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Something was made very clear in "Surviviors:"

Haven has no intention of exploring the new persona that has been thrust upon Audrey/Lucy/Sarah during her last trip into the barn, so keeping Lexie around is a complete waste of time. It's also incredibly boring. Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson are too talented to throw the same phrases at each other over a bar the whole time they're on screen.

When Lexie picked up the gun, put the pieces together, aimed and shot, I literally groaned and said, "thank God!" Yet we still ended the hour with a useless cliffhanger of William telling Lexie once she knows her true identity there is no going back.

Duke Needs Nathan's Help

The only slightly interesting thing to note about that ending is the possibility that William might share with us the actual identity of whatever it is that initially became Sarah, and then Lucy, and then Audrey and now Lexie (and whoever she might have been previously). If that happens, I'll be back on board. Otherwise, give us back Audrey Parker and let's spend the next three years discovering a way to thwart The Troubles and the barn and all that will come again.

Vince as the big, bad owner/operator of The Guard isn't working for me. While I don't mind that they made him a bad guy, placing he and Dave at odds, walking around with thugs trailing behind him like a mob boss seems borderline ridiculous. If the Haven Herald is still going to all the trouble to cover up The Troubles with gas leaks, then I assume not everyone in Haven knows about them. Vince's sudden behavioral change would be a dead giveaway. 

Jordan's constant droning mantra about keeping Nathan safe so he can sacrifice himself, while instead everybody does everything with Audrey Parkerrrrrrrrr on their minds is also growing dull. Jordan is too hot, intelligent and gutsy to keep whining about Audrey to the same people when it delivers the same results. 

Even though I don't want to hear Jordan talking about the same thing every week, I completely agree that Nathan as the new Trouble whisperer isn't ideal. He's trying to hold down the fort for Audrey, and that's admirable. But, his technique is kind of boring. He doesn't have the panache that our Audrey did. It's not my fault - I'm just pointing out the obvious!

Essentially, second episode into the season and a lot has gone wrong. However...!!

Duke's storyline is fabulous so far. Pairing him him with newcomer Jennifer has given him some space from his own preoccupation with Audrey and somehow the whole barn experience softened him. He's protective toward Jennifer as well as his brother, Wade. Vince is threatening Wade, and Duke feels responsible for his well being, as well as Jennifer's.

Eric Balfour has really embraced his character in these first two episodes, as if he finally understands the secret of Duke's existence enough to truly bring him to life. Duke has lost some of his rough edges and gained a deeper strength that makes him a valuable asset to the people who rely on him. He's grounding what would otherwise feel like a very different show than we're used to watching.

I'm surprised how much I've taken to Jennifer in such a short period of time. There is true chemistry between she and Duke and even if they only become trusted friends, their instinct to rely upon one another and share themselves feels very natural. I hope Jennifer is around for the long haul.

Duke, Jennifer and Wade saved the hour. I had no idea Duke and Wade were half brothers, and I'm still looking forward to learning more about them as family. They even got all the good Haven quotes

I just pray that William tells Lexie something next week to get her the hell out of that bar. If not, my Trouble is going to be entering a fictional TV town and influencing the events that happen there. Keep an eye out for me. I'll be the blonde, stumbling around, looking amazed.


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I read on an another place an interview with eric balfour. The first episodes had to be revised because emily rose had just had a baby. which i guess would explain the short scenes of lexie. i do like the new duke. and Jordon is annoying and comes off as the crazy ex girlfriend. Sad to say Nathan is so sure he is the true love, but forgetting the new id out of the barn that might not be the case. I do like the new girl for Duke. I was tired of the triangle.


Is Vince the new "big bad"?? I'm not too sure of that. It remains to be seen what his true motives are, or whether his disagreements with Dave are about "motives" or means to achieve said motives? I do like the Vince vs. Jordan rivalry that is developing. I think it's a nice touch to the overall storyline. Jordan has certainly become unhinged, and it will be interesting to see if she can pull it all together. Nathan's perpetual misery has become annoying, and he lacks Audrey's heart when dealing with troubled people. I find that storyline (of Nathan becoming the new Audrey) unbelievable. A good way to salvage this story would be if Nathan suddenly starts FAILING to help the troubled. That is something I could believe! Still, we'll have to see this play-out. Everything else seems to be working for now, but Audrey/Lexie does need to return to Haven sooner rather than later. Plus, if there is some revelation Colin Fergusen's character has, he had better spill soon!!! Too much dragging, and the storyline will get dull.


I have loved watching this show over all of the past 3 seasons. I think that just like in Haven there are different fractions at work. I will say though I am so sick of Jordan's character, have you ever met anyone so insecure? She is so jealous of Audrey that she can't see straight. I wish they would find someone who was completely immune to her trouble so she could move on already. I think that Jennifer like William are unknowns in the story and can't wait to find out where or what their stories are.


Hi FictionAddiction... If Lexie was indeed being left to discover who she is by her own devices I think I would find it more interesting. Even if William was planting information less overtly than flat out telling her she is not who she thinks she is. Something doesn't feel organic. The closest we've come so far was building the gun, but it was only one scene built upon a complete rehash of last week's scenes. At that time, I thought Lexie seemed cool. Now I realize she will likely not have her own story, and I'm disappointed.


...keep the troubles in check. I am excited to see what the season has in store for Duke, because history tells us that no character will be left to ride the high for long, and the low that follows will be dark indeed.


I'm disappointed to hear the "Lexie is boring and a waste of time" stuff. Am I the only one who feels that Lexie finding a way to recover some if not all of Audrey's memories is an integral part of solving the mystery and ending the Troubles once and for all? And Lexie/William in the bar for the first few episodes is a necessary evil due to the fact that their scenes were all filmed a month late. I'm surprised at the unwillingness to allow them a little leeway with this, considering that the alternative was the complete absence of Audrey/Lexie. However, I will agree with the opinions on Duke and Jennifer. Jennifer is a delightful addition and it's refreshing to hear someone speaking candidly on every topic. My only problem with her is how Vince and Dave seem willing to tell her everything, when they won't share the same with Audrey. Duke is the hero of the hour, for sure. He seems to be the one holding everything together at the moment, even more than Nathan's attempts to keep the Troubles in check. I can't wait to see what the season has in store for Duke, since history tells us that no character will ride a high note for long, and the low that follows will be dark indeed.


Hi LL - actually, this show is for anyone who loves solid writing and a great mystery, paired with terrific acting... Something I've come to expect from Haven after three stellar seasons that I have watched faithfully and given my full support across a lot of media. When a series is created under the shortened format often found on cable, in this case 13 episodes, even two without a lot of forward movement and redundancy can feel stale quickly. If you've watched all other seasons of Haven, then you know they hit the ground running and don't look back. We've had two eps in a row very similar in format. I expect more from Haven.


I have to agree. There is something not right with the putting the gun in pieces and then those guys showing up, I think it was a ploy to get Lucy/Audrey/Lexy etc to put it together. As for Jennifer, either she or William is the new guy in control of the Barn.


*who are able to see. Sorry for my bad grammar. =)


The episode was rather great. This show is for those who able to see the big picture, not just fragments.

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