The Glades Review: Left At the Altar

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I had a bad feeling going into The Glades season 4 finale that we might get stuck with a cliff-hanger. But in my wildest dreams, I never thought it could have been worse than last year when Jim popped the question to Callie and we had to wait 41 weeks to find out her answer.

I was very wrong.

My wife and I both sat with our jaws hanging open as the credits began to roll. I’m stunned that "Tin Cup" ended with not only Callie and Jim NOT married, but Jim lying in a pool of his own blood, feebly attempting to reach his phone. And now we have to wait more than 9 months for the answer.. IF the show gets renewed.

Fight for the Future

Have I mentioned how much I loathe cliff-hangers? If you’re not a frequent reader of my reviews, allow me to explain: In today’s Internet-enabled, DVR, movie-streaming world, there is no reason for them. Like the rotary phone and the horse and buggy, they ought to to be put out to pasture. 

In the 70s and 80s, where TV seasons started in September and ended in May, sure, you needed a way to bring viewers back in the fall. They had a summer full of reruns, you wanted them to be excited for the return of their favorite shows. But today, with the advent of DVR, online streaming and social media, that’s no longer an issue. Network now run a fall, spring and summer schedule. Shows aren't just 22 episodes in the fall. The old methods don't apply now.  

That said, let’s go ahead and get some theories out there on what happened and where things could end up.

I’m guessing that Tony (from Wit-Sec) was the shooter. I think he’s being working with Ray and Ray has convinced him that if Jim were out of the picture then Callie and Jeff would be able to go into Wit-Sec with him and he would give them even better info. 

Evidence supporting this: Tony was a little quick on the investigation about the house; and his lack of insistence of telling Callie the truth right away made me suspicious. Also, Ray never struck me as the “shoot a cop” kind or guy.  

Then again, maybe Ray’s doing it on his own with only his mother helping in. Did you see the way she looked all sad and nervous as she dropped Jeff off? She knows something. Want to bet that its Ray is in town? 

GAH! This is the very reason I hate cliff-hangers! At least Jim’s case was solved. Of course, it was pretty straight forward, so I wasn't overly surprised when he arrested the husband with anger management issues. 

Overall, I’m giving the episode 3.5 jilted brides, as I feel like we've all been left at the altar. Here is hoping that we get a Season 5 and that we can finally see Jim and Callie tie the knot!  


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I also think it is Ray's mom. I'm sure it's not hard to find out who just bought a property when the sign says "sold" and that Callie was so enamored with the place. When Jim was shot, he turned around after the first shot so he must have seen who did it. Will he leave a message in blood, so old school. I can't wait for the next season, I don't think they would leave it like this if it hadn't been renewed.

Sarah silva

I love this show and want another season!
I too thought Jeff would be kidnapped! I was not expecting at all for Jim to be shot and left for dead. If the show comes back we know he will live but he will not be a police officer for a long time.
I think it is Ray but the Wit Sec guy seems more likely as he always seemed fishy to me.


Glades is a good family and i enjoy it,but there really hasnt been a great show on A&E since Nero Wolfe in my opinon,and this sort of season ender is why.


I have been watching the show from the beginning and loved it but this finale is more than disappointing. I agree with the other comments. It is ridiculous to end the season with a cliffhanger that fans have to wait so long for the conclusion.


At first thought it was the guy for witness protection. But now I am leaning more towards the X-mother-in-law. I mean why would she tell Calli she wouldn't be at the wedding after Calli invited her more than once. But my biggest beef about all of this is: WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FROM SEPT TO MID-JUNE (OR)JULY FOR THIS GREAT SHOW TO RETURN????? My husband & I have watched this show since the first episode....we love when the season begins & hate when it ends. A&E & show producers: listen to your audience -- RENEW and make the season longer.


@Lindalou -- Ray's handler in this episode from Wit-Sec is "Tony" (not Ron). But I agree, he knew about the house when nobody else really did.


I don't think it's Ray, too easy to solve. However, RON, the possibly FAKE Witsec guy is the best choice since ONLY Jim knows he would take much longer to even start investigating him and he would be long gone. I think Ron, the guy who knows about the house, is Ray's partner.


If this show does not renew i am done as well everytime i get hooked on a show you all delete it after 3 or 4 seasons. I was so mad when you all cancelled some other shows i gave you another chance please renew


If you wanted to end the series, they could have gotten married and rode off into the sunset. Jim is sexiest man on TV. I would have rated the last show with 5 stars if he had not gotten shot. Please, please renew the show. This is awful with everyone else at the wedding waiting. It was so neat the way he fixed up the house.


I also think it was Ray's mom who shot him. Tony is a good possibility.

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The Glades Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Jim: You guys don't mess around.
Tony: My job is to keep people from becoming your job.

The hazard tells me that one thing for sure, whoever shot and killed our victim wasn't playing around.