Covert Affairs Summer Finale Review: Goodbye, Annie Walker

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And it all comes back to where it started.

In the Covert Affairs season 4 premiere, the story began with Annie heading up the elevator to face off against Calder and losing their gun fight.

And in "Levitate Me," the truth behind that confrontation was revealed. Annie's not only going off the grid, she's following in Helen's footsteps by going completely dark to find out the truth behind Henry Wilcox's plans.

Face Off with Calder

The events of the summer finale weren't surprising to me necause I've long suspected that Calder was on the right side and that he was helping Annie fake her death. Even though I saw it coming, the way it all played out was riveting to watch and emotionally powerful.

When Annie wrote the postcard to Danielle, the cost to both Annie and those who love her was palpable. It was heartbreaking to think about how Danielle will take Annie's death. Despite the danger that she was in, Annie at least was able to take a moment to say goodbye to those she loves. And Annie's call to Auggie served multiple purposes. She was able to say goodbye and let him know she was going through with her plan, while selling the authenticity of her death since she knew his phone was tapped.

She may not have physically died in that elevator, but the life that she previously had was over. To everyone who loves her and worked with her, she's dead. Though, I wouldn't count out Annie finding a way to communicate with Auggie. Helen did have Arthur to back her up even though she was supposedly dead too. And, both Calder and Eyal know that Annie's alive. If she's in a dire situation, she does have people that she can count on. 

At this point, Henry Wilcox seems to be winning the war, but it's difficult to know since his true motives and goal is still unknown. I'm disappointed that Teo's actually dead, since I hoped that someone faked his death even if it was for nefarious reasons. I guess one faked death a season is enough though, right? Wilcox has succeeded in taking Arthur's son just as Jai was taken from him.

Though, it still makes no sense why Henry blames the Campbells for his son's death. Perhaps at some point, he will reveal his logic behind that. Henry's gotten his revenge. Arthur had already left the CIA and now because of Henry's actions, he's being held for questioning and looking at a possible prison sentence. And Joan's lost her position at the CIA as well.

Now, Annie's set out to find out the truth behind Henry's actions and what else he is planning. He's already admitted that Teo being involved with the ALC and being Arthur's son was just a convenience. He was working with the ALC well before he knew of their connection.

She'll have to find out what he doing in Germany. Since he didn't actually have dinner with his ex-wife, it's unlikely it was strictly for personal reasons. Henry used one of the missiles to take down the helicopter and the rest were recovered, so that's a dead end now. With Henry back at the CIA, it's going to be even more dangerous for everyone involved.

At least, Calder and Auggie are working on the same side now. They can investigate the situation from within the CIA, while Annie works other angles secretly. That combination may just be enough to outmaneuver the formidable Henry Wilcox.

When Covert Affairs season 4 picks back up in October, it's going to be a much darker and dangerous show. Annie showed off her spy craft in Germany, but she's going to have to be even more careful going forward. One wrong step and she'll be captured. 

Are you glad that Calder did end up being an honorable agent? Will Wilcox question Annie's death or believe without a doubt that she's dead? Is there any hope for Arthur and Joan to resume their careers at the CIA?


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With all the love Eyal gets from fans (me too!), let's start lobbying for a spinoff when Covert Affairs ends it's run (maybe he can defect to the CIA in search of Annie.) Annie's growing as a spy and is up to this dark op. Let's hope the bumblers back at HQ (excluding Joan and Auggie, of course) can do their part to support her. I think Calder will end up an unlikely hero in all this. He's too powerful a character to fade away. Poor Auggie, another "dead" girlfriend. What is it with him? Can't they find another way to dump him?


Anyone else sorry they killed off Teo? I anted to see the relationship between him and Arthur explored and see how he would "react" to having a sibling. It was a good story for Arthur but then again CA is Annie's show and the focus needs to be mostly on Annie. But I must admit Peter Gallagher is a BIG reason I watch the show!


What a pleasant surprise to see Eyal. Best scene of the season! I'm thinking that Henry Wilcox has "done" to Aurthur everything that he was done to him...taken away his son, his job, and his liberty. I would like to see this thing wrapped up shortly...I'm getting really sick of this Henry story.


Henry will know that Annie is still alive when her body was not transported. Oh my, Annie's corpse has disappeared!!Good to see Eyal back, love that guy!!


Honestly, I was not entirely impressed or interested in this season. I spent most of the time waiting for Eyal to pop back up so that I could smile again and he could salvage a season that I thus far found unnecessarily convoluted and tedious. I spent the rest of the time with my four season long gripe about Annie never changing her wig, no hair dye, no haircut, no scarf, no burka., not even a freaking scrunchie. Then with five minutes left Oded Fehr appeared as if summoned from the heavens and the previews showed Annie as a brunette. Five minutes of the season thrilled me. I actually loved the summer finale. It was the strongest episode of the season. While it wasn't truly shocking that Calder was on the right side and that Annie would fake her death, it was great watching the episode unfold. I'm actually looking forward to October now. I don't fully understand Henry's beef either.Can't wait to see him go down.


Loved seeing Eyal unexpected surprise! I'm sure Auggie will figure out that Annie has gone dark and did not die. The two of them are so good together! Henry Wilcox has to go. Once he does, I hope Arthur and Joan get back into the CIA. Sorry to see that Teo really did die...or was that faked also? Time will tell. Cannot wait for the new episodes to start in October...probably right after "White Collar"!


I found it interesting the Caulder was on the good side the whole time. He just always bugged me and have me the vibe he might be a mole for Henry. I am hoping Annie finds some way of contacting Auggie, she saw what Helen did to him and how it affected him when he found out the truth. So hoping he will know the truth. But also hoping he might figure it out on his own. I have never liked Henry, so I hope Annie finds him and kills him, but not after torturing him for a good long while. Not looking forward to Piper with brown hair, she's so much hotter as a blonde but guess it has to happen.


You know what I don't understand? Henry Wilcox's basic treatment of Annie throughout this whole thing, I get how he blames the other three for Jai's treatment and death (though seriously, does he not know that it changed while he was in jail?) but Annie was always Jai's friend. And she was who he trusted the most. I get using her as a pawn but I guess keep her out of being so actively involved in things.


My guess is that the Wilcox arc will wrap up since Itzen will need to show up on another show as a bad guy... He seems typecast now as a big bad... Covert Affairs is the best show on USA IMO... You had to figure it was all faked.. you don't kill off your lead.. I wonder when Wilcox is taken down whether Annie will regain her life?? Good to see Eyal...


I sure hope they wrap up the Henry Wilcox story this season because I'm really tired of it. It's been going on since the start and I want it to be over. It's time to find a new 'bad guy'. How long are they going to drag this out?

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