Twisted Review: Blurred Lines

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Only three episodes of Twisted remain this season and we're finally getting somewhere with the evidence. In the "The Truth Will Out," everyone worked to get Karen Desai to retract her very false confession about killing Regina.

So what, exactly, was the key to reasoning with Karen? It was Danny finally realizing how much his mother loved him and expressing how much he needed her.

Uncovering the Evidence

There were a lot of helpful flashbacks. First, we found out that Danny and Karen kind of had a strained relationship when he was younger and that she once blurted out how she wished she had a daughter. Then, we saw how Vikram and Karen had an agreement that she would lie whenever he was in Connecticut. This is after Karen said at the police station that Vikram never went to Connecticut. 

After what Kyle uncovered about Manor, the company that paid Regina, there was obviously something going on with Vikram in Connecticut. That symbol of the company was that damn necklace! Karen may not have killed Regina but she knows a lot more than she's telling. What's your theory on Karen?

All of the relationships were blurred. Danny didn't realize how much Karen loved him. Danny and Kyle found out about Karen's affair with the principal. Jo walked in on Lacey's dad making out with another man. Danny and Kyle decided to team up. Jo and Lacey decided to stay friends even if Danny leaves. 

The thought of not living here is unbearable sir, and it’s because of your daughter and Lacey. | permalink

I was glad to see Kyle give Danny a break this week, let him stay at his house, then eventually even work with him. This story goes so much deeper than just "who killed Regina?" Everyone honestly needs to start being more honest with each other or we will never have a clue. The honesty between Danny, Lacey, Jo and Kyle about the cash and letter is what helped Kyle get further on this case than ever before.

I can't believe there are only three episodes left on Twisted Season 1. I have a feeling things are going to get more intense as we near the finale. What do you think Karen knows? Will the girls forgive Danny for not telling them about the necklace? What's so special about Connecticut?


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I find that Jo fans try to create reasons to make her more desirable as a romantic option. Why? What is the specific reason? "She has been there for him." It is my opinion that she has been selfish. Her behavior with Tyler proves this. Danny tells Jo what she wants to hear and takes on a protector role. On the other hand, he knows that he has to prove himself to Lacey. He was willing to have her hurt him in front of everyone to make her happy and regain her status. Lacey responded by exposing the truth about the poisoning.
The Jo first reasoning does not work because it has been established that Danny has always respected Lacey's request for privacy regarding their relationship, thus making himself worthy of her.


am i the only one or any 1 else feel the same.
during a conversaton danny said to Cheif masterson "The thought of not living here is unbearable sir, and it’s because of your daughter and Lacey." danny emphasize more on jo and pause then said lacey too. what he was trying to say. as according to the show he is rooting for lacey.


It was absolutely not Jo's place to blurt out Lacey's father's secret in that manner. You just do not out a grown gay man like that especially after he has begged you not to and you have agreed you won't - she completely wen back on her word. She didn't even give him a chance to come clean on his own or allow lacey some semblance of happiness during her sister's birthday party. Extremely inappropriate -- ask anyone in the gay community.

Strawberry fields

They have this cosmic thing going on. The show is trying to make it as obvious as possible that they care about each other more than anyone else, Lacey included. They are practically hammering us with all "The most important person in the world to me" speeches. All the little things make my heart go warm. Like how Danny looks at Jo first, it's always "Jo and Lacey", never "Lacey and Jo". When Lacey walked away he didn't even try to stop her all that hard, but when Jo walked away I could feel a bit of panic in him. Plus, with all those not-so-subtle hints about Danny protecting her, I would not be surprised if Tara's death was somehow about Jo. I don't know if it's done intentionally, but I feel like Danny would rather lose Lacey than lose Jo, even if he's not romantically interested in her. And Jo? Well, that girl would drop everything and everyone for Danny. No matter who’s put next to him, she will always choose Danny. That’s why she's my kind of girl.

Strawberry fields

I guess I've just discovered Avan Jogia. Sweet baby Jesus, where did they find this guy? Calling him "hot" or "talented" is like saying the Earth is round. I look at Danny Desai and I'm thinking: that's what happens when danger, charm and charisma get together for a threesome. Do we really need a love triangle in EVERY guilty pleasure teen drama ever made? I'm not a fan of Danny and Lacey together. There was no build-up, no nothing. I honestly don't see any connection between them (other than a physical one, which is easy to do when the guy is THAT gorgeous). Literally EVERY other relationship is more interesting to me. Jo and Lacey, Danny and Karen, Karen and Tess, Danny and Rico, Jo and Kyle... Even Jo and Rico, the mother of all cliché's, is awesome. Danny and Lacey? Not on board. The most interesting dynamic? Danny and Jo, no contest. As long as they remain in the soulmate territory, romantic or not, I'm good.

Sarah silva

This show is so good!
So Karen was lying, she knew about Vikram and Connecticut, however I am not sure she knew the whole story but she did cover for him, telling people he was in Manhattan when he was taking trips to Connecticut! I am interested in finding out more about that.
I am a little surprised that Jo walked away from Danny and went with Lacey at the end. That is interesting.
I am looking forward to next week.
There are actually 2 new episodes left before the break. 3 weeks from now is a recap episode.


I disagree. Jo was in a no win situation and in those the truth is the best bet. Plus she knew her friend well enough to know she would want to know. If the father wanted it a secret then he shouldn't be making out with men during parties in the pantry.


I'm sorry but I was appalled when Jo told Lacey about her father. This is not some silly teen lie....this was his life. It may have been wrong for him to keep this secret from his daughter but Jo had NO RIGHT to tell her that. That was so incredibly selfish!!! I wanted to jump through the screen and smack her!!

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