Teen Wolf Review: Revelations 3, 4, 5

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"The Overlooked" was another hour full of revelations, albeit at a much shakier rate than in last week's "The Girl Who Knew Too Much."

We learned the true identity of Ms. Blake, how she knows Derek and why the hell she's a Darach. It's not a pretty story, and it's difficult to know how much to believe.

Let's get to it!

A Sweet Moment

Cora is still a pretty worthless character, doing nothing more than gathering too many people at the hospital, which was extremely vulnerable during a dangerous storm. The best part about setting the hour at the hospital was the use of Melissa. Her reaction to seeing Peter was fun and her ass-kicking of the twin in its combined form was pure mama McCall goodness. 

Peter teaming up with Scott was also very hot, as he looked the part in a V-neck sweater, something I wouldn't ordinarily suggest a man keep in his closet. Peter, he can do as he pleases.

The Argents and Isaac were called in as reinforcements and while all of this was happening around them, we finally learned the identity of Jennifer Blake: Jennifer was once named Julia, and she was Kali's emissary. Killing her was Kali's mission to join the alpha pack with Deucalion. She didn't do her job, however, and when she heard her breathing, decided to let her die a peaceful death rather than take her out.

Nice try, Kali, but after being slashed so badly by your poor pedicure, suffering in the smoldering sunlight and being drained of blood was hardly a peaceful death. If there was some lame attempt to make Kali seem somewhat sympathetic in her near-miss killing of her emissary Julia, it didn't work.

What did work was how I came way from the story of Julia-turned-Jennifer feeling a bit more for her plight. We also learned her tie to Derek. At the same time she was suffering in the dirt, Derek was sacrificing his innocent love, Paige. Her blood was just enough to light the fire in the Nemeton (it IS in the basement of the Hale house, coincidentally, isn't it?) that was then enough to keep her alive until she was found by Sheriff Stilinski. From there she was saved, somehow found a new face and adopted a new identity... made an oath to kill the alphas and returned to Beacon Hills.

It has certainly taken her plan a while to come to fruition. You have to wonder how much of what she tells Derek is true, but on the other hand, she owes her life to him. There is method to her madness in making him her lover, and wanting to get close. 

By the end of the hour, Stiles figured out what guardians she is after and rushed to warn Scott. What I love so much about Stiles is that he would choose Scott over both his father and Scott's mother. Together with his best friend, he feels invincible. Without Scott by his side, a part of himself is missing. As much as he loves his dad, he knows that with Scott he can come up with a way to save their parents. Without him, he must rely on others who don't share what they do. 

Scott's head wasn't in the game. He walked off with Deucalion. He has no idea what is wanted of him, or whether Deucalion has his parents. He hasn't been in on the conversations with Derek and Julia.

I was a little lost at the end as to whether Deucalion truly knew where their parents were being held or not. Stiles is going to have to rely heavily upon his second team of Derek, Peter, Isaac, Allison, Mr. Argent and Lydia (if she's up for it) to get Scott back and save him and their parents. I don't doubt Stiles can do it, but I know he'd be more confident with his friend by his side.


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Nicole andayi

this season is getting better every day


Wow, this show is so corny now. Can't even explain how disappointed I am. And why is it that the good guys always get beat up, one of them should be able to win and if Scott is such a great Alpha why can't he beat at least one of the other guys? Geez, dumb season.


Lydia's been drawing Trees all damn season!!! It's no coincidence that the stupid tree is the heart of the mid season finale. I hope we don't lose anymore important characters... Cora can go for all I care. But nothing better happen to the main wolves and the side kicks!!! Or I'll go mental... Well, not really but yah know what I mean lol. 2 eps left before the break ;).


the nemeton it is in the basement of the hale house they just made it look terrible up on top for a dramatic effect.And paige was sacrificed when Derek was a teenager and it was her sacrifice that gave Julia the strength to hold on until styles dad found her. So I believe the story lines will go like this Alison will be turned and I believe Scotts mom will get together with styles dad and Julia and Kali will both die and Scot will always do the right thing and will become the most powerful alpha known. Just my own opionion.


I liked the episode. It was good there was good fighting and had a few funny scenes like styles with a baseball bat. Styles had been great this season with figuring out the sacrifices before anyone else. I didn't really feel sorry for Jennifer. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


This episode was cool in the since that there was alot of fighting, but why is peter so weak ? he has been revived for months now he should have his strength back even though he isnt an alpha he still should be able to hold his own against The Twins. I hated the fact that Derek was running away from Kali, like in their last fight they were pretty equal he got a good number of hits off, & now since he absorbed boyds strength he should be stronger not some heartbroken kid. Jennifer is more annoying than Gerald! & serious issac hasnt done anything in like 3 episodes. The Mythology of this show is getting a little crazy & unbearable aswell.


I almost fell for Jennifers act and then she went and kidnapped scotts mom.
Once she killed her 1st sacrifice she is a killer and not a victim anymore. Her revenge reason does not matter. I was saying just like derek : i dont care... The Kali story did not make her sympathic, but it does show how Duclain used their weaknesses to gather the alphas to him. The vet needs to pass a note " derek did not kill ennis"
I wish lydia was in this episode. I was watching season 2 premiere. She was a banshee then too. When she screamed in the hospital scott heard her all the way from allison's house.
Issac is awesome coming out of his shell from the abuse of his father. Can't wait to see his new wolf. the old was the ugliest .


this season is fucking weird.... the mythology is too hard to get a grasp on, and quite frankly it doesn't make much sense to me. these writers must be smoking some good shit because it's way out there.




I have mixed feelings about this episode. I really am a bit surprised that Scott gave up that easily and went with Duke. He knows who really has his mom and why would he just give up on his 'pack' like that. That was a bit dumb. I hope he's got a plan. Sorry...still don't feel bad for Kali. Can't wait until she's gone.
This wasn't my favorite episode. Hopefully the next 2 will tie everything up nicely.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Melissa: You're him, aren't you.
Deucalion: Him?
Melissa: The bad guy.
Deucalion: You have no idea.

Melissa: You're supposed to be dead.
Peter: I get that a lot, actually.