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The True Blood season 6 finale is sure to incite some "Radioactive" responses!.

Whether you loved it, hated it or it left you saying WTF... there's definitely a lot to discuss from the concluding episode.

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As we finally wrapped things up with the Warlow storyline, the show advanced us six months into the future to a very different Bon Temps and a world filled with Hep V.

It's time to break down the final episode of the season and be forewarned, there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead....

For those of you who never bought into Warlow's soul mate act with Sookie, bravo: you were right. He was the scum we'd all heard about from various characters over the last season. While he was the catalyst that allowed Bill and Eric to save all those vampires from meeting the sun, he would've been the end of our main chick Sookie. Sure, I thought he'd be pissed when Sookie got cold feet, but I just did not see that backhand coming.

You really are a danger whore aren't you? You risk everything on that hope that you are special. | permalink

Well, you faery vampire psychopath, she's special enough to get rescued time and time again. And with that comes the end of the 5500-year terror known as Warlow! As far as Sookie, I think those words from Warlow stung anyway, because she ended up with a different kind of supe down the line. But we'll get to that in a moment.

With the destruction of Warlow by a simple but awesome dual effort between Jason and Grandpa Niall, all the magic fae blood that the vampires had ingested was suddenly gone with a poof. Billith had already lost his superpowers when he fed everyone and luckily most of the other vampires were indoors. But Eric, our gorgeous viking, was sunbathing nude on the top of a mountain in Sweden and went up in flames. This left us all with the huge True Blood season 6 cliffhanger question: Did they just kill Eric Northman?

My bets are that Pam will find him and swoop in at the last second. C'mon, is that really how they would send off one of the most beloved characters on the entire show? If it is, at least they gave the fans a full front shot of Alexander Skarsgard. Because let's not even lie, I'm surprised the Internet hasn't already crashed due to GIFs of that moment.

As for everything else, I love that Sam is now the mayor. I'm glad to see Arlene found a way to heal after burying Terry: by turning Merlottes in Bellefleur's. I'm happy to see Alcide ditched that hairpiece he was clearly wearing at the funeral and Sookie is finally with a guy who isn't a vampire. After a season as an addled up dickhead packmaster, the old Alcide is back. Jason has learned to be a, um, giver. Good stuff all around.

One thing I could've done without was the reunion of Lettie Mae and Tara. I will never trust that bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if she was infected with Hep V and got Tara to feed on her by pretending to be all apologetic. She is straight up crazy.

All in all, the question we will go into season 7 with is: Can Sam and Bill's idea help save the world from Hep V infected vampires? We finally got rid of the faery-vampire murderer and now we have a crew of zombie vampires on our hands. So what did you all think of the finale? Hit the comments and share your thoughts on all of True Blood season 6?


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Eric will be fine this isn't the first time he hit the sun. Why are all those Vamps still alive ? Next season is going to get started with a blood bath.


...but gradually declined.


I was so hoping for a Sookie & Bill reunion of some sort...maybe next season!


Oh man.. TB has become so pre pubescent. This show has turned into wish fulfillment for 12-year old girls in the same way Entourage was for 20-something men. The way they tie up all the loose ends so neatly makes me think of a show that found out they're being canceled, and they have a couple episodes left to try to wrap it up. Sam is now the mayor? Sookie and Alcide are a couple? And now all of a sudden the town decides to create this macabre quasi Big Brother/Big Sister Bon Tempe thing and pair up for feeding. And I must say I was more than a little uncomfortable with the weird female Oedipus thing between Tara and her mother. They played it off as a mother suckling her child, but when the vampire feeding has always been portrayed as a sexual thing, it's impossible to suspend that thought through the scene. And how the hell did their uncle pop out of the other dimension just in time?
Give me a break, and the viewers some credit. All in all, a show that started interesting in the first couple seasons, that slowly but surely declined.


I have always enjoyed "True Blood" but three words kept going through my head as I watched this episode. They were "jumped the shark"!


Do you remember when Eric gave Jason his blood? He said "When you dream of me, dream nice things" I think that was foreshadowing and that what we saw was a dream Jason was having. That is my theory because there is NO WAY they killed Eric Northman!


It was typical end of season true blood episode. The main story wrapped up then next season set up in the rest of the episode. It will be nice to see true blood going back to something a bit 'normal', rather than completely out there arcs. The episode itself I really enjoyed, if anything we should have more pam, infact more pam is never a bad thing. I do doubt eric is dead I'm fairly sure he will have survived somehow but I bet we wont find out for a while. I certainly don't trust Tara's mother, she is evil, evil, evil. That wont be a healthy relationship. Looking forward to next year.


I don't know what the fuck you are talking about .... Did they really kill Eric? Discuss!!! Frankly, unless they show The Other Side, I really don't think he escaped. If they did, it might genuinely be the end of my True Blood. He is the most fascinating character, and this would be a good way out of True Blood.


Steve, I just thought she was being jealous because he poured beer for another girl?


what was the deal with the look that Violet gave Jason at the end when he had the Beer and food ????

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