The Glades: Canceled by A&E

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The cop is out on A&E.

In disappointing, albeit unsurprising news, the network announced yesterday that it has canceled The Glades after four seasons.

Finding the Killer

The light-hearted drama concluded Season 4 on Monday by racking up 3.4 million viewers and will now leave them with an unanswered cliffhanger, with Jim shot by and bloody when the credits rolled.

Fortunately for fans of another A&E series, however, there will be no such lack of closure: Longmire producer John Coveny Tweeted that his show has been renewed for another season, though we are still awaiting confirmation from the network itself.

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Loved The Glades, only show A&E had worth watching. No more A&E on my channel list!!!!!!!! A&E needs new management running the show lineup, current management NEEDS HELP!!!!!


DADGUMIT!! TV shows should not be allowed to do Cliffhangers for this purpose. Why get invested in TV Shows just to have them cancelled on us. I have watched this show for all 4 seasons and it was one my family's favorite summer shows. Now we won't get a wrap up and are left "hanging". That is completely stupid. I hope another network picks it up or A&E pulls their head out their butts! My family is so sick of "Reality" shows and these networks are shoving them down our throats. It is just sad!


My husband and I loved this show. No more A&E for us. Hope another network picks up "The Glades"


This is really too bad. This is the only show that I watched on A&E. Now there is no closure after that shocking season finale. I will not be watching this network anymore.


I hate these Tv networks always canceling good shows never giving the people that actually watch them a choice to ddecide I'm just going to stop watching Tv all together. They keep stupid stuff like honey boo boo now thats what I call a bigger booboo


I agree with Louise, another network needs to pick this show up, we need an ending!!!


Won't get involved in a show on A&E again after having a great show like The Glades end on such a bad note, without warning.


I will no longer watch A&E. Cancelling one of the better shows on t.v. and then to leave the viewer hanging the way they did is inexcusable


this should not be canceled - great series should be renewed. You have enough viewer's why cancel?????? This is one of the better shows on TV I watch it every week. DON'T CANCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well canceling the Glades really just sucks. The only shows my family ever watches on A&E is the Glades and Longmire. It's kinda funny reading other people comments, sounds like a lot of people will quite watching your channel.Not smart

The Glades Quotes

Callie: I'm doing what I love. And I want to continue to do love for the rest of my life. I know if I walk away now, I can't. And I also know if you really love someone and he really loves you that together you can make it work. So, yes.
Jim: Yes?
Callie: Yes Jim Longworth, I would love to come home and be your wife.

Colleen: This one's pretty gruesome.
Carlos: How gruesome?
Colleen: Well let me put it to you this way, have you ever heard me use that word before?