NCIS Season 11 Promo: Farewell, Ziva

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It's nearly time to say goodbye, NCIS Fanatics.

CBS has released the first trailer for NCIS Season 11 and it focuses on the impending departure of Cote de Pablo and the character she made famous.

As previously reported, the September 26th premiere will feature an explosion that takes the life of someone close to the agency and changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs, along with the NCIS team. How might this play a role in Ziva's farewell?

It's unclear. But it's teased in the following promo. Watch now - and prepare those Kleenex.

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I am so glad Cote is finally leaving. Maybe Tony will now find a woman worthy of him.I find the Ziva character abrasive and cold. Tony deserves better.


We all have our opinions because we are fans of NCIS. We just thought a few words should be spoken about Tony. Ziva in hiding with their baby and him going on with his regular life, does not appear good for the character of Tony.


We do not know what has happened over the last 4 months. Tony and Ziva could have been together. Since she slept with Adam in January, she would be about 8 months pregnant in Sept, so that isn't an option considering she doesn't look heavy in the promos. And what I want is what I wish for and I was agreeing with other people. It doesn't make it fact so you do not have to comment on our opinion. I am very aware of the storyline of NCIS and know who has been with whom, etc.....We are just having fun. The writers will do what they want and none of us will have a say in it.


@ Guest and those who think that Ziva is pregnant with Tony's baby and went into hiding to protect the baby. Those who really know the character of Tony tend to believe differently. He would not allow her and the baby to go into hiding without his protection. If at all possible, he would become a rogue agent, in order to protect them. Tony has needed a family for a long time and would not walk away on this chance to have one.


Personally, I hope Ziva stays gone so that NCIS has a chance to return to being a sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes touching crime procedural instead of a soap opera. If Ziva is pregnant, I guess it would have to be Adam's baby since that's who she slept with.


All depends on Cote de Pablo guesting for NCIS. All depends on Mis de Pablo. She is in Northern Chile at the moment but she has a phone and one would hope an agent so lets keep our fingers crossed. They know that at NCIS.


part 2
chasing, disrespectful Tony show up again? I know I don't. And this scenario worked just fine on "ER" for Doug and Carol. And there was nothing better than seeing them reunited in that very last episode.


@SIMPLE and @Tori, you are not the only ones thinking that! In my world Tony and Ziva were together after they resigned (4 months ago) and when Tony finds Ziva now, he will discover that she is pregnant. That would explain the whole "Do not worry Tony. We will be okay." The we could be her and their baby. This would also explain Ziva's willingness to go into hiding. She would do anything to protect her child with Tony. Then when the show ends, which I to believe will be at the end of season 12, Ziva can return and she and their child can be reunited with Tony. Even if she isn't pregnant, Tony needs to be alone for awhile. MW has always talked about how he wishes his character could mature and stop his juvenile, womanizing ways. This would be a way to help Tony grow as a character, not stifle him. A mature Tony keeping track and/or searching for Ziva and their child, would push his character to a new and totally different level. Really, do any of us want to see the skirt chasing, disrespectful Tony show up again? I know I don't. And this scenario worked just fine on ER for Doug and Carol.


I agree. It would be cool for Ziva to come back because she is having Tony's baby


Michael must you rain on my parade? LOL Ok, this is what I think the writer's are going to do in regards to Tony's character They are going to keep him alone no love interest....why? they don't want another Tiva situation. So that leaves him being just like Gibbs. Now what do you have to say on that note Michael?

NCIS Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


Tobias: Hard to know who to trust anymore.
Gibbs: Has it ever been easy, Tobias?