with the most self destructive...

Facing Her Colleagues

Dr. Karen Kim, who's spent this entire season lying through her perfect pearly whites, chose a legal deposition to tell the truth. Never mind that doing so went against every word of her high priced attorney's advice.

Karen: And now my conscience is clear...I doubt you can say the same. | permalink

I'm sure that spouting this line to Elizabeth Grey was completely satisfying in the moment, but will it sustain her when she's stripped of her medical license? And I'm sure those words will lose some of their luster when she's remembering them from behind prison bars. 

Not to mention that she just blew whatever chance she might have had with her partner Jacob (who's secretly in love with her) and Investigator Anthony (handsome guy with the hots for her).

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around why she slept with Sam. The kid waffles between immature weasel and creepy stalker. Was it all about gaining an alibi? Because, if so, the joke was definitely on Karen. Or maybe she should have followed up and answered his calls after their roll in the hay?

Moving on to April, her OMG! moment had to wait until the very end. 

First, Paul agreed to leave town. Since I still don't trust the guy half as far as I could throw him, that felt all too easy. 

Then April and Richard made up. Thank goodness. He seems like a really good guy and these two could be good for one another. Heck, he's so good he even managed to put Lucy and April's relationship ahead of his own feelings. How many guys can do that?

I was totally torn over what April should tell Lucy. On the one hand, I agree with Karen. There's no way this kind of revelation doesn't mess the kid up. 

But Richard's point was stronger. If she finds out some other way, which we all know she will, then she will never trust her mother again. Better to have a damaged relationship with her presumed dead daddy than to lose faith in both of her parents just as she hits the teenage years. That's a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately it might be too late. Has Lucy already found out the truth and taken off? Did Paul decide to take matters into his own hands? April's world came crashing down outside of that school and there's no telling what happens when the dust finally settles.

Oh, Joss. What a mess.

That said, I loved her hypothetical debate with Alex about what constituted cheating in lesbian land. As Alex tried to ask about Joss' needs in this not so delicate Mistresses quote...

Is your body craving...do you feel it needs like a sausage or a hot dog or something? | permalink

Apparently Joss was craving something french as she and Olivier hit the sofa and the floor. I'm sure if it weren't for his exuberant love bites Joss would have never mentioned the encounter. 

A hypothetical sausage was one thing. The real thing, with her boss no less, was quite another. Granted, Joss and Alex were still working out their boundaries, but it's obvious that Joss crossed a line. 

Could this be the end of a beautiful friendship and Joss' lesbian love tryst all in one?

Finally we get to Savi, who was absent for most of the episode, having been sent off to New York on business. Dom not only booked her trip so she wouldn't have to see Karen go down in flames, he made sure he did it in style with first class accommodations and prenatal massage appointments. 

You've got to love a guy who knows how to make a woman feel special.

On the flip side Harry was telling Joss that his marriage was all but over... until he found out the paternity results were in. 

Was I the only one who hit the pause button on that computer screen? Where it said Results: Positive, did that mean Harry was the father or did I read that wrong?

So with only two episode left on Mistresses Season 1, will we ever find out who the Daddy is? Are Alex and Joss splitsville? Is Lucy in the clutches of her presumed dead daddy? And was Karen being stupid, honorable or both? 


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Sarah silva

I really hope we get a season 2. I love this show.
I can see it being hard for Joss to just stop sleeping with men but when it boils down to it, she cheated. I feel bad for Alex and sadly I think that is the end of Alex and Joss. However I do not see Olivier wanting a relationship with her either.
Not a lot of Savi in this episode.
I am glad that April and Richard are back together. I think Miranda took Lucy too and I think Paul will turn Miranda in and stay in town to be in Lucy's life but in now way do I want Paul and April back together! Richard is way better for her.
Karen is crazy for doing what she has done this season but I do like what she did at the end. I think that will be enough to have the case tossed and that will be the end of that.
The only DNA that Savi took the lab was from Harry's razor so that to me makes me think YES he is the dad.


You said you didn't understand Karen's interest in Sam. I think it had to do with him being his father's child. Things in him probably remind her of her great love.


I think Miranda took Lucy. I'm team Joss no matter what, but Olivier is just trouble, from the moment he got there, and now he decides he wants to fool around with her. (Next episode, he tries to force it when she doesn't want him, c'mon dude) I'm so over Karen. I mean really chick, how dumb can you be? She asked for her own downfall(if she really gets one) Harry is a jerk. Yeah I know he has a right to be upset, but that only goes so far.


The stupidity of Karen apparently knows no bounds. Argh. Wanted to scream at her. Kept thinking she must not have shown the little weasel a very good time if he so willingly betrayed her. Joss - can a leopard change it's spots?

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Karen: Feeling hot?
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