Breaking Bad Review: Show Them the Money

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Take a deep breath because you probably held yours for most of "To'hajiilee." Make no mistake, Breaking Bad is going out with a bang.

The cat and mouse game continued between Walter and Jesse, as the former meth king turned car wash owner called Todd and his violent Neo-Nazi pals to take care of the ex-partner.

Finally, the link between Todd cooking the meth for crazy Lydia (she's so shifty) and bringing Walter back into the fold was revealed as the payment for offing Jesse. One more cook to bring back the blue meth for a dead pal. But painless, because Jesse is family, of course. And you get rid of your family when you can't reason with them, obviously.

Saul vs. Walt

Once again, Walter showed his dark side in going to Andrea and Brock to flush Jesse out. I loved how sinister and commanding he can be when dishing out orders to the hitmen... while pretending to care about Jesse's well-being to Andrea.

It's such a contrast from those fleeting moments of real care and concern for family that we got to see again with Walter watching Skyler help Walter Jr. at the car wash.

And it was hilarious having Walter Jr. not only question why they have to say "Have an A1 day," but grinning with star struck eyes at Saul Goodman and then excitedly telling him to have that A1 day. He really is the last good, most innocent person on this show, and it makes me wonder if he will ever find out about his father's other life. And if so, how he would even deal with that?!?

Either way, it was great to see the tables flipped on Walter, as Jesse, Hank and Gomez came up with the brilliant plan to fool Walter into thinking they had his money. Poor Huell, duped by the old brains on the floor gag.

The tension was brilliantly ratcheted up a notch with Walter driving like he was auditioning for Fast & Furious, desperately calling out to Jesse not to burn his money (now, did he really care that the money was for his family or like Hank said, simply greedy? Was it about family or legacy?), doing all he could to stay on the line as his former friend called him a bitch. Over and over and over again.

Not to mention the fantastic look on Walter's face when he realized that not only was he tricked, but Jesse, Hank and Gomez were right behind him. Game over, Walter.

It was great to see them all together, Walter call Jesse a coward, Jesse spit on Walter (sorry, Mr. White) and Hank finally get his man. And all in the place where Jesse and Walter made their first cook together, no less.

But for a series like this, there was no way happy endings and victory for the "good guys" was going to be that simple.

I was so nervous as Hank called Marie to tell him he captured Walt and he loved her. I had a feeling - and still do - that those beautiful three words would be his final ones to is wife.

Those concluding moments of the standoff were pure nail-biting tension.

And it was good to see that even with Walter having descended into the man willing to kill others and even those closest to him, he still desperately tried to call off Todd and his crew from firing on Hank, Gomez and Jesse. There's still a some heart, some concern, even if the deaths mean he goes free.

I really don't think he wants his brother-in-law's death on his hands.

Of course, Breaking Bad had to cut to credits right in the midst of the blazing gunfight, Walter scrambling to avoid bullets and Jesse trying to get away. What a tease of ending that has me dying to know the outcome (one I'm sure is not going to end well).

Breaking Bad continues to prove just how great a show it is. Now, time to breathe, until next week at least.


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I will say that #1: I loved the episode and #2: I don't think that when Walt was screaming for them to stop, he was thinking about Jesse. He was concerned for Hank and his man, but make no mistake, he wants Jesse DEAD....


Silly Mr. White, everyone knows that once you call Nazis in, you can't call them off :( Great episode. Vince Gilligan said he wanted this episode filmed as an homage to the great classic westerns such as Sergio Leone. H/T to director Michelle McLaren and the whole cast and crew.


So, I am new fan to the show. I saw some of the episodes from the first few seasons, but skipped ahead to the final 8 episodes when it came back after it's hiatus. This show is definitely top notch, and it's been a thrill ride these past 5 episodes. I must agree with everyone else that that the shooting at the end was a bit ridiculous. In the real world Hank and Gomez would have been shot, if not mortally so by now. Other than that, I thought this episode was amazing!


@Wizardrunner I agree with you wholeheartedly - just because it's not "reality" doesn't give it a pass on poor screenwriting/production/direction. There's no way Hank had enough rounds to outlast the return firepower in those moments. They could have at least shown him scrambling to reload, etc. And though at least one of the neo-Nazis spotted Jesse in Walt's car, no one turned their focus onto him? Weak ending to a good episode, so I still grudgingly give it a five (it didn't deserve a 4). Between this and the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire, this reminds you to always keep your cool especially in the heat of the moment.


Nice review. Here is my two cents on what happens. Clearly Hank and Gomez are going to die. Hopefully Jesse finds a way to escape or Walt stops the henchmen from killing Jesse at the last second and in doing so agrees to cook for them if they DONT kill Jesse now. I think this has something to do with the flash forwards, as I think Walt actually fakes his death. He skips town on the Neo-Nazi henchman instead of cooking for them and they come to find and ravage his house (Maybe kidnap Skylar or Walt Jr.) He comes back with an M60 and whoops some ass to try and save them and grabs the Ricin as more ammo or a way out of some sorts. Now, I'm sure it's going to be way more intricate than I am making it. But I've said ever since I saw the flash forward of him returning to his house, that I think he somehow fakes his death and that's why his neighbor is so stunned to see him. I can't wait!! Best show ever.


This isn't a freakish reality tv show, it's a fictional portrayal of crazy circumstances. Hell, the fact that supposedly all this happened in a "year" is a harder pill for me to swallow, yet I do because everything else is awesome. Gun fights are almost never realistic in movies or TV, and I've seen many in my almost 4 decades of watching TV that were the same or even less realistic. Beyond that, the fact that the start of everything was filmed in slow motion, we don't know when the "real time" started, and even then they are shooting with a wide range of guns which have dramatically different reaches and weapon spreads. Why am I even trying to discuss this, really. It's fabricated reality, and if you were accepting of everything else that happened for the 6 years prior to this, then swallowing an unrealistic shoot out seems kind of obvious. As for the cliffhanger ending, sure we know Walt lives and the rest of the world finds out who he really is, but we don't know if anyone else survives, I doubt EVERYONE else will die, someone beyond Walt makes it, we just don't know who. Personally, I'm invested 200% in the show. We all know that Walt has become "Scarface" minus also being addicted to coke, so I doubt he's just going to turn himself in, and I also doubt that he's going to go quietly. The show is about the characters and the tension, not about being "realistic" as nothing to this point has been based in our reality, I could bring up endless issues over the years that, if this bothers people, would have driven them up a wall. You clearly wouldn't be still watching. As for why end at a cliffhanger, I ask why not? It's what makes "next week" so damn exciting, versus a "cool, that ended. Next week will be fun". If you have no interest in dealing with it, just queue up the shows on your DVR and watch them back to back. God this world is filled with a bunch of whiners.


The shootout was ridiculous to me as well, as far as no one appearing to get hit. The only thing I think that might happen is the old drama-lengthening technique in TV shows and movies where you don't think anyone's hit by a bullet, but they get behind cover using pure adrenaline when they've actually been hit. You end up finding out a few minutes later that they're bleeding out or something similar.


Weird. I thought for sure Gomez was hit. It looked like he got struck by a bullet at one point. Might have been my imagination. When Hank told Marie (just before the white power gang showed up) that he might be late getting home, I gulped. Total foreshadowing, that one. My thought: no way is Hank coming home, at least not while breathing. The fact that Walt pretty much gave up the entire enchilada over the phone to Jesse told me just one thing: no one who heard or recorded those guilty words would see the light of the next day's sun. Hence my belief that Hank and Gomez are dead. (Plus all that firepower, as lousy shots as they seem to be, will ultimately do them in).


How did all of those shots - from both sides - manage to hit no one, doing nothing but breaking class and putting holes in inanimate articles? They're all candidates for worst shot ever! Another nitpick: Jesse's voice did NOT sound like it was coming through a cell-phone. Great episode overall, though. And totally agree that those were Hank's last words. So, now, what does Marie do? She doesn't seem to have much to lose by going to the DEA or police. And her thirst for vengeance will have rightfully grown exponentially.


Correction Now i'm not sure who went down. The angle was perfect for not knowing, Gomey and Hank were behind the GMC and thought it was Pinkman caught in the crossfire. Could have been Gomey. Great scene, but somewhat unrealistic considering the firepower involved. There's no way Hank and Gomey could stop all of them. People died.

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