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They had to ruin a perfect episode ending with a ludicrous shooting scene at the end.

I'm just baffled.

Six, count them, SIX men with serious fire power (automatic weapons, hand guns etc.) aimed at two people, one (Hank), with a single hand gun and another with a shotgun.

They open fire with more than 100 rounds and not one round this either of the two people standing there.

It is the most ridiculous shooting scene I have ever seen on any television show since I started watching TV 6 decades ago, except for some quirky James Bond movies where Bond never gets hit with bullets flying every where.

This scene was so unbelievable (that no one was hit) that it has actually destroyed my whole outlook on the show now.

What's even sadder is that MILLIONS and MILLIONS of gullible (no grasp of reality with guns and bullets) fans will say how fantastic it was.


the 'hitmen' are lousy shots.

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