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You nailed it Evan Scott


awful awful awful. deb shouldnt have died, dex should have realized he truly loved her, he shouldnt have sent harrison with hannah. i would have preferred a flash forward to 3-5 years in the future with deb and dex getting married and it ends with them saying their i dos and everyone is smiling and happy with the future ahead of them full of possibilities


I'll explain the ending for you to make you all feel better. He buries Deb at sea just as he did all of his other victims because she is also a victim. Ok so far? He then fakes his own death to protect the ones he loves including Miami Metro from learning the truth. He fakes it because he still has work to do. So far so good? Last scene...Dex walks into the cabin and sits at an empty table. Cue up one of Dex's favorite lines..."I can't wait to get you on my table." He then looks directly at ALL OF US!

For 8 years we have all been complicit in his handiwork. The empty table is for us all. This finale was a direct nod to the incredible fan base of the show. We have been responsible for Dexter and his work. It's now time to pay the piper.

Feel better knowing you were recognized by the writers?

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