NCIS Casting Scoop: Who is Bishop?

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The search for the new Ziva David is officially on.

Following the still-difficult-to-process news that Cote de Pablo is exiting NCIS next month, sources confirm to TV Line that the series will soon start casting for another series regular.

It will be seeking an actress in her 20s to come on board as Bishop, described in CBS notes as an "educated, athletic, attractive" agent who is a bit "socially awkward" and who has traveled the world.

Tony and Ziva Scene

Bishop - also outlined as possessing a "mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism" - will likely debut in early 2014.

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, showrunner Gary Glasberg said he can never actually replace de Pablo or the character she brought to life, but Episode 3 will pick up with Gibbs telling Tony they have a "job to do" and the team adjusting as best it can.

NCIS Season 11, meanwhile, kicks off on September 24.

UPDATE: Emily Wiickersham has been cast in this role.

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Bishop is a disaster.her acting skills are non existent. And all the tics she affect are irritating. I hope the producers are listening and will kill her of soon. Please!


Sorry Bishop's character not realistic... I hope if they plan on keeping her they that she really really improves.....


nooooooooo!!!!!! I love TIVA!!!!!!!!!!! Please no! i'll hate NCIS forever if TIVA falls apart.......... NOOOOOOO!!!!


Love NCIS however I am very disappointed that Ziva is leaving. This show can't seem to keep the female agents. I wonder if it is by choice of the actress or the writers? Anyway, I will still watch because of the cast that remains. The writers and the cast create a good story. Love them all!


Love this show. Will really miss the Ziva as she was an asset to NCIS and always brought adventure and intrigue to many episodes.


I hope Cote de Pablo isn't leaving the show because she has a jealous boyfriend that can't handle "Tiva". I also hope the writers come up with something to add more interest and exciting shows. I don't need romance within the team to keep me entertained. In fact a strong male character might be nice for a change.


Sounds like some people are fans not of the show, but only of certain characters. If they jump ship when those characters leave, no big deal. As misty says, the show can survive, with good writing and solid scripts. I hope it can go on.... WITHOUT the ridiculous distractions they've inflicted over the past few seasons.


Oh no one will give a care about BISHOP. The 2014 ej - Oh dear - Very Bad News!!!!! Good luck NCIS - you are going to need it. Say goodbye to #1 spot with Ziva leaving. She was the one bright shining star of this otherwise old old chestnut !


I love the show and have never missed an episode. Even watch all the reruns I can. Truly sorry to see Cote leave, her Ziva David was a great add, however, that said, I have never believed the character Tony. This role is of a shallow, self-centered individual that takes credit for other people's work and uses jokes and movie references to get by. In the real world, this type of person would not last in such an important job. It will be interesting to see how the new season plays out.


WOW, just read the news....will miss her, thought she would be great this season with a softer side because of her Father's death.
My suggestion to producer's
is that they bring back Tony's real love, the French Doctor, Jeanne. I loved Tony during this time. He REALLY loved her. She needs to cross paths with him again, an older, more wise Tony. And she could have his child, who he knew nothing about. Give Tony a life outside the office. that would capture viewer's hearts!!

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McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
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