True Blood Review: Go Into the Light

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Terry was laid to rest this week, as his friends and family took turns sharing how much the man meant to them. Elsewhere on "Life Matters," Eric and Bill each helped put an end to the vampire camp.

Terry's death was tragic, but his funeral was a testament to all the lives he touched. Through the series of flashbacks, we were reminded just how broken a man Terry was when he returned from the war. Bon Temps has seen more than its share of death in recent years, but tonight we witnessed how some bonds are able to survive even the most troubled of times. Just about every person who spoke on Terry's behalf has been through their own personal hell over the years.

As they spoke about their fallen friend, we saw just how strong they each have become through their perseverance.

Yay for Bill!

The one individual who has been through more than most, Sookie, proved just how much she has grown. She stepped to the podium and outed herself in front of her community, all in the hopes of giving her friend Arlene some peace, as she shared with her the story of the first time Terry his love. Sookie has embraced her gift and finally understands why it is not a curse. 

Big John has always been there in the background, yet tonight he took center stage, singing the song highlighted by the episode's title. Even in a place like Bon Temps, life still matters. As Big John sang, we saw Jason chase down Sarah and while he had every reason to kill her, he didn't. Like Terry and the catfish, Jason let her go. 

Lucky for fans, though, Eric and Bill didn't let their consciousness get in the way of taking their revenge on those responsible for the torture and murders at the vamp camp. Eric ripping out the doctor's manhood and leaving him to bleed out - only to have Bill finish the job - was one of the most intense death scenes to date. Bill then fulfilled his destiny and enabled Jessica and the others to meet the sun again and avoid the True Death. It was a tad anticlimactic, but the shot of him being fed on and then laying in Violet's arms like Jesus in Mary's after being taken down off the cross was well done. 

Eric also gave fans what they had been hoping for as he ripped through the guards on his way to freeing Pam and the others. While his freed friends danced in the glow of their fairy blood induced elation, he lagged behind, still unable to find any peace. The scene where he stood before the restraints and gurney where Nora was held and injected with the hep-v, showed just how much he was still hurting inside. So as much as it hurt Pam to see him fly away at the end, I think it was understood that Eric still has work to do. Not just to help save his kind, but to make his own peace with the losses he has endured. Killing Steve was just the beginning of his healing process.

Some of my favorite moments of the episode were:

  • Jason high on Eric's blood mocking the dead guards and pretending to high five them. 
  • Eric recognizing Ginger's scream. 
  • Lafayette's lashes at the funeral as well as getting to see him back in the day teaching Terry how to dip the fries. 

Things I could have done without:

  • Having to see Tara's whacked out mother again. 
  • Grandma Bellefleur uttering one too many a line as she didn't see the point of Big John's song. 
  • Arlene telling Big John his song was "the shit."

It was nice to see Alcide and Sookie side by side again and to also hear that Hoyt was doing well. I was also happy to see Arlene find some comfort in the whole military send off honoring Terry after not expecting to do so. For a short while, the town of Bon Temps was able to shut the rest of the world out and come together. Jason not being there, however, reminded us that while life seemed to stand still there for a few moments, the rest of the world is still at war - and there is still a long road of conflict ahead for humans and vampires to travel down. 

Warlow and Sookie still have unfinished business, Jason's new fan Violet still is thirsty for more and Eric's whereabouts are unknown. What are your hopes and expectations as we approach the end of True Blood Season 6


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I agree with those who said that taken separately , Terry's funeral and the vampires' camp stories were great. Now, I think putting them together was because of how short the season is. It totally sucked though. I was weird, because one minute I was feeling super emotional with all the stories on Terry, and the next I would be amused/shocked/disgusted by the events at the camp.
Also, Warlow's "love" for Sookie is weird, but I am still rooting for them. I really hope they don't kill him at the end of the season.
Also, at the end of the episode, the True Blood in Hawaii is infected. Does it mean that it will spread or what ?
Highlights of the episode : Flashbacks of Terry, Lafayette's speech and eyelashes, Grandma Bellefleur's comments and Big John's song and Arlene telling him that it was "the shit".
Jason should have killed that bitch.
Season finale on Sunday, yay !!!!


@rose the reason the season is only ten episodes has nothing to do with the writers, Anna Paquin had just had twins and was unable to be back at work in time for them to schedule in filming for 12 episodes, so they cut back to 10 to accommodate her. thought this episode was good, not the best but i felt the juxtaposition between the camp and funeral went wall, made the scenes more transcendent.


(contd.) of the series I've seen in a long time. I think they should have set up this episode differently instead of jumping back and forth between the two big events because any time I would get emotional at Terry's funeral it would jump to the comedy of the camp. But judging both parts of the episode separately this episode was great. Was kind of confused about why Alcide was at the funeral other than just another way for them to force him on us this season. I'm just waiting for Sookie to find out their is more to the Warlow situation than she knows because their is no way it is as simple as he has been in love with her forever and just wants to marry her and turn her.


I think even though Terry wasn't a main character his death did need to be a focus. I do agree that it shouldn't have been drawn out for as many episodes as it was but this last episode was necessary. With all the supernatural aspects of the show you tend to forget that the backdrop of this show was the humans and their small town and their connections to each other. Bringing so many of the characters together to say goodbye to one of their own was touching and one of my favorite parts of the


The funeral was moving and a soft moment for what turned out to be a quite violent and angry show, though it still had its comedic moments...though not enough for me. I miss the small town, "red-neck" endearing qualitites the show once had when it first began. Now it seems more like a Marvel Comic than anything else. Just not so sure anymore. Is it the absence of the show's creator, Alan Ball?


I don't know about anyone else but I feel completely jipped that I had to wait a whole year for the series return only to find out next week is the season finale... and it's only episode 10?? C'mon HBO, it's getting a bit ridiculous... get better writers if that is what is causing this lackluster storytelling.. I fear the show might not return or if it does next season will more than likely be the last. I can deal with that.. as long as they go out with a great ending.. this season started off really good and then dipped.. I wasn't so happy with it

Ronald simkins

@Juliette I agree with you. I also think Warlow and Jason would be great friends or in-laws or lovers.


Wow a very bi-polar episode. The scenes in the vampire concentration camp were finally fun, as we got to the pay-off of seeing the vamps get revenge on their captors. Would have been nice to see Pam ripping the psychiatrist apart but there was still a nice amount of gore in this episode. Unfortunately, then there was the funeral. Okay, why are we spending so much time on the funeral of someone who was essentially a background comic character? My assumption is that Terry will be back in one form or another (I vote as a zombie), otherwise this was just a waste of half an episode. This episode was still an improvement over the last three or six; that isn't to say it was good, just that it's getting better.


Loved the tribute to Terry. The rest...well...


I loved last night's Episode.
Thank you Brian Buckner.
Loved the flashbacks of how Terry got to work at Merlotte's.
They also showed us that Terry & Sam were more then just employee/employer.
They were best friends.
Loved it when Sookie told Arlene how Terry was "Smitten with you the minute
that you came into his life" Terry was checking her out from behind and
he loved what he saw ~"that gal makes me happy,I may just begin to write
music again" Terry really loved her.

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