Devious Maids Review: A Shocking Shooting

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Tonight’s penultimate episode of the Devious Maids Season 1 put us one step closer to what will surely be a finale to remember.

Hands down, this has become my favorite guilty pleasure of the summer. Week in and week out, it’s left me wanting more and seemingly questioning what really happened to Flora.

So, what went down on "Getting Out the Blood"? Let’s discuss…

Devious Maids Season 1 Scene

For starters, I wasn’t surprised that Remi confronted Philippe and accused him of killing Flora. With Marisol continuing to dig deeper, Taylor also kept telling Michael about her particularly intriguing questions.

I’ll admit that it was hard for me to believe that Philippe could be evil because I constantly think Eric Camden every time I see him. However, this instantly changed when he ordered a hit on Marisol.

I had a feeling that the shooter would mistakenly shoot Taylor instead of Marisol. I hated that I was right, and was worried that we’d find out she wouldn't be just fine next week. After all, I have truly enjoyed the bond that Marisol and Taylor share. It looks like she will be all right though in the picture above. However, will her baby be okay?

Elsewhere: poor Rosie! I really felt for her as she was torn after Spence’s proposal and Peri’s act of kindness. Luckily, she’s with her son now and I loved seeing her so happy. I am only concerned that there will be legal issues and her happiness will be short-lived.  

Other Thoughts:

  • I can’t say that I was shocked when Zoila convinced Remi to write a note leaving Valentina behind. Like I said last week, I know she means well. However, I don’t care too much for her always wanting to control everyone and everything around her.
  • Evelyn wants to divorce Adrian. How's he going to stop her? I know he treats her badly, but I would certainly miss these two's snarky conversations. 
  • I’ve got to hand it to those who left comments just last week suggesting that Carmen would be Alejandro’s beard. Sure, it was a bit predictable, but it will be interesting to see if Sam (yes, he's back!) agrees if it’s a good idea. I’m betting no. 
  • I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much before this installment. It was filled with awesome and unforgettable moments. Be sure to check out our Devious Maids quotes section for a laugh or two.

Overall, this was a very strong episode with a shocking ending. Get ready for next week’s season finale when we’ll finally find out what really happened to Flora. Is Philippe more guilty than ever? Share your thoughts in the comments now.


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Awesome review! I agree this show has become one of my favorite too, I like Marc Cherry work he is amazing, I am happy that Eva Longoria is also part of the work.
So excited for the finale and sad at the same time that is over �
I don’t mind the picture.


Uh, why would you put that picture with your recap? That is totally a spoiler for the finale episode showing that she survived the shooting. SMH


Evelyn has all the best lines! I hope she is not the killer. Can't wait for the season finale, but sad there is only one more episode left.


I am hoping Marc Cherry would bring up a whole new character which hopefully would directly related to the killer who murdered Flora & Phillip will ultimately turn out to be just another element covering the killer's spots! But I am hoping this should be wrong! It was too obvious when I saw Taylor wearing almost as similar a black dress as the one Marisol was wearing during that evening, but ultimate change of Michael's heart caught me completely off guard! Evelyn divorcing Adrien is just another move she is playing to make him reinvent his feelings for her which will lead to another sparkly relationship between the two of them in second season!


Marisol got too comfortable asking Taylor questions about too many people – not to mention she caught her eavesdropping just last week.
Philippe just made himself an enemy to Michael. I’m sure big money client or not - he is not happy that his wife was shot in the process of Philippe covering his tracks. I also doubt that Taylor’s baby survives.
Rosie will be sorry that Miss Spence brought her baby home. She does nothing without a motive or two.
Another surprise moment of the night – Evelyn wants a divorce. I doubt that Adrian won’t put up a good fight.
Lastly, Philippe may not be the killer or there is some type of plot twist in the finale. Can’t wait!!!

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