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It took a very long time for the hour to get to the meaning of "The Fourth Hand."

But it finally came just after Joe, Norrie and Angie decided that they shouldn't tell the only other person who has seen the mini dome they had found it and transferred it to another location. Color me confused.

The biggest story of the night was definitely in looking for this item. It had gone missing. That Joe is one hell of an artful digger, because the way the dirt was contained in the barn when it was discovered was magnificently preserved. In his trance like state, he must have had help.

A Mysterious New Woman

Last week it seemed like Big Jim and Barbie were heading toward a showdown of sorts. Instead, lady Max unearthed herself after being in hiding for eight days since the dome overtook Chester's Mill and it turns out she has some sort of business deals going on with both men, as well as intel on the secrets they want kept the most. All of a sudden we have a new and very powerful person at play.

It was Max's idea for Big Jim to un-arm the town and I was amazed at how quickly everyone agreed to do it. I hope that's not meant to be some political statement on the expectations of our own citizens outside the dome, because much like Big Jim, I imagine whoever collects the guns and ammo will have a purpose for them set aside that isn't exactly in the best interests of the community at large.

Junior was interesting tonight, keeping back from Angie and yet after her seizure and babbling about pink stars, could you blame him for taking her to his mother's studio? His mom may not have been psychic - because it was Junior's dream she was painting - but he was right to show Angie for how long the idea had been in the minds of people of Chester's Mill; at least nine years before the dome came over them and he was dreaming of pink stars. His mom? Didn't produce the best art I've ever seen. Just sayin'.

Norrie, Joe and Julia all saw Angie's butterfly tattoo but ruled her out as the monarch to be crowned as her ink was of a different species. That still doesn't address the fourth hand and why the three kids didn't jump onto their feet to get Julia to see if she was it. Why are they so certain it isn't her? She saw it, right? She saw Joe talking through it. She's a part of the mini dome, and yet they seem to want to search for a fourth person to unlock whatever is inside it.

Might it be Junior since he dreamed about pink stars as a kid? And will his treatment of Angie keep her from asking him to join them, therefore leaving the mystery unanswered unnecessarily for too long? Please tell me no.

Sheriff Linda found out that Duke knew about the big run on gas storage and never told her, but that story went nowhere. Where does that plot thread lead? To Max and Big Jim now that Duke is gone? I wish Max was a more interesting addition to the town, but I've never been fond of Natalie Zea and Chester's Mill didn't need another thug. What is with this town and the oddly disproportionate number of thugs per capita? I would say all the good guys must have been outside the dome when it came down, but these people run the joint. 

That's my biggest problem with the show. There are so few characters to identify with. It's been a week give or take since this major disaster has hit, and really the only person who reacted normally - by going insane - was Junior. People who lost their husbands just found new lovers. Kids without parents just grew up in a week. If your mom dies, you just hang with the other parentless kids and mourning is done in about two hours. Thugs? They are planning a hay day.

I can only hope that little egg has plans for the good guys - but I'm not 100% certain who they are.


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To me Max is the villan, if I were watching It, she would be the evil clown. I bet we will find her body dead somewhere revealing that she was probably killed shortly after the dome appeared. I also think Jim's sheriff was talking to a supernatural apparition when she was told about the deals pre-made with the propane which caused her to look at the video tape. That lady who told her probaly doesn't recall telling her anything just Joe doesn't remember moving the dome.
I'm betting the next episode will reveal something like that if we know anything about the nature and climate of Stephen King's brand of a nice slow tale to sink into if you don't mind mysterious hands freaking you out along the way with the mystery alone.


If you sound so much like you dislike the show and where its going, you really need to stop rating it above average. That makes about as much sense as the show does. I really wanted to post a slew of things about the show, this particular episode, but it went way over the alloted character limit: That says a lot. The one thing I will say of it, maybe the most important thing, is that Max is the epidemy of everything thats wrong with this show: She shows up claiming she's been laying low after 8 days of hiding and she's got the 2 most capable people in town by the balls, so basically the WHOLE town by the balls, but for some unknown reason they can't possibly kill her and be done with her completely while being completely alone with her. 1) Flimsy crap that allows new, yet stupidly important characters into the show
2) Her influence is stupidly big, in spite of being closed off with them, from the world, even though her influence should have ended when the dome came down (Read: Before she ever showed face)
3) They can't possibly kill her why? They had enough problems before her, the plot really doesn't need her making a bigger mess out of a huge mess.
4) Through her, because of Jim, the town is sort of a mess, or will be.. Again for no real good reason other then to inject a "real" villain into the show, when we were just fine with the morally gray/corrupt ones we had. Tell Clair to go back to The Following... It a much better show for her any way. (I did kind of just hate her in this episode, the character and.. sadly.. her, for being there) As for the Key stuff, its obvious the egg doesn't want Julia/adults near it. No adults who have touch the dome have had seizers. The thing only wants kids, probably because all the adults are a-holes.

Ronald simkins

I must be dumb - I like the show. I love the "key" subplot and I the Junior will have a major part to play. My only complaint is not enough hot male shirtless scenes.


...Her mother is still doing that and what good has it done to anybody, least of all her daughter? Instead she's the one chasing chickens with Joe, who really isn't anymore qualified.


I think Junior is the fourth hand because of the dream/painting. Or it Joe's friend who we haven't seen since the last episode when he refused to back down from Junior in the restaurant. I think it's pretty obvious that if Joe moved the mini-dome right after he showed it to Julia, then it means she wasn't meant to see it and the dome doesn't think she is worthy (or TRUSTWORTHY since she was about to show it to Barbie). I think Max might be the one thing that would make Jim and Barbie unite forces. Did you notice Jim's face when Max said he had hands in a few pies too? He looked kind of embarassed and sheepish. Speaking of Big Jim, why the HELL would he stockpile weapons in the shelter his psycho son used to lock up his girlfriend? I mean, that shelter is like "The Evil Lair of Junior Rennie". As for the grieving, you have to remember that times are a bit desperate. Things need to get done for survival that won't wait for Norrie to cry. Her mother is still doing that and what good has it done to anybody, least of all her daughter?


This show is plain dumb. Max wants to drag everyone down by getting them into drugs, fights, etc. I strongly suspect she didn' have the chops to put the dome there, so this makes even less sense than anything else. And considering how happy Big Jim is to kill people, what is holding him back where Max is concerned? CBS initially advertised it as having 40 million viewers. I wonder how many it has now.


Why would Julia ever believe a stranger telling her that Barbie murdered her husband? These 'thugs' are pretty quick to lay down to her threats. I know that you have to suspend reality to enjoy this type of show, but you can't let go of common sense. If it doesn't begin to develop better characters and plotlines, we won't have to worry about another season.


Just as big a snooze as Revolution. The characters are one dimensional, the writing and plot are ho hum and the only thing that would make it exciting is for the dome to collapse and kill everyone. Please. The writer of the article left out that after only 8 days they are already fighting over water rights and food. Seriously?


When you consider that pretty much everything you're seeing is being cobbled out of a book that was left behind in the first episode, you'll see that it's another case of producers who think they can make something better than the material that they thought was so compelling in the first place.Once they get what they think is a cool idea they can't stop themselves. Let's blow something up over here and have a new character that does this and this character isn't like that any more, he's a (fill in the blank) and what if this thing does THIS and this thing is like THAT and boy don't we have a REALLY good story now, instead of that dreck we paid millions of dollars for so we could call it "Under the Dome" and have a giant dome over a town and we make up everything that happens ourselves, who needs that other idea? Don't be confused, Carissa - they're making it up as they go along, and they don't know why Joe, Norrie and Angie didn't want to tell Julia. They'll think about that tomorrow. I'm still somewhat enjoying the show as it is, having given up actually seeing the story from the book, but my trouble is that like you, it's getting mired in stuff that doesn't make sense on its own terms. That's not unusual for TV but it's getting pretty thick now.

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