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I'm not convinced that Ezra is A at all. While the girls were there, someone was watching them. I'm almost willing to believe that he's following Aria to see what the girls are constantly up to and when he came into where they were, he realized they are being harrassed by A. He definitely was pissed, but I didn't think it was because they found his lair. And who supposedly led him to his lair? Ali? So was she a red coat with CeCe or against? Why would CeCe be listening at Ezra's door and wasn't someone watching he and Aria in the coffee shop through the window? I'm kind of inclined to think he just wants to know what the hell Aria is up to. I agree that they are just trying to make a good guy look bad. Very much like what they did with Toby. Being my favorite character, it would be enjoyable if he really does turn out to be A though. I did wonder how he got onto the Halloween Train so easily.


Like you said....we have to take all this with a grain of salt. I'm sure the show is going to come back in Oct with some excuse why Ezra really isn't bad...even though they just said he was. Hello! Toby all over again. It's what this show does. Because little 13yr olds everywhere are going to freak out that dreamy Ezra would do anything bad.
There were parts in this episode that makes you look at Aria. She rarely has any major things happen to her. Of the few things that have...they could just be there to throw her friends off. IT would also explain why A could be Ezra.
Hopefully the show has the balls to actually stick with something this time!! They are just the WORST at making any character the bad guy.

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