Switched at Birth Review: It's My Party

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If there's one thing you can't call the participants of this week's pre-wedding parties, it would "The Merrymakers."

And if ever there were two more uncomfortable celebrations of an impending marriage, I'd love to hear the stories! 

Between those moments and the moms finally admitting what a huge mistake Nikki and Toby would be making if they walk down the aisle next Monday, it will definitely be a surprise if the wedding comes to pass.

SaB Scene

There were some laugh out loud scenes, although more in an ironic fashion than giggly way. Poor Toby. As he was riding to his bachelor party, Simone called to let him know she had Chlamydia. Because Emmett was right beside him, he just shared the news; and later, after deciding to get the test done before hitting the party, drying suggested to Emmett:

It says here to list your sexual partners. You want to just copy off me? | permalink

At least the show can poke fun at itself and the incestuous relationships it has fostered by keeping the cast sequestered most of the time. Even when they finally get jobs and make it off of the Kennish compound, their interaction with the outside world is rather limited. With all the people who work at the car wash, we've only met Travis, most likely because he's deaf. All the boys want either Daphne, Bay or Simone. Thank God Toby and Nikki were waiting to have sex. For once, waiting for the marriage bed worked in their favor, except the wedding is coming too soon.

I enjoyed seeing Travis finally grow up. He has spent a good portion of his time on the series concerned about getting laid, but when he finally met a girl he liked he was more interested in finding the perfect moment to kiss her, not the first one. Since Marybeth is bigger in stature than the normal girl, she misunderstood his intention, but blending the kiss and the discovery of her brother's lost dog tags made for a very romantic moment. They are two characters who we can urge on and hope make it for the long haul.

Genise (if that's how it's spelled) was a bit of a shock at the beginning, but I was so happy she and Katherine finally came to a common understanding about their children's future. Toby and Nikki have no business getting married and the moms have a week to try to get that message across to them. I would say good luck, but we don't yet know Nikki's reaction to hearing Toby's news about Simone. 

It was fairly obvious Ty wouldn't get a change in his tour of duty, but Bay was happy to have her father give it a try. Sometimes that's all that's needed. When a child desperately wants the help of your parent, you just want to know they're willing to help, even if results can't be achieved. Something tells me Ty won't make it back to Kansas and this moment between father and daughter will go a very long way to heal what could have been a permanent wound.

It was very surprising, especially given their differences in opinion on the matter, that Daphne decided to confide in Nikki what she had done to Senator Coto. Additionally, Nikki is a Christian girl and the idea of blackmail, if she hadn't been tipsy, could have tipped the scales against her having a solid relationship with her future sister-in-law. Instead, she imagined Coto was her father, left him a nasty message and they both got in trouble. They very nearly made it out, but as Coto watched the video of Senator Kennish's daughter and soon to be daughter-in-law in his office, you knew there was trouble on the way.

It seems like it's all coming down the finale next week. Thank you, world, for not showing us Travis using a blow up doll. I'm sad that Regina decided to part ways with Angelo. Maybe he'll end up leaving the country if their marriage disintegrates or he'll date Regina's boss. I suppose the future is open. Until the wedding and Ty's deployment, we'll see you here next Monday for the summer finale!


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Wow this show and other teen shows love to give mixed messages about sex. They have made fun of Nikki about being a Christian and wanting to waite to have sex and then Toby and Emmitt end up with a STD. Gee the only thing missing was Bay having sex with Emmitt and then giving it to Ty!


Am I the only one who wonders if Toby actually told Nikki about the STD scare? After all we didn't hear their conversation. And Nikki's facial expressions seemed a little too relaxed for a celibate bride-to-be who just learned that her betrothed might have an STD. Besides if Toby wasn't man enough to tell Nikki that he wants to go to Wash U, I doubt he's man enough to tell her about the STD scare. I hated how things ended with Regina and Angelo. If Regina didn't want to raise Abby with Angelo why sleep with him and act all wifey, getting his hopes up? Selfish much? I hope someone calls her out on it, preferably Angelo. Finally, I'm so over Daphne and her story line, it's been irritating me since the summer started.


I am going to play devils advocate on the pending nuptials. Not all people who get married young are headed for pending doom. Marriage is hard and their road maybe more difficult the others but that doesn't mean automatic failure. It also doesn't mean that Toby couldn't go to college and it also doesn't mean Nikki can't figure things out. Maybe she gets a job and Toby goes to school... I don't know. Relationships are work and age is not everything. I do believe that their moms should express their concerns however it should be up to them how they live. They are the ones that have to live with the consequences.
Over all, good episode, kind of excited to see where the Coto storyline goes.


It was a good episode I liked how John tried to help Bay with Ty thing. Emmett and Toby scenes were good. Nikki and Daphne I think trouble head for them after they broke in the office. I I agree with the moms Toby and Nikki are rushing into marriage. Mary Beth and Travis are so cute together I liked how Bay helped them and how Bay told about Mary Beth brothers Dog Tags and he found for her and they kissed it was so sweet. I want Anglo and Regina together I hope they work things out. Abby is so cute I feel bad for other fathers tho that they give anglo even tho we didnt get to see it on screen.

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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Daphne: Is she having a bachelorette party?
Toby: Uh, I don't think so.
Daphne: She is now.
Bay: She is? Oh no. I mean, do churchy people even go in for bachelorette parties?
Daphne: C'mon, we don't have to have a penis pinata, but we can still have some fun!

I'm not sure it's even ethical for me to get involved, and what about all the soldiers who aren't dating senator's daughters? Somebody's got to go.