Rookie Blue Round Table: "Friday the 13th"

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It was "Friday the 13th" and the members of 15 Division had everything from buried remains to magic spells thrown at them last Thursday.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Kristin, Jo, and Dina from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum for this week's Rookie Blue Round Table, as they debate whether Oliver should pursue a witch and which couple has the best chance at a  magical future.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Kristin: I really liked all of Dov's scenes with Chloe. Everything from trying to give her the cookie, to letting her drive, to asking her for a second chance and calling her a game changer. It reminded me, a bit, of old school McSwarek which is why I think I enjoyed their scenes so much.  

Jo: My favorite scenes were the ones with a bumbling Oliver, awkwardly flirting with Celery. They were absolutely adorable  together. The fact that she just kept 'magically' appearing was really funny.

Dina: It was very hard to narrow it down to one, but I think I’m going to have to go with the scene where after Charlie confessed in his kitchen, Sam tells him that he’s going to take his gun. I found that scene so emotional and powerful and at the end of it, Sam looked so vulnerable that it tore at my heart.

Christine: I just loved the look on Oliver's face every time Celery seemed to pop out of thin air, not to mention his reaction to her flirting. I really hope they bring the good witch back for a little more magic.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Nick and Andy should give a romantic relationship a chance?

Kristin: No. They have this great bromance/BFF vibe and I really think a romantic relationship wouldn't last which would ruin everything and make it very awkward...especially for Andy, having to work with three exes....

Jo: I'm not sure if a romantic relationship will work out for them, even if they give it a chance. I feel if they do, they might just realize that they are better as friends than lovers.

Dina: Absolutely not. I think that they have a great brother/sister dynamic and friendship.  Also, while Nick may be developing feelings for Andy, she is still in love with Sam, as well as a close friend to Gail. If they do decide to go down that road, I think it will be a disaster.

Christine: I never thought I'd say this and I know it won't win me any fans…but yes, I think they should give it a shot. Although I believe McSwarek is the show's end game, Nick and Andy have developed a nice chemistry. They have fun and unlike McSwarek there's very little drama. I hate to say it but I find that refreshing.

Should Oliver ask Celery the witch out on a date?

Kristin: Yes, I think Oliver is depressed after ending his marriage a light-hearted romance with Celery could be just what he needs to get his groove back!

Jo: Yes! Oliver seems so smitten & enamored with Celery, that he should definitely ask her out.

Dina: Absolutely! I could not get enough of watching Oliver flirt during this episode. The two of them seemed to have some good chemistry, and after a heartbreaking year, Oliver deserves a little “magic” in his life.

Christine: I'm with you Dina. Oliver could definitely use some magic. They may be polar opposites but Celery could be just the thing to bring some fun back into Oliver's life.

Do you believe in magic spells?

Kristin: I wish! I've been bemoaning the fact that I'm a muggle since I learned the word!

Jo: I believe in the idea of magic. Results from 'magic spells' I think can happen unexpectedly (like what happened to Trina). I believe in some of type connection to the afterlife, spirits and dreams- if you consider that to be magic, then I certainly believe in it.

Dina: Not particularly, but if I ever saw one work in real life, I might be able to be persuaded.

Christine: I'm a cynic who believes in the possibility of magic. I can't say I've ever seen a spell work, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible.

Could Sam have lived with letting his mentor get away with murder?

Kristin: I think he would have lived with the decision but he would not have lived with it well. I'm glad Charlie stepped up but I lost a lot of respect for Sam because of the decision he made.

Jo: Maybe initially. Ethically, Sam knows that he has to report his mentor but emotionally, Sam is so torn & hurt due to Charlie being a father figure to him. It isn't his place to- it's up to Coach to do the right thing.

Dina: Yes, I think so.  I’m sure it would have haunted him and weighed on him, but I have no doubt that Sam would have covered it up, the same as he would have for Oliver last season, had he shot the drug dealer in the season 3 episode "Coming Home" While it may have eaten at his conscience, I think Sam would have justified it in his mind as protecting someone he loves, and I don’t think anyone can doubt that Sam Swarek would do anything in his power to protect someone he loves.

Christine: I'm with Kristin on this one. I lost some respect for Sam. I know Charlie meant a lot to him but the guy got drunk, hit an innocent kid and then killed him by trying to cover it up. I think covering up for Charlie would have eaten away at Sam because he knew it was very, very wrong.

Who has the best chance at a long term romantic future: Sam and Marlo, Sam and Andy, Andy and Nick or Dov and Chloe?

Kristin: I wish I could say Sam and Andy but I feel like too much damage has been done. Dov and Chloe have the best chance.

Jo: I'm Team Sam and Andy' all the way, but they aren't emotionally there yet... so I would have to say Dov and Chloe right now. They seem to be able to work through differences and communicate with each other quite well.

Dina: At this point in time, I would have to say Dov and Chloe, if he meant the things that he said to her in the locker room after shift. I actually think that those two will be a fun, cute, refreshing couple that will never fail to make us laugh.

Christine: It's unanimous. Right now Dov and Chloe are the only pair communicating their feelings and being open and honest with one another. That gives them the best chance at a future together.

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i think what sam was trying to do for his t.o. was so unswarek behavior. marlo and nick are just place holders in the mcswarek relationship


I am a McSwarek fan through and through. Nick and Andy together? No way in my book, they have a fantastic brother/sister vibe and that is where it should stay. Hopefully any form of hook up with Nick, will only serve to show how deep Andy's feelings are for Sam. The same with Sam and Marlo. Marlo is a pale shadow of Andy and Sam is starting to realise this. Great job again by the reviewers!


///...broken the friendship between Gail and our heroine. Pathetic. I loved the scene with Charlie Sam when Sam confesses that he knows the truth about what happened to Robbie. Master Ben. I also liked that the qualities that Sam Charlie highlights (honesty, fairness and honesty) to confess to M. are those known to have Andy. Open your eyes Sam, please. !


It's so sad what happens this season with our golden couple! Yes I know I have to grow, etc.. etc. but both have distanced needed despite not know how much that will overcome and heal those wounds. Andy without his great mentor - protector and great love, turning stood naked not knowing which way to go. Did fight but seeing that Sam was "happy"? with M, decided to surrender. And Sam ... that is so stubborn and proud, not wanting to admit that Andy is your One The lack of communication between them is leading to ruin. So I like Dov and Chloe, the couple this season. They shout, distance, talk, discuss but communicate! I do not like the idea of ​​Nick and Andy, loving no chemistry there are friends, buddies, nothing more. I also find it monstrous that relationship writers have generated a confrontation with Gail. That was very unfortunate. Not only that Andy is in love with Nick, but have broken the friendship between Gail and our heroine. Pathetic. I loved the scene with Charlie Sam when Sam confesses that he knows the truth about what happened to Robbie. Master Ben. I also liked that the qualities that Sam Charlie highlights (honesty, fairness and honesty) to confess to M. are those known to have Andy. Open your eyes Sam, please. !


Favorite scene - hands down when Sam confronted his old TO about his role in the murder and coverup of an innocent boy. Nick & Andy - Yuck - no!!!! Brother/sister relationship, platonic friends, sure (although IMO - you can't go back and I think the brother/sister/platonic friend is not going to survive well). Oliver & Celery - YES! I love their giggles and I think it is so cool that Oliver is going to crush on a witch after his total disregard of the psychic last season. Best chance - Unanimous I think. Dov and Chloe. McSwarek Jr. Have to say when I watch them I am not sure if I am seeing Sam & Andy from previous seasons, foreshadowing of when Sam & Andy finally get back together or a combo of both.


Sam OH! How did you come to this place of no return with Andy, your white whale!


There is so much distance now between Sam and Andy as reflected in the final eps.! How can these two beings again "are more in love than ever" to repair as much damage?


Nick and Andy make me want to puke all over the place! If Sam and Andy aren't emotionally ready yet then let them both be single and let them struggle together and figuring out there own problems. One thing is for sure, this show drives me crazzyyy


(picking up) McSwarek for the long haul. You make some valid points about current standings, but it's way too early to say about Prepstein. They're not even really together yet. But they are off to a promising start. The other two couples I don't believe in for a second.


Best scene: Sam & Fitz showdown. Brilliant!!!! Absolutely hell to the frickin NO on an Andy/Nick romance, but yes, yes, YES to Oliver and Celery!!! Andy gets to lead when she's with Nick and he's gonna be all over SAYING how much he's into her when it's still part of the chase. But that has disaster written all over it for a thousand different reasons. But I guess given the course the show is on, it's a necessary evil for Andy to get her "Be careful what you wish for" lesson about relationships in order to realize and more fully appreciate what she had with Sam. I don't think Sam would have ever recovered from doing that and from Fitz hiding behind him that way. The original cover up was a huge blow, but to be complicit and have the guy he believed in so much continue to hide from what he'd done would have destroyed what little faith in people Sam still has forever. McSwarek for the long haul. You make some valid points about current standings, but it's way too early to say about Prepstein. They haven't really started yet. All the other couples are doomed.

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