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On The Glades this week, Jim was up to his ears in murder and culture as he had to investigate who killed a billionaire art collector in "Gallerinas." At the same time, he was attempting to determine what to do about Jeff possibly contacting Ray without Wit-Sec’s knowledge.

I have to give The Glades one thing this season: the show is taking full advantage of being set in Florida. Last week we got to learn about a 600-year old sport, this week the murder was set around Art Basel.

Jim Discusses Art

While I really want to point out that Art Basel is only in Miami and Jim’s not part of the Miami police department, but I will let it go. The conversation with Carlos, Daniel and Jim about Miami’s art scene did at least mention Miami directly, so I’m letting it go.

On the flip-side, I enjoyed seeing Josie Loren as Hanna; she did a wonderful job of portraying stressed out and over worked with just a hint going crazy. I was glad that she wasn't the murderer in the end; it would have been a bit cliche. 

I wish we had gotten more of Callie and Dr. Hardy. I kept expecting him to show up at her house or for another doctor to come looking for her based on Hardy’s recommendation. Sadly, it didn’t happen, and with her six-week program being over, I’m not sure how much we will see of the cranky yet hilarious Hardy, as exampled by:

Dr. Hardy: Darius Locke is an idiot. He was an idiot long before you gave him that shot, there's no shot for stupid, so stop beating yourself up.

Of course, we could have also used some resolution to the issue with Jeff contacting Ray without Wit-Sec’s knowing about it. This just has all kinds of bad written all over it. 

At a minimum we could end up learning that Ray was killed because he was making phone calls to Jeff.  It only gets worse from there, all the way to Callie and Jeff getting hurt as well.

With only three more episodes this season, I’m really curious where they are going to go with that story in such a short amount of time. 

Did anyone else notice there was no mention of wedding, wedding planning or marriage (other than Colleen’s comment about Jim and Jeff’s relationship)? Aren't these two supposed to be getting married really soon?  I would expect it to be in nearly every conversation. 

Overall, it was a decent episode and I’m giving it 4 bat-shit crazy eyes in honor of Sasha, who decided to avenge her father by driving a steel chisel through the chest of the man who destroyed him. Who says art lovers are all passive and frail?


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Wow, it's not looking good for The Glades, sadly I agree. In the beginning it was interesting and I looked forward to watching it. Plus where I live it was on Sunday's, a usually empty wasteland for anything interesting. Then they moved it WHY? Well anyway, I sort of started getting ready to jump ship during the BBQ episode where Jim kept chewing with his mouth open and eating everything in sight. I think that the premise was to make him this crass detective from Chicago and work with that, however it seems that he has just become obnoxious and it's not interesting or edgy, just obnoxious. I don't know if this makes a difference to the producers of this program but because they moved it from one night to another, now I just watch it on another day when there's nothing else. I think Jim better suit up because they're going away (soon) if this keeps up.


What does it mean when they hold your comment for moderation?


I agree with all the above, Jim behavior is childish and unrealistic. This series is becoming unwatchable.


While Jim's penchant for interrupting important events like weddings and funerals to arrest a suspect can be entertaining (at least for him), that same action by a real detective would get the department sued, especially when it turns out the arrestee wasn't the murderer. One lawsuit like that would be one too many, and Jim would be looking for yet another department. The thing that bugs me the most about the Jeff/Ray storyline is that this is something Jim should be discussing with Callie, not dealing with this on his own. And yes, I'd like to see more Dr. Hardy, too, or more work for Callie.

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode.
I am really curious has to how the Jeff and Ray storyline will play out.
I can understand Jim wanting to talk to Ray and tell him that Jeff needs to stay with his mom and that if Ray loves Jeff he has to let him go. However by not telling Callie I am not sure if she will forgive him. I want them to be together and not break up so lets hope it all works out.


It is annoying the way he confronts suspects. the first one he confronts usually the wrong one and spoils the event they are at example wedding or funeral. It was good that he got the heads up about ray and jeff, but i kept waiting for him to take it to callie. That will bite him in the butt in the end I could be the reason not to get married.


Jim did not dial Ray's number. Ray called the phone and Jim accepted the call.


I am wondering if Jim really should have dialed Ray's number. What's going to happen? Is Jeff going to be mad at him? Will Ray break up the wedding plans? I can't wait for the next episode.


I've grown to dislike this show. I only continue to watch for the storylines that include Caleigh and Jeff and to see the wedding. The Jim character is annoying. I watch enough crime dramas to not expect law enforcement characters to be nice, but Jim's way of confronting potential suspects makes me want to slap him. I care nothing about the weekly cases. I actually fast forwarded through most of this episode.

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The Glades Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Jim: Wrist and ankles were restrained.
Carlos: Yeah, some kind of steel wire.
Jim: So someone restrained this guy killed, wrapped him in plastic and was about to ship him overseas. Turns out he was dying to travel.
Carlos: [rolls his eyes]
Jim: Oh come on, that was a good one.

Carlos: Miami in the 90's. Now that was a scene. South beach went from coked out hookers and heroin junkies to Madonna and Versace.
Jim: I'm sorry, did you say "went from"?