Pretty Little Liars Review: Abracadabra!

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Whoa! Let's just take a minute and catch our breath, shall we?

Alright then. "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" was one of the most exciting episodes of Pretty Little Liars ever!

I want to be upset that it's taken a whole season of frustratingly boring episodes to get here, but OMG it was a great hour of television. Naturally, the show's writers could really work on not cramming so much awesome into one installment, but this one's almost great enough to forgive that. Almost.

Liars in Ravenswood

It was night of huge reveals, but it's always necessary to take the show's revelations with a grain of salt lest we be fooled again. So, let's take a closer look at what we learned tonight.

Ali is alive! Since Red Coat saved the girls at the lodge last season some of the liars have been convinced that Ali didn't die. Alison has popped up a few times over the course of the show, but who can really say which of those were dreams, delusions, or the real thing? Grunwald claims that Alison was very afraid of some mysterious person who was threatening her and used Grunwald's special "insight" to see things more clearly. The night she disappeared, Grunwald saved Ali and the teen has been on the run ever since. Could she really be alive?

I suppose Alison had a lot of enemies, but couldn't she guess that the creepy older guy she was dating might be bad news? Is "board shorts" the guy she's hiding from (also known as A)? Better yet, is Ezra "board shorts?"

Oh yeah, Ezra's A! After following Red Coat number 2, Spencer finds a much more high-tech A lair than Mona's from "Unmasked." With fan photos of Ali on the wall and very detailed timeline of his victims, as well as access to police and security system information, Ezra's place makes it easier to appear omnipresent and omniscient. With his family background, I'm sure he can afford it. But can we be sure that Ezra is A?

I think so. There have been plenty of clues, even though the writers have been trying to cleverly hide Ezra in that boring Maggie plot (maybe that was the only point of that whole thing).

For one, Ezra didn't back away from Aria after he learned she was a high school student...his high school student. This could mean that he's creeped on younger girls before, like Ali. So he might be "board shorts." His proximity to Aria makes it easier to know the girls' secrets, and he's had some shady moments. Remember when he suddenly had lots of cash directly after Jason wrote out a $50,000 check to cash. And then he suddenly appears on the Halloween Train after Aria was nearly killed.

Clearly, Ezra is dangerous, and he doesn't look happy that his lair was discovered. Can't wait to see what happens on this year's Halloween Special!

Grunwald was right when she said that Ali couldn't trust the girls. Especially now that Aria has been sucked back into Ezra's web. Or could Grunwald have meant more than that? Anyone think Ezra has a partner? Maybe Aria?  

This week also revealed that CeCe has also been masquerading as Red Coat, but she may have been doing that on A's behalf. Spencer notes that CeCe is on A's payroll, so maybe she isn't working with Ali. And seriously, how did the girls lose her in that sawmill? Four girls, eight eyes, and not one person sees her take off!

Ezra seems to the puppet master of the A team, but how are Jenna, Shana and Wren involved? Shana has been staying at Wren's place, and she leads Toby to Mona. What's Mona up to? Was she ever in danger? Meanwhile, Wren is having his mail forwarded to Melissa's place in London. Are all these people just victims of A's machinations? Or are they also threats to Ali?

Although it didn't really get the attention it deserved, it looks like this was Caleb's last night in Rosewood. He boarded a bus to Ravenswood to help break into A's computers. I don't think he'll back. Hopefully, we'll get some explanation in the future. Until then....Goodbye, Caleb! We'll catch up with you on Ravenswood.

So...what did you think of the summer finale? HOLY CRAZINESS, right?


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I'm not convinced that Ezra is A at all. While the girls were there, someone was watching them. I'm almost willing to believe that he's following Aria to see what the girls are constantly up to and when he came into where they were, he realized they are being harrassed by A. He definitely was pissed, but I didn't think it was because they found his lair. And who supposedly led him to his lair? Ali? So was she a red coat with CeCe or against? Why would CeCe be listening at Ezra's door and wasn't someone watching he and Aria in the coffee shop through the window? I'm kind of inclined to think he just wants to know what the hell Aria is up to. I agree that they are just trying to make a good guy look bad. Very much like what they did with Toby. Being my favorite character, it would be enjoyable if he really does turn out to be A though. I did wonder how he got onto the Halloween Train so easily.


Like you said....we have to take all this with a grain of salt. I'm sure the show is going to come back in Oct with some excuse why Ezra really isn't bad...even though they just said he was. Hello! Toby all over again. It's what this show does. Because little 13yr olds everywhere are going to freak out that dreamy Ezra would do anything bad.
There were parts in this episode that makes you look at Aria. She rarely has any major things happen to her. Of the few things that have...they could just be there to throw her friends off. IT would also explain why A could be Ezra.
Hopefully the show has the balls to actually stick with something this time!! They are just the WORST at making any character the bad guy.

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