Under the Dome Review: Death Toll Rises

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The death toll Under the Dome continues to increase.

Each day (episode) since the Dome formed over Chester's Mill,, the town has lost one resident. The killing was either by the Dome itself, another resident or someone who used the Dome as a murder weapon.

In "Imperfect Circles," that pattern changed with four presumed deaths (Could Norrie's plea to save Alice be answered?): the Dundee brothers, Boomer and Alice. Also, a baby was born. 

A Baby Is Born

I'm not sure if these deaths are supposed to mean something in the bigger picture of the Dome, but it seems likely. Why else would the first six episodes have included exactly one death? It has to mean something, right? If not, that would be just another letdown regarding the show. Starting with last Monday's episode, the series has finally become what I was expecting from the get-go.

The mystery of the Dome is finally being revealed. Initially, I expected Barbie and Julia to be the ones to uncover the its secrets, but I'm loving the dynamic between Joe and Norrie. Their connection to the Dome has been one of the only well developed storylines of the show. I watch each week to see what they will find out, while also witnessing them become closer and closer.

Joe and Norrie's fearlessness is admirable. They don't hesitate to touch the Dome even though others have died. It's a good thing that Joe paid attention in school, otherwise they wouldn't have had any hope of finding the center. I'm not sure what I expected them to find, but I know it wasn't another mini-Dome with an egg inside of it. Wow! What is it? And why is it there?

At this point, my best guess is that it's alien in nature and that both Dome's were created to protect the egg just like a Hen sits on her eggs. Which would mean that the Dome could be an alien life form itself or controlled an monitored by an alien. It definitely has the ability to sense people and probably read people's minds in some manner. The visions of Harriett's husband, Greg, and Alice in the forest would support that theory.

Besides the mystery of the Dome, quite a bit else happened with the main characters. Julia and Barbie hooked up and are an item now. However, she wanted Barbie to stay while he was ready to run out. That was short-lived as they ended up back together fairly quickly. I like this pairing, but the truth has to come out sometime, right? And then what....

Big Jim and Junior were on a killing rampage. The father and son really aren't that much different. They both have unhealthy ways of looking at situations and then act on them. While Jim is definitely smarter than his son, he still acts rashly. Jim solves his problems through killing and now so does his son.

By the end of the season, I wouldn't be surprised if Junior redeems himself, while his father ends up being a disgraced former leader. Though, given the lengths Big Jim has gone to protect his leadership role and power, he could kill his own son if necessary. Boomer's death was brutal. Big Jim not only took him out, but did it in a scary and threatening manner. He'll certainly get his propane back now.

In contrast, Alice's death was peaceful and full of love. Both Caroline and Norrie were able to say their goodbye. And Harriett named her newborn daughter, Alice. That moment was bittersweet. If the Dome doesn't end up saving Norrie's mother at least a part of her will live on in the first baby born under the dome.


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your write very good!


ISORON - are you ESL? your message to me is a little scrambled, but, whatever, I'm sure I am older than you. I don't get the Albanian reference, but I am a volunteer with Phoenix GLAAD (look it up) and have been for 20 years. And that has nothing to do with the horrible acting and worse dialog of UTD - the writers should be ashamed. This show might have had a chance as a one-and-done summer series, but with a second season renewal, it is doomed to barely mediocre.


I think the little dome has an egg waiting to hatch and all in dome are the as food.


I love the show but I love most of these types of shows in the beginning but they usually don't hold my interest after the first season. The two mothers story is so boring and over the top that I just fast forward...thank goodness one of them died so we don't have to hear and see the gushing....I think the show would be better off keeping the sex on the down low for both the women and the women and the men....to intimate these pairings is ok but to show it....not so much.


It took 6 episodes to figure out what I figured out in episode 1. Look at the center of the dome for the power source dummies! One more insult to our intelligence. But that's logical and this is a Character Based Show about Ordinary Real People in a small town faced with the Unknown and how they will relate to each other. And that means they act like moronic dimwits from a bad soap opera, screaming, and crying melodramatically, instead of pooling their efforts and intelligently organizing to survive. This show is an insult to the millions of ordinary small town people who waited for 8 hours to vote in the last election, helping each other to stay in line. Obviously the writers are Republicans.


It's still mildly bareable but last night was so bland for me. The whole baby being born outside of the hospital thing has been done way too many times. Why are only 2 kids worrying about the dome!?? All the adults are getting it on & killing each other rather than trying everything in their power to get rid of the main problem at hand. Ridiculous

Ronald simkins

Wow PHXcowbot I thought you advertising for DISH. I like the show love the kids plus who is not to like the lesbians? Oh you probably thought they were Albanians. And I you understand that reference you are much older than I.


This show continues to hold my interest though last night's episode was depressing and even more far-out than previous shows. I watch mainly because I am curious how the whole thing will turn out and because I love the Julia character - she is great looking with a great voice. It would be great if we at least had some hint of where the story is headed. We'll see how it goes from here but hopefully we will soon see some light at the end of the tunnel.


I watched the first ten minutes of the show, just enough to see Rachelle - she is just so damn cute, and I love all that ginger hair. then i went back to watching the DVD of the excellent BBC series HUSTLE. I'm hoping the dome starts getting smaller and smaller like the garbage compacter in STAR WARS - and smashes all those bad actors into blobs of gel which they might convincingly play; 'cause they ain't playing real people.


I am LOVING this show! My kids and I settle in each Monday night to watch. Of course, my teenage daughter is all about Joe and Norrie, but I like the dynamic between Julia and Barbie. He started out being a bad guy, but is now the hero! Junior is just creepy, but I was glad to see Angie and her brother Joe reunited last night!

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