The Mentalist Season Premiere Pics, Poll: Who is Red John?

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The final chapter will soon begin on The Mentalist.

With the Season 6 premiere on September 29, Jane will begin to narrow his list of Red John suspects down to one, with the killer's identity set to finally be revealed prior to 2014.

How will it all kick off? With an opener titled "The Desert Rose" that finds Jane and Lisbon on the case of a murder victim who had been missing for two years prior to his death. Scroll through photos from the premiere now and then respond to our poll...

Call for Jane
Jane, Lisbon and Partridge
Mentalist Season Premiere Scene
Wait for Jane!
Jane in the Desert


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Red John it is Sheriff Thomas McCallister it's very right !!!


I believe it is Gale Bertram, as we heard him quote William Blake in one of the first seasons - totally out of the blue, but after the 'Tyger, Tyger' incident, it makes sense


Red John is Patrick Jane


@Feint.I'm inclined to agree with you, but it is so obvious. Maybe Heller will make Patrick's backstory so exciting that we can accept the obvious. For me, the one hundred per cent Red John was Timothy C. He was played so damned well by Bradley W.
I had just finished watching Westwing in its entirety and was hungry for more Bradley W. Anyway he will always be RJ for me,
I have watched that episode a couple of dozen times times. If it is shown that Red John is actually a group, then I am sure he was one of the group. He had to be connected to something big because how else could he know what his victims smelled like?
If RJ is a group, how in heck are Patrick and Lisbon going to bring them to justice. Patrick can't kill everybody. And...who will be left in CBI that is NOT somehow connected to RJ.I read that there really was a CBI but that is was disbanded. History repeats?


I think I'm slowly figuring out how it's gonna go! First off, Partridge may or may not be connected to Red John, but he's the first one to die in his hands. Afterwards, Jane investigates the group of four; Bertram, Smith, McAllister and Haffner. All or at least three of them are connected to Red John, but are merely leaking information or helping him hide his prints. The main focus will be, as obvious as it is, Kirkland and Stiles. There may be a third wheel, either Bertram or Haffner, but Stiles is Red John. He may have murdered Jane's family via Kirkland, though, as he is his right hand man. Stiles is the mastermind, Kirkland is the spy doing all the dirty work.


The word red john is in reference to a young male that dresses as a female. Brett Partridge seems the most likely suspect. Age, voice, and looks. Because he gives no input at the scene of the Red John Killings would be because he committed the crimes.


Red John is Bob Kirkland.....just look at how he has been interested in the search..If I'm wrong, then he is an accomplice and Bret Stiles is red john. Most red john acomplices seem to have realized a higher path of life, and it is exactly what Stiles offers in Visualize....


i can rule out Gale Bertram from this list,coz if u watch 3rd season final episode,we can rule him out(not that he told jane that he is not red jhon,but diff room numbers


I believe it is Brett partridge. However, i have always wanted the storyline of RedJohn to go differently. Now I there are flaws to my idea, but I think it would so interesting to write it this way. Not a lot of people agree with me. I always thought if they would make Patrick Jane, Red John. He would be suffering from dissociative identity disorder and not realize that he was actually Red John. I know, Iknow, flaws in this storyline, but I still thought it would be great way to write the story. Patrick actually tracking Red John.


The sound of voice of Red John is the same voice than
Brett Partridge, so it have to be Brett Partridge.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm trying to work here and you're staring at me like I have two heads.


Jane: It's a trick.
Lisbon: A trick how?
Jane: I don't know.