Pretty Little Liars Review: Just Keep Swimming

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"Into the Deep" continued this season's trend of offering the audience very little until the very end.

But, unlike last week's dull entry, this Pretty Little Liars installment managed to be mildly entertaining.

Dark Pretty Little Liars Scene

That was mostly because there was some realistic drama going on between Paige and Emily, as well as some sweet moments between Ashley and Ted. Unfortunately, this episode seemed to mark the beginning of the end for this loving pair.

Emily's future has been in question ever since her accident in "Turn of the Shoe," and it doesn't look like it's getting any clearer. Paige's attempt to help Emily was really sweet, but it definitely exposed her insecurities about their future. It was heartbreaking to watch the two realize that without Stanford, Emily and Paige will drift apart next year.

But does that mean they are breaking up soon?

Ashley and Pastor Ted had great reunion this week. After being absent for so long, Ted swooped in to show his faith in Ashley by not only putting up the bail, but attempting to rekindle their relationship. Things sure are looking up for Ashley!

The relationship ups and downs of Emily and Ashley weren't the only ones explored this week...but they were the only ones I cared about. Ezra and Maggie are gearing up for a dull custody battle, which I think might be more of way to pave the way for an Ezria reunion.

And speaking of Aria, she's finally opened to a relationship with Jake, but only after getting jealous while watching another girl flirt with him. I really don't trust Jake. He just happened to be outdoors when Emily made the dramatic discovery at the episode's end. What was he doing out there?

Did anyone else think Jenna was dead? Her eyes were open and unfocused before that commercial break, but then she was recovering when we came back. Way to build the tension!

Jenna was sticking by Shana's side, for protection it seemed. Jenna mentioned the cops questioning her and dropped Alison's name, but Shana claims that Jenna was scared of CeCe Drake and that Ali was definitely dead. Did Jenna know something she shouldn't? I guess it'll be awhile before we know.

With Ian, Garrett and Wilden dead (and attempt on Jenna's life), all signs seem to point to CeCe. The phone number in New York was traced to a forwarding address in Philadelphia. Wasn't Melissa in Philly

Red Coat has also returned, and it seems pretty clear that Red Coat and A are separate entities since both were seen in separate locations in the episode's final scenes. Does anyone know what house Red Coat was sneaking under?

And what's Mona's endgame? It's clear she has some kind of plan, but what is it?


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Why can't Aria just be single for awhile? It is incredibly annoying how she has to always have a boyfriend. She and Jake have nothing in common.


Ashley? You mean Hanna? :P


I think Ted killed Wilden. Ashley probably dropped the gun that night as she ran from Wilden. Ted, who had been stalking Ashley, picked it up and killed Wilden, his "competition". It's like Nate St Germain for the parents.


*so she could extort


This show is going to have so many plot holes once A is revealed. With so much new information, how are they going to wrap everything up so it makes sense?
I enjoyed some parts of this episode but overall it was average.
I like Jake but also agree that he is dull. Hey, at least he's better than that obsessive and creepy Ezra.
Speaking of Ezra, does anyone even care about his subplot of possibly losing Malcolm? I reckon this is a way to get rid of Malcolm and Maggie so he can get back together with Aria. I predict the paternity test will say that Ezra isn't Malcolm's father. Maggie probably just told Ezra's mum that it was his child so she could get extort money from her. Also, what's up with these parents in Rosewood? They let their children go to parties when there's been like 10 people murdered over the last year and now a (sometimes) blind girl has almost drowned.


*he's becoming obsessed


Please no Ezria reunion....those two make me want to gag. Frankly Aria acts more mature than Ezra. I still think she's becoming obsessed with Aria and I definitely think he trashed that car.


This episode was better than last weeks. It wasnt that interesting until the end but still good. When Emily and jake pulled Jenna out of the water and everyone was standing around it yelling for help I was just like ok call 911 but give her CPR because she could be dead when the ambulance gets there. Since Jenna was uncontious but stable when the ambulance arrived and before that her eyes were open and she wasnt breathing I'm assuming someone gave her CPR but I'm not sure. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


Whether Jake is up to something or not, he's boring. Not really into the Jake/Aria relationship.


Again just another so so episode. Melissa is in London for her internship so not in philly unless this goes before the season (which it prob does). The house was the Allison's home.

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