Under the Dome Review: Beautiful Pink Stars Appear

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It's been nine days under the dome and the Chester Mill's residents are so bored they are lured into a fight club. Seriously?

"Let the Games Begin" had more going for it than not, but Maxine and her antics were a disappointing turn for the series. The townspeople should have bigger concerns with the dome overhead than gambling with the precious resources they have left. Two days ago they were rioting for food and goods. 

Chester Mills Dark Side

The fight club at the cement factory was too reminiscent of the walker fights that the Governor hosted in Woodbury on The Walking Dead. In that case, the town had been locked up for months with adequate supplies and not days. Besides, how was Maxine able to get that set up so quickly? I was excited to find out that Natalie Zea was joining the cast since she's played such intriguing characters on both Justified and The Following, but here her character's been a letdown ... so far.

Now that her hold over Barbie is gone and Jim has probably killed her mother, it's an entirely different situation. The arrogant and power-driven Maxine will be at risk of overplaying her hand. If she's forced into a prey instead of predator situation, that could be enjoyable to watch. Though, Jim has concerns of his own to contend with now that Linda know the truth about him.

"Let the Games Begin" didn't just refer to Maxine's games, but the set-up of the mind games, manipulations and dome happenings  that will start now that secrets are out. Even though Barbie's in the clear with Julia regarding Peter's death, Jim is a wild card. What will he do with this knowledge? Jim's got his own troubles with the law to worry about, so could he use it as a bargaining chip with Linda?

It's more likely that Linda would believe in Barbie's innocence just like Julia. Though, Jim's value to the town with the dome overhead can't be understated. A scandal like his would likely be disregarded by the townspeople if they believe he was protecting the town and would continue to do so given their current predicament. 

The other possibility is that Jim would use his day to gain leverage in the situation. He's shown he will kill to protect his power position on many occasions. Linda could end up his next victim. Only he doesn't realize that Julia knows the truth as well. If Jim continues to kill those who threaten him, there won't be anyone left in Chester's Mill.

While Jim was out across the water, his son was finding out the truth that has haunted him for years. I'm not sure what the point of Junior kidnapping Angie was in the larger scheme of the story, but I hope we find out there was a point to it all. Since Angie and Junior were both needed to open up the communication of the dome through the mini-dome, that event didn't really make sense.

The foursome was completed with Angie, Junior, Joe, and Norrie. When they touched the mini-dome the pink stars appears around them and formed constellations. The dome was somehow communicating through the seizures, but the overall purpose of the mini-dome, the pink stars, and their connection to it remains a mystery. One thing is clear is that the dome didn't just appear one day. It's had a presence and influence over people for years.

With only three episodes left, I hope that the show will at least reveal the origin of the dome and/or its purpose for appearing over Chester's Mill. Under the Dome has been renewed for a second season, but it was promoted as a limited series and viewers should be given closure this summer.

What do you think the pink stars represent? Will Barbie be in the clear? How about Jim? Are you enjoying the addition of Maxine to the story? Will Maxine become an even bigger threat given what Jim did to her mother? Or will she be powerless now that her blackmail is no longer valid? 


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My husband and I really liked this series. Although we aren't readers, I am sure the novels are a lot better, especially since it was mentioned that the movie doesnt even come close to the book! We enjoy all Stephen Kings movies, and I am sure we will continue watching as long as they keep producing. We were really disappointed in the ending, because we thought this was it. Now we hear they are having a second season! We are happy bought that!


"Under the Dome" is just a "Tempest in a Teapot"!


Mid-way through the book I thought "What a great movie this will make! Up there with THE STAND and MISERY and THE SHINING ect." I was so excited and anxious for the series. After the first episode I was disappointed, mostly because they changed the story and the characters. I kept hoping for the best, but it never came back to the original Stephen King version. How could he let it happen!? Now I am just sick about it. The series is horrible. It is plastic, predictable, Maxine is especially silly and unbelievable, and the characters and story get more stupid and boring with every new episode. Somebody PLEASE REMAKE THIS BOOK THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN. I would be willing to invest money on the proper production of this phenomenal book. Stephen King wrote another classic but the TV series fucked it up badly! I was angry every time I watched it, so I stopped last week. Too bad - so sad. It is as if they stole the title and wrote their own tripe. Mr. King, you deserve better, because after all, YOU ARE THE BEST.


I completely agree about the Maxine storyline - it is a silly misfire and totally unrealistic. She just pops up after eight days and suddenly wields all this power over everyone? Really? Would the people of the town really feel the need for an underground bar and fight club after only a week in captivity? This whole arc has damaged the show's credibility. Like others have said, there needs to be some closure in these next three episodes or a lot of viewers will not bother with the second season. They could easily wrap up the dome story and then go in a whole new direction based on what happens to these people after the dome is gone. Anyway, I will stick with the show through the end of the season since I have come this far but what I do after that depends on these next three episodes.


Yawn....This show is terrible. Every single week I say it can't get worse and then AH HA it does. And yet just like Revolution, I watch it waiting for the trainwreck. I didn't know it had been renewed. Sure wish I had the money they are wasting on this dreck.


Show is lame. She setups up a fight club betting ring, and proclaims "the house always wins", but yet says she BET against him and he helped her WIN, yet how can she bet and get a payout when she runs the gambling? And why would she cause the house always wins anyway.


Totally agree with Nanner. If the story is not revealed I don't think I can bear to watch for another season. The acting is wooden, the writing too trite to even be mentioned. Just finish it up and write it off to experience and a long summer! Thank you for reviewing.


I can't believe it's been renewed for a second season!! The only reason I keep watching it is because I knew everything would have to be revealed within this season!!! That is not fair.
And I totally agree with you, the Maxine storyline is silly and annoying. It's like they're trying to make her some scary boss type person, but without really saying where she got her power so I don't buy it. All we know is she sells drugs and starts fight clubs. Big Jim should just kill her.

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