Nashville Season Premiere to Flashback, Relive "Explosive" Past

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The future for Rayna James does not exactly look bright.

Have you seen her state in the latest Nashville Season 2 promo?

But executive producer Dee Johnson tells TV Guide Magazine that the September 25 return episode of this ABC drama will actually take a look into the past, specifically that of Rayna and Deacon.

An Eye on Rayna

"We're going back to the explosive point where their relationship fell apart," Johnson teases, adding that the events occur in a "very idyllic spot" from the couple's past. "Rayna needs to look back at everything that happened in her life before making any forward movement."

Is there any hope for these two? It seems unlikely, at least in the near future.

Look for Rayna's career to take off in the face of her near-fatal car accident and for a music executive played by Oliver Hudson to woo the singer on Season 2.

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They've said that they aren't going to kill off Rayna so this is good.


No, they can't kill off Rayna, but is Deacon going to be a backstory this season? He was the reason I watched this show; I found Rayna irritating--"oh I have this wonderful lyric that could go right here"--quit talking about stuff and DO it. Too much narrative. Except with Juliette, she ought to think more. But Deacon was just fine. And if he gets a lack of storyline this season, I've got other stuff to watch. I don't want him in another drunken fog after what happened to Rayna. But he's gonna deal with all the blame, because Mr. Mayor will certainly hit the man while he's down. And with all the new characters they are talking about I'm sure someone is going to lose story time. Not DEACON! and I hope they don't change his character either....... I'm looking forward to a flashback, but I want to see deacon/rayna's beginning as well as the end.

Sarah silva

I just do not see them killing off Rayna.

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