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"Pawn" was probably the perfect way to end the first season of Graceland.

It had a little bit of everything---humor, intrigue and most especially suspense.

But truly the best moment of the episode had to be those skater kids finding the infamous tape in a pawn shop recorder.

Is Briggs In Danger?

Yet before we ponder how that was even possible, it's definitely worth backing up to talk about everything that led up to that moment.

Of course we knew Briggs had every intention of going on the run. And after what took place in "Happy Endings" how could you blame him. He'd dug himself in so deep it was hard to see how Briggs intended to get himself out. Lucky for him, Jakes was dedicated to helping him out, even as the rest of the house and everyone in it was starting to implode.

There are some things, though, that even Jakes couldn't protect him from, like the guilt he was apparently harboring over what happened to him when he encountered Jangles years before. Who knew that Briggs had broken under the intense interrogation he was put through? Who could blame him for breaking when heroine was being shot into his system like that. But giving up his training officer was some heavy stuff. And to think it eventually resulted in the death of every other agent at The Estate. I would have had a mental breakdown too. This certainly does a lot to explain his intense desire to protect the house and everyone in it. The same impulse that we could very likely blame for putting him in the situation he found himself in this evening.

What I liked most about this episode was the fact that even though they were being investigated, the agents of Graceland were trying their best to keep things together and keep moving forward, particularly Mike, who made the dangerous journey inside the mind of Briggs to track him down. And we're lucky he did, otherwise this finale could have ended very differently and much sadder.

We've known that Charlie was messing with Jangles for several episodes now, so when she walked in on Briggs choking him to death I never expected her to disregard Briggs like she did. She quickly regretted it, and didn't hesitate to let Briggs know the same after they were out of the woods. I really like the dynamic between these two and look forward to seeing a lot more of it in Graceland Season 2

As with any Eastin creation, the protagonist often has to opportunity to choose to proceed with the course he's taken or re-route his path towards the destination of original intent. In Mike's case, that was a one-way ticket to DC and as the Assistant to the Deputy Director no less. It's clear he hasn't quite let go of Graceland yet, as his flashback during that planning meeting were any indication. I half expected him to get up in the middle of the meeting and declare he was returning to Cali. I guess I was a little early.

Another bit that was a little early was that kiss between Paige and Mike. While I'm not complaining, i can certainly say it was an unexpected moment. I'm sure they'll revisit it next season, and I will be pleased when they do.

Overall, it was a pretty solid first season with all the twists and turns you would expect from Eastin and company. 

What was your favorite part of the season finale?


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I think the show is awesome, same with White Collar and Burn Notice, but they;re all different types of shows, I don't think we should be comparing which ones "bretter." That being said, yeah the finale was a bit confusing I tried to watcch every episode and thought I had it down but why dig up the body in the first place? How could Briggs have know that 'Jangles' used the keys as trophies. And what do you think he is gonna tell Mike that he hasn't told anyone. Could be a lot of things. He told Jakes he killed the FBI Agent so not that, but there's A LOT of things Briggs is hiding. That he's Rossi, he was the one that got in a fight with Mike, the stash house with all the drugs he gave to what's his name when he was posing as Rossi (good or bad, Briggs did steal a shit load of drugs lol),. It could also be something that we don't know or about or he could just be making shit up again.? I dig it, when it first satarted wasn't exactly stoked, a god folow up to Burn Notice, but when I got ito it I lied it, stoked for next season!


Briggs is not cleared yet. aside from the tape recording that those kids found Bella knows that he is Odin and Bella is still alive. I'm Team Briggs but I can't decide if he is bad or good either.


jan -- you nailed it. mike knows exactly what's going on. the look on mike's face during the interrogation was just like the look on his face at the bonfire. this, folks, was just the tip of the iceberg.


@possum. She saw the bandage on Jangles back and realized he was the one that stabbed Mike.


I loved the finale, but did I miss something? Why did Charlie suddenly realize that Briggs was good guy and the "federale" was the evil one. She helped him subdue and tie Briggs up, then suddenly grabbed the gun and turned on Jangles, and I'm not sure what changed her mind about the situation.


But, in the end Mike’s determinedness paid off and he came to the rescue. I would like to know the back ground story behind Paige, Dale and Johnny next season. What’s the history between Dale and Briggs? I’m with Johnny why didn’t he go to him because Dale has turn into a butthead. I am glade Paige came around with Mike and started helping him with the whole Briggs case. It was nice to see how Briggs got himself out of this mess. It was like he had it all planed out from the beginning.


Well I love this show! Now, I think Briggs needs to come clean with the house. I think they have all proven that they have his back even when they don’t believe him they still stuck it out to prove his guilt or not. Now, as for Mike he miss being with the crew of Graceland but I don’t think he would leave his new nice job unless Briggs ask him too. I think he knows he has burn some bridges with them. With Charlie, she is one of those people that have to know the truth even if it’s not what she wants to here. So I understand why she questioned Briggs at first with Jangles. I would have too.


I think he was using the cover of Odin to draw out Jangles that was the whole point of creating the identity.


This was a great season finale. I have mixed feelings about Briggs because he just wants to protect the house and the people he cares about but we also can't trust him not because he killed Juan that wasn't his fault he was just defending himself but he lied in the interrogation room and that makes me not trust him but I also don't think he's a bad guy like I said mixed feelings. I hope Mike realizes that DC isn't actually for him and that he actually belongs in Graceland because they are his family now. I can't wait for season 2 I really want to know what's going to happen with everyone.


Agree with Nisa. Mike is a douche. Good to see Briggs coming out on top.

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