Pretty Little Liars Review: Giddyup, Little Doggies!

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So, it looks like Pretty Little Liars is trying to give us some answers, but it still feels like this season is going nowhere. The drama needs to get along, little doggies.

Too bad (or good thing?) the season finale is next week.

School Dancing on PLL

"Bring Down the Hoe" tried to tease us with some helpful information, yet there doesn't seem to be much going on here. Despite the sense of menace in some scenes, I didn't feel any anxiousness for the liars or their well-being. It seems the hoe-down was meant for more relationship drama than A mysteries.

So much time was wasted on that pointless country-western dance that I got really frustrated with the lack of progress halfway through the episode. Did we really need a few minutes of watching Aria and Jake dancing?

What did we get this week? Well, someone has finally come forward to help Mrs. Marin, and it was someone more reliable than a girl with a history of mental illness. Travis, this season's deux ex machina, suddenly showed up in the halls of Rosewood to be a key witness in the murder of Detective Wilden. Although the whole thing is pretty ridiculous, I'll be glad if this the end to the interminable Wilden drama. And if it's not....*sigh*

More's definitely back. And that's about all we know. CeCe was in the portable A lair, in close proximity to the Red Coat that appeared later buried in some hay on that truck. But later she was wearing a black hoodie. Does this mean she's one of Red Coat's minions? Or is she just part of the A-team?

I'm really doubting that CeCe will turn out to be Red Coat since all the evidence is pointing to her. Even the envelope that delivered the money to Travis was from her workplace. Plus, we got that flashback of Ali telling Emily about having to breakup with a friend's boyfriend and getting a gun pulled on her. Could that be CeCe and Wilden? Emily very cleverly realizes that the picture showed Wilden with his arms around both girls, so CeCe could have been his girlfriend. And we saw how terrified CeCe seemed of Wilden in "Hot Water."

It's possible CeCe killed Wilden to escape once and for all.

The rest of the episode focused mostly relationship drama. First, there was the boring Toby investigation, and the inevitable tension raised by his (and Spencer's) secrecy surrounding his continued involvement with A. You would think he'd be smart enough to know he's being manipulated, and Spencer really should have learned to be honest with her friends by now. But, blah, blah, blah, we've been there before.

Ezra and Aria were also featured quite heavily this week (unfortunately), as the latter tries to move on with Jake while the former really needs someone to talk to about all his baby-mama drama. I'm thinking Aria will have some trouble moving beyond Ezra after this episode. And it looks like CeCe's spying might end up affecting her relationship with Jake.

After such a lackluster episode, next week's summer finale is really going to have to punch up the excitement to keep us interested enough to wait for the winter premiere. It sure would be nice if the show would stop holding out until the last minute and try doling out the surprises over the season instead of in one big information dump at the end. Oh well, I'll definitely be tuning in!


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Paige wearing the Cub Scout uniform shirt was the first costume I've really disliked on this show. It seemed so.....political, and I'm so disappointed in Mandi Line and her team. It's also so out of character for her, as Laurel said.


There have to be at least two red coats, only one of which popped a button. In the book, Ali had a twin, but maybe they are having twin red coats for the series version. I liked the Hoe-down theme for a high school dance and it fit with the smallish-towns-outside-Philly culture. Those kid would have fun pretending to be cowboys for a night; but since when do public schools have the budget for that kind of catering?
Paige in a cub scout uniform was a bit in-your-face and juvenile. It was out of character for her.


For me this episode was so boring, I don't like Jake and Aria (they don't have chemestry), the jake/aria dance was so unnecessary, I'm a little boring about Toby's mother. Well, I will be waiting the summer final, I hope they answer many questions.


I actually really like Jake/Aria and Emily/Paige dances, but Toby's behavior becomes more and more annoying.


I can't wait till the summer finale. I hope we get some real answers and that the episode means something and doesn't give us nothing except more questions. The guy who finally came forward about Hannah's mom seemed kind of random he just popped up and said hey I know your mom didn't kill wilden. Can't wait to see if they summer finale is better.

Sarah silva

Summer finale not season finale!


Here's a thought Ezra - Get some male friends your own age!!! This guy apparently has no life and no friends other than Aria?!! I'm sorry but he needs to grow the f up! I am SO sick of him! He is basically stalking Aria at this point. Jake hit the nail on the head when he told Ezra he needs to let Aria move on. They are turning Ezra into an even more pathetic character.
I think that the girls stupidity infects others around them. Just look at Toby. And I'm sorry but when you are trying to break into a car and another car drives up....why do you wait to see who it is?!! Geez!
These dumb teenagers are too much to take. No wonder Caleb leaves.


I dread watching this episode on hulu because of the stupid hoe-down. I feel like the writers have hit rock bottom, are grasping at straws or are half-assing it. A hoe-down? Really?? Seriously????


i think A will have been spying on hannah and travis when she handed him the envelope if A got a photo then it will look like hannah is bribing travis to say he saw her mum drive off?

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