Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

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After what felt like the longest hiatus in history, Castle Season 6 kicked off with “"Valkyrie," an intense episode that didn't waste any time in producing the answer fans have been waiting an entire summer for.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

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Castle Season 5, of course, concluded with Kate having the opportunity to head to D.C. for a dream job, while Castle placed his heart directly on his sleeve and proposed on that romantic swing set. So... what happened?

Following some hilarious back-and-forth about whether or not Castle is somehow breaking up with her, Beckett said YES! In case you are still processing it: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are engaged! He put a rock on it! For real! Okay, back to the episode...

After six weeks of not seeing each other, Beckett is relocated to D.C. and Castle is returning from a book tour, popping in to surprise his gorgeous fiancée. Of course, he's unable to keep his head out of her case and, after getting her in trouble and getting abducted by a criminal, he returns home.

But little did Castle know he was coming home with a toxin that killed the man Beckett and company were on the hunt for. That's always awkward. Awkward and quite dangerous, that is.

In true Castle fashion, the twists and turns left us with a big “To Be Continued," as Castle supposedly has less than a day to live. What will happen to our favorite detective? We know he can't die. But will he get sick? Will this cause a problem for him and Beckett?

Sound off the comments with your theories and consider the following Castle Season 6 premiere notes:

  • Great to see the boys back in action! You have to love scenes with Ryan, Espo, and Castle.
  • How about Alexis’ boyfriend? This isn’t going to work out too well for dear old Dad.
  • First episode in and already no Lanie? Not cool.
  • Looks like Kate is doing just as well at her new job. But something has to happen. We want her back in NYC ASAP.
  • Who likes Lisa Edelstein as Beckett’s new partner? If you ask me, I prefer Ryan and Espo, and most importantly, Castle, any day.

What predictions do you have for the season? Will Kate return to New York? Will she and Castle really get married? Will they break up because of the distance?

Hit up the comments section and let us know what you thought of “Valkyrie.” Was it what you expected for the first episode or was it a bit of a letdown?


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Nottrampis. S6 not available on UK iTunes yet, but having seen the opening scene on you tube, my worst fears have been confirmed. Marlowe is clueless about writing a love story. Have you ever seen a marriage proposal played with such little passion and joy. Where was Kate's overjoyed emotion, where was Rick's sheer delight she said yes. My initial impression was Kate only said yes after she learned he was not going to stop her doing what SHE wanted, stuff we are a couple! Did she actually accept the job before the proposal or not? If she did, that is so poor writing IMO. I only hope that the rest of the episode improved, but by your comments, it did not. I will watch when it is available, but not with the same enthusiasm as before.


3 episodes too much IMHO. I want to watch Castle not a new series


I thought that I read at TVfanatic that Edelstein was hired for a 3 show arc. If I didn't read that wrong, I would guess it means this will be a 3 part story and that she won't have Edelstein as a partner after the 3rd episode -- which to me suggests she'll be back in New York. It does seem like that would be a disappointment, however, so can't imagine how they'll do it??


She was a loser bigtime in accepting the job indeed a bimbo no less


Quote.. If she drops the FBI gig, she's a loser, say Katic
Well she got the job and now she may be LOSING Rick in more ways than one
Sorry just had to throw that in :)


yep start was funky. but it did settle down but it shows Kate is playing in a whole other field where charm and wit from Rick won't get him anywhere and dealing with classified cases without clearance WILL get you locked up.
Kate is starting to learn the hard way there's no room for Rick if she's a fed so we'll see what happens.
Good to have Castle back but IMO Kate taking the fed job... worse move ever.
Life lessons to be learned.
Rumors say complicated season 6.. so expect angst galore!


omg the technobabble and the crazy dc tech was just too much to handle, with the Leverege-esque throwing motions to send data from one monitor to the other. This entire episode was ridiculous, and not in a good way. Castle didn't come off as endearing when he decided to "help" beckett by getting in the way and trying to do everything for her. It finally settled down about halfway through, but the beginning was too ridiculous to recover from.


I liked it but I only want the federal job to be temporary. I want Castle and Beckett back together in the 12th with Espo and Ryan.


It was passable and that is all. too much Beckett and not enough Castle. I doubt if there will be a series 6 and I can't wait until Beckett is back at the 12th and we get Castle back as a real series.


Here's my crazy theory... Instead of of two partner episode maybe they're going to extend the story up to a Third? Leaving us in the second episode wondering if Castle antidote actually worked...

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Castle Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh my god! Oh my god! You're proposing!


Kate, I'm not proposing to you so you'll keep your job or because I'm afraid I'm going to lose you. I'm proposing because I can't imagine my life without you.