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It was a big night on Rookie Blue, as "For Better, For Worse" reminded us that life's way too long to go through it alone. 

With Noelle and Frank's wedding just hours away, the status of every couple's relationship was put under the microscope.

Looks Like a Wedding

We'll start with Sam and Marlo. The latter was headed off on a long planned vacation without Sam. As she waffled about going, he didn't seem to mind the separation. Although they still appeared solid as a couple, I found it interesting that Sam would be going to this wedding solo. 

Gail was at her cynical best as the wedding loomed near. Whether you love Gail or hate her, you have to give her credit for always saying exactly how she feels. Her feelings about Chloe have not changed an iota and she was more than happy to rip into Dov's chipper new girlfriend when she got the chance. You're faker than a big wedding, Chloe. Leave it to Peck not to sugar coat it.

Of course, spending the evening at a wedding without a plus-one can be daunting, so Gail invited new friend Holly.  I loved how Holly jumped in as coat check girl and made $20 as she waited on Gail to arrive. Even more intriguing was Gail's reaction to the kiss. It will be interesting to see if Gail heads down this road with Holly or puts on the brakes.

Speaking of Pecks, Steve was full of surprises. If there was any doubt about whether or not he was smitten with Traci, I think taking a personal day to help her do wedding errands wiped them all away. It's Traci's feelings for Steve that are still a little murky. I loved the look on Traci's face during this exchange…

Traci: That's what single girls do, Steve. They give each other keys to their place that way if you die alone...
Steve: They can come over, get you dressed and hide you're porn. Yeah, I get it. | permalink

I'm not sure where this relationship is headed but I definitely want to see more.

Dov turned out to be the ultimate wingman for Oliver. When Shaw said he wasn't going to the wedding because his ex would be there with her new boyfriend, Dov took action. Not only did he force Ollie to ask Celery out on a date, he got him a custom made suit and a very cool ride. 

I was proud that Oliver didn't fall right back in with Zoe upon hearing her boyfriend dumped her. The two of them have been miserable for so long that I think it's still time for them both to move on. And that Celery was willing to step aside if he wanted another shot with Zoe made me like her all the more.

Speaking of making a good impression, how darn cute was Chloe as she told Dov she was getting hives from lying about their relationship? I can't wait to see how Uncle Frank deals with this revelation as we move forward.

Finally, there was the wedding. First off, we finally learned that the baby's name is Olivia! It's silly how happy that small detail made me... plus I've always loved that name.

I know the possibility of a cancer diagnosis was scary but I was shocked that Noelle would choose to bail on Frank like that. They seemed so solid and they now share a daughter. That was, until Noelle shared her deepest insecurities with Traci in this Rookie Blue quote

I already feel like I trapped him by getting pregnant. I'm not going to let him end up with some sick wife to look after too. I'm just not. | permalink

Ugh. I hated hearing that. That deep down, Noelle felt as though her relationship with Frank was based on the fact that she ended up pregnant with his child, while all the while Frank was over the moon in love with her. Kudos to Frank for making it clear that Noelle wasn't about to shake him that easily. Having two failed marriages behind him, he knows this one is the real deal. He's not about to let go.

And then there was Nick and Andy. Nick finally told Andy how he felt about her and props to him for manning up and putting his feelings out there. I respected his honesty and his willingness to take that chance, not to mention his understanding that Andy needed time to process this new information.

Do you think she'll give a romantic relationship with Nick a shot? Perhaps sharing an obsession for '90s love ballads is a sign. And if Nick and Andy become a couple, will that be enough to make Sam realize the love he's thrown away and take some action to get it back?

With five episodes on Rookie Blue Season 4 which couples are you rooting for?


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Even now, it still feels real to me that Callie was made a lesbian on Grey's Anatomy. Bring another gay character and I'll be happy.
I don't like Steve Peck for Tracie, they need to find her someone else.


At this point, I'm still a huge McSwarek fan. I also like Dov and Chloe together. They're both a bit weird and quirky.
Not sure about Gail... I liked her connection with Luke with everything she's been through and he took care of her. I don't want to see her with a woman. If she was meant to be a gay character, then she should have been from the beginning. It doesn't seem real when they change their sexual orientation down the line. Even now, it still feels real to me that Callie was made a lesbian on Grey's AnatBring another gay character and I'll be happy.
I don't like Steve Peck for Tracie, they need to find her someone else.


i love this season,new and good characters, great police cases ,even a little of anthropogy , i love the change from a very heavy and sufering mcswareck to see both happy with other contexts and partner ,even oli is having good time and story ,i dont miss chris at all,he can stay out,his character is just running out of stories and interest ,maybe andy and sam are end game but for now i am pleased to not having them together and if they are not it will be ok by me.


I loved Oliver and Steve Peck and I suppose it is because they mostly provided the sweetness and comic relief that originally drew me to RB. I hope we see more of those light but meaningful moments. Both Pecks seem to be smitten at the moment.
I am liking Celery thus far but I wish we got a little more.
Nick - I just thought it was a weird time to confess feelings and it rubbed me the wrong way that he didn't tell her where those feelings were coming from or how.when they came about. I mean Andy mus worry that she played a part in his recent breakup now right?


TC: many subtexts and missed opportunity in an event like a wedding so magical. Frank Cool, Noelle and Oliver. Grief relationship Nick / Andy. Lack of faith to McSwarek.


Steve Peck has been the best pleasant surprise of the season given what a jerk he was back in season 1. LOVE him and Traci together! And how great a team were they supporting Noelle, but getting her to do the right thing and face Frank instead of just leaving him hanging at the alter? I loved the place all the couples are in right now, except for my favs McSwarek, who are still not quite off their denialville detours. I'm really not into this messy arc for Nick. Pursuing this doomed thing with Andy when the dust hasn't even settled with Gail and expecting that to go well? Seriously? I guess he thought Andy might be caught up enough in wedding fever or something?? Anyway, there was enough great stuff, touching and funny, that that whole impending trainwreck wasn't as much of a buzzkill as I expected.


I loved the show as always. I'm so glad Noelle and Frank got married. Noelle and her dress were gorgeous. Oliver was pretty smooth for his first date in decades. I like the simmering relationship between Nick and Andy. I love when relationships start out as friends. She didn't say no, but I think she was caught off guard and probably thinking about Sam. It's good for Sam to see what he is missing and wait a little. Traci and Steve are cute together. Traci needs to have fun. So does Gail, but a relationship with Holly seems like a predictable forced soapy ER, Greys Anatomy plot.


Marlo is too much like Sam. He certainly enjoy being around her, but Sam wouldn't want to date himself long-term. And did anyone else doubt that Marlo was really going to a vacation?
I guess Chloe deserved Gail's rain of bullets a little. Gail's break-up was imminent, but Chloe accelerated it and made it into Gail's self-fulfilling prophecy.
It's baffling when I try to think about where the producers/writers are going with Gail and Holly. I totally saw that kiss coming when Holly was introduced in the previous episode though.
I thought Steve Peck would be a jerk, but he surprised me last episode as a great listener. And I’m glad of his roles in this episode. He’s full of empathy and he’s great with words. I just hope that he won’t break Traci’s heart. Traci definitely deserves someone really, really nice. I’m still undecided of how I feel towards the brother Peck.
Funny how I like Chloe when she was with Dov but less so when she was with other characters. It’s like it takes the two of them to bring the best dish out on the table. I like to see how happy Dov has become too.
I was hoping that I get to see Noelle back on the squad soon, but I guess not if the test for the lump came back as something. Plus this season we see an eruption of new characters so I don’t expect Noelle (and Diaz) would be coming back if the new ones are here to stay.

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