The Mentalist Stunner: Who's Leaving?

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It looks like NCIS isn't the only CBS hit that will be losing a major player this fall.

CBS sources have confirmed to TV Line that Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman will be exiting The Mentalist toward the end of Season 6.

Will the departures of Van Pelt and Rigsby be connected to the reveal of Red John, which has been promised to take place before 2013 concludes?

Creator Bruno Heller simply says his drama is heading into “most dramatic and game changing season and anything can happen.”.

Mentalist Stars

In possibly related news, The Mentalist - which returns with new episodes on September 29 - will be introducing a new female series regular in 2014.

Sound off on all these shakeups now!

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This is interesting. They are really changing things up. I kind of hope one is working for Red John, killed or something other then them hooking up and going off into the sunset, so to speak. The only "couple" on the show for me is Jane/Lisbon. I never cared for Van Pelt and could take or leave Rigsby, although he did bring some humor into the show and I liked his and Cho's friendship. It does make me interested on where this show will be going. It could refresh the series, or end it. Not because these two are leaving, but because the series will be too "changed". However, so far I am looking forward to the change and seeing what happens next.


I hope Red John get to killed them and I hope its true that Lisbon is red John helper


I'm shocked that they are leaving. They are an important part of the show. Do they want to leave or are they fired? I hope they have an happy ending, they deserve it. I want many more years of the Mentalist.

Sue ann

I will not miss Van Pelt in any way, shape, or form. Rigsby, yes. I kind of like him. But my favorite has always been Cho, and if he is staying, I will be happy. Grace has been portrayed as a moron too many times. She irritates me. She makes women look bad.


That beautiful redheaded sweetheart is leaving?. She will be missed.


who cares they aren't even remotely important characters I could do with less of both of them the only relationship worth investing in is Jane, Lisbon and RED JOHN the rest are auxiliary players made for info dumping so who cares


No disrespect, but "huge stars?"


Van Pelt is Red John???

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