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I think this was the strangest episode of True Blood to date. The episode went back to its roots with the old save Sookie from a murderous vampire plot. The fast forward was I believe a stroke of genius. Somehow everything felt fresher, the characters we'd grown bored with (Sam/Alcide) became interesting and absorbing.

I have to admit when I saw the foreshadowing of an Alicde/Sookie paring I wanted to tear my hair out but the happiness and normalcy that I saw from their scenes was wonderful to watch. Obviously it wont last because Sookie is not going to end up with him, thats just a TV fact at this point.

The scene with Tara and her mother was rather grotesque to watch. Knowing their history and witnessing that reunion was both painful and obviously uncomfortable. We know that vampires can separate sex from blood in theory but its never really been put into practice, hence that initial incestuous feeling.

I will say that the one gripe I had was that they didn't make the most of the Willa storyline. Her initial capture in the bedroom with Eric was supremely amazing. It was a rather old school vampire scene (handsome vamp seduces pale sweet innocent girl). We never got to see him give her the ultimate first time experience and she died a Virgin which means she'll have the same issues Jessica experiences.

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