Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

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After what felt like the longest hiatus in history, Castle Season 6 kicked off with “"Valkyrie," an intense episode that didn't waste any time in producing the answer fans have been waiting an entire summer for.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

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Castle Season 5, of course, concluded with Kate having the opportunity to head to D.C. for a dream job, while Castle placed his heart directly on his sleeve and proposed on that romantic swing set. So... what happened?

Following some hilarious back-and-forth about whether or not Castle is somehow breaking up with her, Beckett said YES! In case you are still processing it: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are engaged! He put a rock on it! For real! Okay, back to the episode...

After six weeks of not seeing each other, Beckett is relocated to D.C. and Castle is returning from a book tour, popping in to surprise his gorgeous fiancée. Of course, he's unable to keep his head out of her case and, after getting her in trouble and getting abducted by a criminal, he returns home.

But little did Castle know he was coming home with a toxin that killed the man Beckett and company were on the hunt for. That's always awkward. Awkward and quite dangerous, that is.

In true Castle fashion, the twists and turns left us with a big “To Be Continued," as Castle supposedly has less than a day to live. What will happen to our favorite detective? We know he can't die. But will he get sick? Will this cause a problem for him and Beckett?

Sound off the comments with your theories and consider the following Castle Season 6 premiere notes:

  • Great to see the boys back in action! You have to love scenes with Ryan, Espo, and Castle.
  • How about Alexis’ boyfriend? This isn’t going to work out too well for dear old Dad.
  • First episode in and already no Lanie? Not cool.
  • Looks like Kate is doing just as well at her new job. But something has to happen. We want her back in NYC ASAP.
  • Who likes Lisa Edelstein as Beckett’s new partner? If you ask me, I prefer Ryan and Espo, and most importantly, Castle, any day.

What predictions do you have for the season? Will Kate return to New York? Will she and Castle really get married? Will they break up because of the distance?

Hit up the comments section and let us know what you thought of “Valkyrie.” Was it what you expected for the first episode or was it a bit of a letdown?


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Tonya b

Castlefan, the issue that I have with Marlowe's show direction is that it has become a show about Beckett. It used to be a show about Castle and his muse. I didn't watch the premier, but I understand that they had Rick go on a book tour, alone of course, and they spent about 10 seconds on it. Castle is no longer portrayed as our glamorous writer and they don't even bother to try to glamorize him on the book tour. There also seems to be no limit to how badly Beckett can treat him, how much she can lie to him, how much she can hurt him, and how much she can take HIM for granted, but we are expected to believe that he just accepts it all because he is in love. Three full episodes of angst and anguish and "I'm sorry for keeping secrets" is supposed to fix all of it. Only in 'La La Land.'


Vince: I agree. This show has touched all of us otherwise we wouldn't be wasting our time reading and posting about it. I started here because I needed some solace after watching TSTQ. I found this board to contain intelligent people who did not accept everything shown on the show as brilliant but who also were not negative just to be negative. What my namesake 1212 said below was likely the intent of Marlowe. But it just did not come across. And that I blame on knowing how they wanted to end S5 and then working backwards which was not a good plan IMO. The writers never thought through how TSTQ would be viewed by the fans. They threw out the job scenario as part of the lead in to the last scene. They had lemons on their hands and are now trying to make lemonade. Let's see how it goes.


castlefan. Agree. The viewers can pick up on any story inconsistencies right away. The finale was really bad. Season 5 Beckett made no sense with that finale storyline. The Watershed episode had way too much case. It was obvious that the writers did not want Castle and Beckett to interact until the end. The Gates interaction was weak in order to hide the ending as well. Beckett never told anyone prior to the job interview. She chose to have her own moment of panic. The whole episode was written not to learn anything. Nothing was resolved in that finale. Two people being together for a whole year and never talking is just too unrealistic. I can’t give the writers a pass on those final episodes. It was just poor writing. IMO


To my namesake 1212: The intent of the closing arc of season 5 very likely was designed to show how their insecurities were holding them back. But IMO it was poorly done and alienated a very large portion of the loyal fans of the show particularly one episode. The characters were portrayed in Valkyrie as if those last 3 episodes never happened. As to the job arc, I never was a fan of it and will be thrilled when it is over but once raised in the show I understand where it had to be played out to eliminate the "what if" factor for Kate.


Just started watching Castle in January 2013. Love the show so much that I did Internet research to get a better feel for the love story hidden inside the crime drama. I found Kate Jennings @ Castle National Examiner. She did an awesome 5 part review on Watershed and one on Valkyrie. It not only helped me understand the story, it also helped me understand writing a TV show, and how to develop characters.
The season 5 ending arc just showed the insecurities of Caskett. The proposal answered the relationship direction, and the DC job answered Kate's need to make a career decision not driven by her mother's murder. Castle figured out his relationship direction and Kate will figure out her career direction.
I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the journey, watching the story unfold.


First episode was fun to watch. Nathan and Stana are such great actors. Whatever way the writers go,Ill enjoy it. It's a funny and sweet love story.


I"am sure we can all agree by now that the show is nothing more than a love fest for kate why bother focusing on rick for the limited time they do,as for kates concern that he has 24 hrs to live very touching not!As someone mentioned that ricks career is presented to the fans as having zero importance which is following last seasons portrayal,many loved that part of castle,now its all about the career driven cop that rick himself enhanced-strange.


joann. I love your insight on the relationship. I agree about the time lapse between episodes, but what gets many viewers confused sometimes is the off screen events that the writers leave up for the viewers to visualize. For example, there was no precinct farewell scene or any scene showing communication between Castle and Beckett during her initial training or Castle's book tour.


ukno. I like your idea that Kate gets her own elite squad and a position upgrade. If Kate was good enough for the feds to do that kind of work, she should be good enough for NYPD. Your scenario would add a nice twist to the cases. Also, that scenario makes sense if you consider that the show is adding a new detective, Sully.


Vince. How about Gates is asked to form an elite Murder Squad, under her command at the 12th, and Beckett comes back as Lt Beckett, as Senior Detective, with Castle as her partner, plus the boys. I could live with that.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh my god! Oh my god! You're proposing!


Kate, I'm not proposing to you so you'll keep your job or because I'm afraid I'm going to lose you. I'm proposing because I can't imagine my life without you.