Covert Affairs Review: Friend or Foe?

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Oh, Calder! What are you doing?

It would be easy to look at Calder Michaels and hate him for interfering in what Annie and Auggie are trying to do. And his actions become even more of a threat if he is working for or with Henry Wilcox. But ... is that the correct assessment of Calder? Is it a fair interpretation of what he is doing?

Calder's True Nature

I tend not to believe that. It's understandable for viewers, myself included, to side with Annie and Auggie in their mission. They are doing what they think is right against the evil that is Henry Wilcox. And, so far their investigation has more than shown that Henry is up to no good and that he's responsible for plenty of innocent deaths. We know that because we've been let in on their secret and off-the-book mission.

Calder's not in the know. Instead, he sees two agents that have been going on rogue missions in Colombia and around the world. And, even worse, they are working with a known ALC terrorist, Teo Braga. Then, Seth turned up dead. And, in tonight's "I've Been Waiting For You," Annie released a ALC terrorist prisoner who wound up dead. Plus, Auggie was found with a key piece of evidence into Seth's death. What's Calder supposed to believe? 

Is Calder working with Henry? It's possible, but he's done nothing to indicate any connection to Henry. Calder's loyalty has been questioned for only one reason and that's because Henry recommended him to take over for Joan as Head of the DPD. At this point, that's not nearly enough to convince me that Calder's on Henry's payroll or that he's loyal to the former CIA man.

Calder is an ambitious man with clear career goals. He was the youngest Station Chief ever after all. He's a company man who saw something unorthodox going on at the agency. It makes perfect sense that he would dig and dig deep to uncover what he sees as possible corruption. Not only would he be protecting the agency that he's committed to, but bringing down a large conspiracy would allow him to write his own ticket to the top at Langley.

With Auggie being questioned, it would be the perfect time for them to test Calder. They don't have to share everything with him, especially about Teo. Since Calder now has Seth's thumb drive, they might as well share that they were investigating a connection between Henry and the ALC terrorists. Since they know that innocent lives are at risk, they have to do whatever they can to get the missiles back and protect the American Embassy in Bogota.

Joan could try to protect Annie and Auggie by saying she authorized their actions, but that could just put them into an even worse situation. Ultimately, Calder may not approve of the methods that Annie and Auggie have used, but he hasn't shown anything to indicate that he wouldn't work with them to save lives.

And, while it appears in the flash forward that Annie and Calder are shooting at each other to kill, a closer look indicates the exact opposite. It's more likely that they are working together to fake Annie's death. And, what better way to finally bring Henry down?

Is Calder a patriot and loyal to the agency? Or, is he working with Henry and a threat to Annie and Auggie? Should they trust him? 


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Covert affairs WAS excellent. Getting too annoying. Annie going off doing things on her own when told not to. This happened on another show where the lead female kept doing if they don't have to follow orders. Just totally ruins the shows!!


I just hope they don't kill Teo, he would be a nice addition; we need some fresh, complicated agents around. And my dream would be that in the flash forward, Henry turns around and Teo kills him. I am not sure about Calder, as he is obsessed w/ the Annie/Auggie thing, that's all he seems to do, aren't there other ops & spies around? The obsession is what makes him questionable......I also think that Henry hired that guy to kill the ALC guy, Teo & Annie....3 birds w/1 stone


Let's hope that Calder's character has some depth and is not your typical pin headed (moron) antagonist that's meddling like bad gum shoe detective in a 1940's movie. Henry Wilcox (President Charles Logan from 24) needs to be stopped at all cost.


I think that I have finally figured out the story on Calder. He was so very easy to hate that I almost missed it. While watching the episode, it didn't make sense that Calder couldn't get access to Eduardo Vargos(?), if he is working for Henry(like Eduardo). And the shooter that tried to take out the transport van, arrived too quickly to be sent by Calder. That shooter was probably meant to take out Eduardo and him alone since he has info on Henry. My thinking is that Calder is independently investigating Henry. That's why he was in Colombia. He was looking at Henry's ties to the ALC, Teo's group, which is how he got onto Teo's scent. And since Annie has been meeting with Henry (and Teo), Calder's on to her scent too. He wants that flash drive to take down Henry. I don't believe he's aware of the true intent of Teams Campbell and Walkerson. But it will likely come to light next week and eventually lead up to them teaming up to trick Henry in that flash forward scene.

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