Graceland Season 1: Grade It!

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Graceland recently wrapped up a gripping first season.

With the show having already been awarded a second season by USA (set to air next summer), let’s take a look back at some of the highlights and lowlights from a strong opening run... TV Fanatic Report Card Style!

Aaron Tveit and Daniel Sunjata on Graceland

Best Episode: The pilot easily takes the cake as the show’s best episode, if only because the plot line got heavy and even a little dark very quickly. This was the one installment where everyone was getting to know each other, and, most importantly, still getting along!

Best Character: Johnny was quite the surprise as far as characters go. Voted class clown in high school, he was always making light of the situation and then there was that bouncy house. Still, as the house started to collapse under the weight of all the lies, he gave a us a monologue to remember.

Best Quote: Jake declaring “I'm like a chocolate Jesus.” That’s certainly one way to describe ones desirability to the ladies.

Best Undercover Character: Paul Briggs playing a movie director from the pilot, only made better by Mike using the story line of the brother married to the stripper during his first case at Graceland.

Best Nickname: Probably Johnny's. Who knew a tall tale about shooting someone on the toilet would lead to such a colorful nickname for an already colorful guy?

Best Housemate Dispute: The great birthday debacle. Johnny really wanted to make the day special for Jakes, and was even more insistent on having that bouncy house and strippers. Even as Jakes attempted to thwart Johnny's efforts, we all know Johnny prevailed - at least until Charlie destroyed the bouncy house. RIP bouncy house.

Secret We Couldn't Wait to Come Out: I would have to say it was the real truth about why Briggs' captors let him go. What a game changer! Not only did Briggs give up his training officer, his girlfriend also died as a consequence. Heavy stuff.

Hopes for Season 2: More back story for all of our Graceland housemates, more compelling cases, but first and foremost: for Mike to make his way back to the house!

Overall Grade: A-

Now it's YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Graceland Season 1?

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Too many drug cases. Even though they're different branches of the government, they seem to only deal with drug related crimes. What happened to saving the world, terrorists, kidnappings, murders, etc. These agencies handle all crimes, not just drugs. Give them some cases that shows their expertise and clever minds.


I give it a B-/C. The biggest problem I have with it is outside of Johnny and Paige, none of the other characters are even remotely likeable. Mike is too goody-goody clean cut to look as if he even belongs there, Briggs is too shady, Jakes carries himself like he's not even part of the group - you just don't care about any of them.

@ Sac Jones

You're right. I don't like the characters. I keep hoping we'll see the likable sides, but so far, not happening.


I gave it a D. I hate/watched this show and rank it down around the following for annoying writing. THe briggs character is an oily weasel, and it is difficult to believe the whole 'odin the invincible'...If there is something to fill the vacuum thursday nights I'm there.


I gave it a B, it's a very good show, and i enjoyed it a lot, but it didn't reach the heights of my personal favourite shows enough to give it top marks. Hopefully it will in season 2 though.


I'll vote D/C-.


I think Briggs is the most complicated character on TV. Love him!

Sarah silva

I agree with everything above.

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