The Mentalist Season Premiere Pics, Poll: Who is Red John?

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The final chapter will soon begin on The Mentalist.

With the Season 6 premiere on September 29, Jane will begin to narrow his list of Red John suspects down to one, with the killer's identity set to finally be revealed prior to 2014.

How will it all kick off? With an opener titled "The Desert Rose" that finds Jane and Lisbon on the case of a murder victim who had been missing for two years prior to his death. Scroll through photos from the premiere now and then respond to our poll...

Call for Jane
Jane, Lisbon and Partridge
Mentalist Season Premiere Scene
Wait for Jane!
Jane in the Desert


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The sound of voice of Red John is the same voice than
Brett Partridge, so I say that it must be him.


I am starting to think that Red John i Patrick Jane


That is something Bruno Heller has always acknowledged @JQ. Personally, I've never been in it for the Red John reveal although I do enjoy the slow burn of that particular arc. The characters, their relationships, superb acting (from the main and supporting cast) and writing are what keep me coming back week in and week out. Still love this show and look forward to season 6!


Stopped watching after Season Two.
The Red John storyline has been stretched for far too long, with too many red herrings (pardon the pun). He has been built up as a super-duper villain so much that the final reveal, whoever he/she is, will inevitably disappoint.


On anagrams......I got Bitter Red Trap with "G" left over....out of Brett Partridge.

North coast

I want it to be Bertram, simply because he's pompous and arrogant and I don't like him, but I read a very persuasive argument on one of these boards for Haffner, so I'm going with him for now.

Aja bird

These are great theories! I like the anagram idea.
That would be very clever of the writers.


I don't get your Smith = John Smith ... but if it really had to be one of the people from the list I would also go for Reede Smith -> Anagram: the red is me


I'd say it's Reede Smith - Reede = Red, Shmith = JOHN Smith
Hence = RED JOHN :)


Red John is Kristina Frye.

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm trying to work here and you're staring at me like I have two heads.


Jane: It's a trick.
Lisbon: A trick how?
Jane: I don't know.