Army Wives Canceled, Series Retrospective Announced for 2014

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Lifetime has closed down its longest-running base.

The network announced today that it has pulled the plug on Army Wives, following a seventh season that featured many new cast members.

A two-hour retrospective will air some time in early 2014.

Army Wives Stars

Said Lifetime Executive Vice President and General Manager Rob Sharenow in a statement:

“There is no denying how special Army Wives has been to both Lifetime and the television landscape. By taking on a very relevant and timely issue, it has brilliantly captured the challenges our military families endure and the bravery they and their loved ones display while serving our country…. We also want to thank Army Wives’ passionate legion of fans and everyone involved with the series: ABC Studios, Mark Gordon and Jeff Melvoin, Tanya Biank, every single cast member, as well as the crew and community of Charleston, South Carolina.”

Throughout its run, Army Wives received numerous accolades: two Gracie Awards from the Alliance for Women in Media; a Sentinel for Health Award from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s Norman Lear Center; an NAACP Image Award; and a NAMIC Award.

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Well, since you have cancelled the best show you had own. You can cancel Fat Ass Diva.


I have watched Army Wives since it started. You are canceling one of the best show you have aired in a long time. This is a shame. That the public doesn't matter. A lot of the reality shows are trash!!! We want Army Wives to continue!!!!!

@ Lisa Belcher

Reality shows are taking over the tv.... Army wives give ps us something pleasurable to look at. .... I was into the new cast. I thought it was fresh. I enjoyed Joan's soft motherly side, and a whole lot of other new things...... Lifetime you messed up when you canceled one of the. Est shows on television... SHAME ON YOU😡😡😤😤

@ Betta Turner

I ve never missed an episode..... You can't stop watching it, it's so good....


With the high price of cable and so little that is actually enjoyable to watch on TV, we find now that Lifetime is cancelling one of the best shows it has had on in quite some time. I agree with others that what the public likes does not count. Reality TV on the other hand will be considered watchable TV. Where is the mentality of TV networks going?

@ S. Scott

Well said.

@ Doris E.

Well said!!!


I am sorry you felt that we as fans of Armywives don't rate enough to just cancel the show. It is sad that a show that has mega millions of people who can identify and love "their heroes." Well, I for one am off Lifetime, won't watch anything of yours anymore. You have done me wrong, so you pay the price. FX, here's a new fan of The Americans :-)

@ upset1

Well said!!


So very disappointed that Lifetime has decided to cancel this show. It was a 'real testament' to our military; this is a disrespect to the service men / women in all of the U.S. who are protecting people like you to cancel a show that is just to wonderful to watch. Bye Bye Lifetime ... you are doing a great injustice to the American people!


I have watched Army Wives since it started. It was a show people could relate to. One of the best shows on lifetime.I always looked forward to the new season. I will miss it tremendously!
Lifetime should reconsider!!!!!!!


Requiescat in pace, _Army Wives._ You had a good run. I hope all the lingering questions will be answered in the 2014 two-hour special. When, exactly, is it scheduled to air?


how can ou cancel army wives so many people love the show PLEASE BRING IT BACK :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

@ Sam#1



How can u stop army wives gloria has to say who she choose either patrick or hector lol


I can't believe you are not bring it back I loved that show and watched it every week. You are making a big mistake I watch lifetime all the time but now I will have to ree think that. Please don't put so stupid show now in its place you are taking off all the good shows

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