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The Glades: Canceled by A&E

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The cop is out on A&E.

In disappointing, albeit unsurprising news, the network announced yesterday that it has canceled The Glades after four seasons.

Finding the Killer

The light-hearted drama concluded Season 4 on Monday by racking up 3.4 million viewers and will now leave them with an unanswered cliffhanger, with Jim shot by and bloody when the credits rolled.

Fortunately for fans of another A&E series, however, there will be no such lack of closure: Longmire producer John Coveny Tweeted that his show has been renewed for another season, though we are still awaiting confirmation from the network itself.

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My ending: Jim is able to reach his phone and calls Carlos. Carlos calls in the life-flight helicopter which whisks Jim off to Palm Glades General. Callie scrubs in on the surgery and Jim is saved in a miraculous surgical effort, lasting nearly twelve hours. Two days later he regains consciousness and finds all the wedding guests sitting around his hospital room, waiting for him to wake up. Callie falls on him crying and grasping his hand. The minister steps up and they are married right there on the spot. The US Marshall that has been tracking Ray all this time comes in holding Ray's arm, Ray's hands cuffed behind his back. It is revealed that Ray is the shooter, and with his long criminal history, he is going back to prison, probably for life. Jeff stares at his father with hate and disappointment in his eyes and says "You're just beyond hope, aren't you dad?" Carlos comes up to the room, holding the bridle of a white horse, and Callie helps Jim to mount the horse, and they ride out of the hospital and into the sunset. The end.


If they had had less of the girlfriend and more legal crime, I think it would have been better.


Maybe the show was not the greatest, but it was fun to watch and made you want to watch every week, especially with all the crap that is on TV now, not much worth watching.I just love Jim..... Maybe someone else will pick it up and continue with it.


The show shouldn't have been picked up for this past season. It jumped the shark the season prior and did little to improve its storytelling. The show lost its hook when Jim & Callie began dating and dwindled quickly thereafter, which is a shame, because it was genuinely clever and enjoyable up to that point.


Totally agree with Marissa... They should have make a nice series finale, not that bullshit cliffhangers.. SUCK BIG TIME


This totally sucks I wish we got one more season just so we could find out what happens to Jim. I hate cliffhangers like this because when shows do this it leaves you all excited for next season then it gets cancelled.


Obviously the producers and writers were not even considering the possibility of cancellation given the finale. One wonders why they were not given a heads up regarding the status of the show....Too bad, now fans like myself will just have to make up our own ending!