Bones Review: Until Death Do Us Part

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How many of you hoped that a "swift end" to the Pelant storyline would mean we'd all get lucky and the writers would put him to bed in the second episode of Bones season 9? Just me?

None of our wishes were granted. Unless your wish was to see Booth and Brennan go undercover as Tony and Roxie Scallion. (What happened to Buck and Wanda?!)

"The Cheat in the Retreat" was just another ho-hum episode in what is starting out to be another mediocre season.

John Ratzenberger and Millicent Martin on Bones

Booth and Brennan going undercover has the potential to be really fun and awesome or really awful. In tonight's case, it was the latter. 

Maybe Brennan's waffling in and out of character was just Brennan's inability to be anyone other than herself. Or maybe Emily Deschanel felt as ridiculous as she looked while she chanted and flailed about in a sweat lodge.

(Note to the writers, this isn't Arrested Development, but at times it sure does feel like the development of this series has been arrested.)

While the retreat was ultimately good for Brennan and Booth as a couple because she was able to compare their partnership to that of others at the retreat, they didn't need to be undercover to attend. Brennan still would have had her revelation without their cheesy charade.

They do love each other and they are good for each other. They're a great team. I actually liked that aspect of tonight because it let Brennan discover something about how she's feeling for herself.

And that brings me to Angela, who still has an ax to grind with Booth. I get that she's Brennan's best friend; that she feels some need to be righteously indignant about her friend's pain. But enough already. Brennan has said "I trust him. I'm asking you to trust him." And what she gets is "here's how you should feel about this.

Can we stop doing that to Brennan, writers? Can we stop having other characters telling her how and what to feel? 

Early on that worked because Brennan was all science, no emotion. She needed those around her to ground herself. She needed to make human connections. 

For all the ways the writers have tried to evolve the character over the seasons, both successfully and with epic failure, this is one that is still so unevenly done week to week.

First she's incapable of emotion. Next she's so overcome with emotion she seems completely not herself. Now those closest to her treat her like she's incapable of feeling and must be told what's going on inside her head.

She's not a robot! Skynet has become aware! Leave her alone and trust her when she says "hey, so I love this guy. I'm in this with him." 


While I wasn't wishing I could yell at Angela, I was trying to decide if Pelant is behind Cam's identity being stolen. It seems something up his alley and definitely within the scope of his abilities. I mean, he hacks drones. Financial records are just a tiny little byte for him. (Badum chhhh...)

It makes sense that Pelant would do this sort of thing because he seems to know all of their Achilles heels. He bankrupted Hodgins. He blackmailed Seeley. He knows what he knows because of he has Sweets' research and he's using it against them all. 

And that has left Sweets off his game.

As he asked for a leave of absence to sort himself out, I found myself kind of feeling sorry for the guy. I go back and forth on how I feel about Sweets as a character, but tonight, I kind of wanted to dropkick Pelant in the teeth.

He (maybe) took Cam's money, but Arastoo was right when he said that she's more than her bank accounts. Pelant has taken Sweets' joy, and that feels somehow like the worse loss between the two.

What did you think of "The Cheat in the Retreat?" Did you like Tony and Roxie or find their undercover shenanigans unnecessary? Is Pelant behind Cam's identity theft?


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Tony and Roxanne were introduced in early season 2. They were somewhat better then Wanda and Buckwheat; but not by much. The characters just remind me how much of an idiot Booth is. I'd HATE for him to investigate something for me; everything to him but his girlfriend and child are a joke to him. Sad waste of a good actor. As for me; I enjoyed The Woman In The Sand to an extent. You can do clever undercover episodes without ruining the integrity of a show or characters. Bones misses it every time. They're always out for that laugh; but all it does is comes off ridiculous and forced. It makes no sense to go undercover as loud, obnoxious, memorable characters; and stick out like a sore thumb. You want to be undercover; you don't want to make your presence known. And that's why the Bones undercover episodes always misses its' mark. I don't know why they continue to put Bones and Brennan through the awful undercover setups anyway. Most undercover episodes in shows like these are mostly a gimmick; putting the two characters that should be together in situations where they're forced to pretend to be together. Bones used to be a smart, clever, witty show.


I love this show! The whole cast is so good and the chemistry between
Bones and Booth is so good and real. I am mad they still have Polanz still going on, but they have done a good job with the way Bones had to decide to trust Booth.


I'm going to have to disagree with your review. I enjoyed the episode a lot, and I loved seeing Tony and Roxie! It was like in season 2 when Booth and Brennan went undercover as Tony and Roxie. It was a very fun episode, and I also enjoyed the scene at the end. You could say I'm biased(which I won't deny) because this is my favorite show.


I really had trouble understanding the plot of this episode. Booth said the car murder weapon was at the wife's house after the murder but the keys were still at the retreat? Can someone explain the timeline?

Beverly brooks

I can't believe as smart as these characters are protraying..won't Cami think maybe Pelant just might be behind the her identify theft. Oh writers get the Pelant and any more mention of him off the scene. I am getting a little fed up with Angela and her anger issue with Booth.


I will repeat what most have already said. Enough of the Pelant line already. Catch him, do away with him, get the money back, let Booth explain to Bones why he had to say no, watch Angela be totally embarassed for her lack of trust in Booth, and move on with the usual great story lines and the interaction between Bones and Booth. Please, no more Pelant. I am tired of the super villians who are super intelligent to the point they can monitor what goes on in your home through an under the counter radio or whatever.


So Glad Bones is back. My favorit show. Please get rid of Pilant and get Cam and Hodgens money back. Looking forward to Booth and Brennan getting married. Angela is a must haveon the show. Welcome back all.


I'm not a fan of Tony and Roxanne or Buck and Wanda. I'm sure Emily and David have fun with the characters, but they're so ridiculously over the top for me that I don't enjoy those episodes. As for as Pelant goes, I know that after a show has been on for a while, they need to have a new Big Bad every season so that it doesn't get too repetitive. However, when they make the Big Bad so ridiculously and improbably invulnerable, I'm just annoyed and want the storyline over. This is one that's dragged on for far too long and needs to be resolved. ASAP.


I agree with pretty much all of your review except for Angela. I love her and I feel like someone needs to hold Booth accountable for his actions (since the writers aren't). He's always getting Brennan to give but he rarely, if ever, reciprocates so I enjoy watching the back and forth. So true about the devolving of Brennan's character. I talked it about it in my comment in the last ep's review and ofc, was attacked by it by Booth-stans. A mediocre episode, indeed, but I enjoyed the light-hearted aspect of it in spite of myself. Must be the Tony/Roxie vibe. Or it could be cause I can't quit the show no matter how terrible its become. :P

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Brennan: I've found that as a Caucasian if I enter into any kind of debate like this the non-Caucausians like you and Arastoo yell at me as if I represent all white people.
Arastoo: I tend to represent all Muslims.
Angela: I tend to represent all hot women.