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After what has been a slow, boring final season, Dexter's season finale delivered drama and excitement not found in other episodes this season. Or last season. And maybe even the season before that. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it wasn't a complete disappointment.

There was blood. There was heart. There were F-bombs. 

After a rather lackluster final season, "Remember the Monsters" (mostly) delivered.

Dexter Finale Scene

While there were definitely things about tonight's finale that didn't work, like the flashback to the night Harrison was born (awful, awful wig, costuming department), the Dexter series finale was mostly a win as far as I'm concerned. 

We've spent eight seasons wondering how it would end.

Would Dexter get caught? Would he die?

As it turns out, the ending was a little of both.

Was it just me or did Batista and Quinn seem to know Dexter wasn't acting in self-defense? I sort of got the feeling that the understood that he'd taken Saxon out on purpose and allowed him to walk away because they would've done the same because they, too, loved Debra Morgan. They knew and understood where he was coming from.

Dexter's one anchor to the world has been Debra, and theirs has always been the central relationship of the series. She, with her sardonic, F-bomb dropping ways, has tethered him to the world of normal humans. Losing her shined a light on the reality of his darker nature. 

RIP Debra Morgan! 

I didn't expect Debra to die, but was there any other way for the series to end? The Morgans don't work without each other. Dexter taking Debra off life support was heartbreaking and really showed how important the two were to each other.

He was selfish in dropping Deb's body in the bay. Other people deserved the chance to say goodbye to her, too, namely Joey and Batista. And that's really one of my chief complaints about the episode.

But there was something so perfectly selfish--so perfectly Dexter--about it that made it work. Dropping Deb's body into the ocean was Dexter's way of saying goodbye to everything about his life as Dexter Morgan since his sister was part of his moral compass.

The other part of his moral compass was Harrison. I won't lie. I choked up a little when he said goodbye to Harrison and told the boy to remember every day how much Dexter loved him. Saying goodbye to Harrison wrecked Dexter, and Michael C. Hall captured that brokenness so well I want to hand him an Emmy for his performance.

Dexter's attempts to live in both worlds, that of a serial killer with his own code and that of mere mortals, caught up with him and he paid the ultimate sacrifice twice as a result, first with Deb and then with Hannah and Harrison. But it's really those sacrifices that show how far he's come in his attempts to be normal.

He could have continued to live amongst those he loves, but Dexter believed that he would only cause them pain. Whether or not that may be true, it wasn't a risk he was willing to take. In steering into the storm, he accepted the darker sides of himself and eschewed human connection.

My other complaint about the episode was that ending. Dexter faking his death and choosing to stay away from his Hannah and Harrison sort of cheapened everything about his driving into the hurricane. I liked it better when I thought he was dead.

There were definitely moments where I rooted for Dexter to get on a bus or a plane or a boat and be with Hannah and Harrison. Part of me really wanted that to be the end and it makes no sense because this isn't the show of happy endings.

But as he laid out his tools in Saxon's cell, I found myself rooting for him as a killer. And that part of Dexter is the crux of Dexter and the message tonight's episode delivered.

Dexter is a killer. Ultimately, he can't have a happy ending because he's a person who does bad things. He might evade authorities, but he still pays the price because he ends up alone.

RIP Dexter Morgan. 

What did you think of the Dexter series finale? Did "Remember The Monsters" do the series justice? What would you have done differently?


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4.5 stars???!!! For that horribly-written mess??!!! This reviewer is either on multiple psychosis-inducing drugs or multiple payrolls.


Such a selfish ending on the part of Dexter. Quinn and everyone would think he was killed in the hurricane on his boat, but they would never know what happened to Debra and Harrison - they would always be left wondering. I liked the ending better when I thought he steered his boat - the scene of so much of his dark side - into the hurricane. That seemed right, somehow. But no, he didn't even have the courage to do that. I could put up with the last season, but this ending was a frustrating mess.


Scott....dexter wasnt able to sell his boat when he tried he ended up telling the guy I don't think this is the boat for you....also he had previously asked deb if she could drive his car out to Astor because she was going to take it...he also mentions several times that deb could do those things for him...with that being said. I fucking hated the own bf predicted a better didn't even come close to what he said. I hate that deb died an I do get that they could only glorify being a serial killer for so long before they have to eventually show you the consequences ...but if that's the case why did Hannah get to live happily ever after with Harrison? I also hated how they kept rearing towards the fact that quin knew ...and than he just never did....ever! I hate that...and a fucking lumberjack ? He would never do that... And deb would of hated how his life turned out. It was cool the hurricane was named after his mom Laura...but it would of been awesome if after the storm all his bodies washed up on shore.... I feel like I wasted 8 years advice if u haven't seen the last episode DONT WATCH IT AND USE YOUR IMAGINATION


Dexter was supposed to have sold his car and boat as he was going away forever. But when the airport was evacuated and the people were streaming out of the terminal, his car was parked right there at curbside in a short-term or pickup area. And his boat was available to him. He drove the boat into the storm and it was wrecked but he survived? So poorly done, so weak. I guess all the best writers had already moved on.


Have to agree the final season was not up to prior standards! So stupid the way everyone is looking for Hannah yet she stands out like a sore thumb and makes no effort to disguise herself in any way! The questioning of Dexter and the Hospital scene both highly unlikely and the fast and easy way out!
Certainly not the quality ending of his last series 'Six Feet Under'. Found the final scene Odd! But I liked it.


What I forgot to mention in my earlier comment: Most of the ending was green-screen crap. It felt EXACTLY AS FAKE as the stories the writers pulled out of thin air (their asses is what I would say if I were among buddies). So in a way a perfect ending.


Glad this mess is finally over. Of course, having very much enjoyed former seasons, I could not NOT watch it until the end but I should have stopped after the Trinity Killer season (4 was it, I think?)! Especially watching it back to back with Breaking Bad's final episodes which does a fantastic, no, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE job going out, it is sooooo hard to ignore the difference in story telling quality. It's not even the same ballpark as the saying goes. Worlds apart. WORLD APART...


The ending was actually perfect. By keeping dexter alive they deprive him of the poetic ending and they deprive the viewer of the accomplished feeling. Dexter wasn't supposed to get a happy ending. So at the same time neither were the viewers. Suicide would have been too easy, dexters choice to stay alive meant that he would continue to suffer knowing what he did to deb and that his son was out there without him. There's nothing heroic about it and that's what made it perfect, because at the end of the day dexter was not a hero.


Was there a Writers Strike that I missed? So very disappointed with the finale, it left me thinking that there will be some sequel, which would be great, only the writers of Season 8 should be canned. Loved the show, loved all the characters, despite the ridiculous ending.


I was disappointed in the series finale...I didn't like that Dexter was alone and had no one. I can understand that the finale didn't warrant a happy ending since Dexter is a serial killer but it was just too sad for me.

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