NCIS: Casting for a Father-in-Law

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We all know the major NCIS casting news these days:

Cote de Pablo will exit the series following this September's NCIS Season 11 premiere.

But William Keck of TV Guide Magazine has broken another tidbit concerning a different character and a memorable, sad event from the show's past: this year's Thanksgiving episode will focus on Leon Vance, who will be spending his first holiday season without his late spouse, Jackie.

"We'll be casting the father of Vance's wife," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells the publication. "We think it will really have some resonance."

Gibbs, Vance Image

NCIS Season 11 kicks off on Tuesday, September 24.

Got any casting suggestions for the role of Vance's father-in-law?

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Avery Brooks.


oops...its Morgan Freeman


Morgan Freedman


Why not get the actor who play Curtis payne


I scare this was going to be a shield spoiler man does that show suck


I'd rather have Jackie not really be dead. I love Paula Newsome - she was so good in Women's Murder Club as well as NCIS.


Whoops!! In Season 9 Episode The Good Son, Vance states when he met Michael (Jackie's brother) who was eight years old at the time "both parents were dead". Vance helped raise him, got him in to private school and counseling


Not another father story, is GG running out of ideas, whose fictional father can GG bring on to the show, oh how about the Dr Mallards father or Jimmy, then there's Vance, there's three episodes sorted, can see where this show is going with GG rehashing the same old thing very boring. Hello Agents of Shield I know what I will be watching on a Tuesday night in September.


Bill Cosby is really good at the serious stuff. I think he would make a great father-in-law for Vance.


I think James Earl Jones would be a good candidate.

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